Navy Federal Credit Union opened its’ first account back in 1933. Initially starting with just seven customers, the credit union now boasts over five million strong 82 years later. Membership is limited to active service men and women, their families and those civilian workers for the Department of Defense. Retired servicemen and women are also eligible. Family members of the credit union are also eligible, including grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, children and parents.


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$9.15 Million
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13.64 Million
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$1.08 Billion
$66.82 Billion

The Good

The Navy Federal Credit Union was established over 80 years ago, and has grown to over five million customers. Clearly, this credit union is just as strong as the military clients it serves.

There are over 56,000 ATMS that offer fee-free usage throughout the United States. The majority of these are CO-OP and MoneyPass ATM servers.

Interest rates on home and auto loans, mortgages and checking and savings accounts are rewarded with fair to above average interest rates.

Probably one of the best benefits of being an account holder is the discounted, member-only specials made available often.

The Bad

With the fair to above-average interest on the credit union’s available accounts and loans, it doesn’t seem quite fair that membership isn’t open to everyone. Aside from that, the Navy Federal Credit Union appears to have everything in order, so fortunately for those who are eligible for accounts, this is one of the few things in life that doesn’t have a bad side. Enjoy the win/win setup, so to speak.

The Bottom Line

For over 80 years, the Navy Federal Credit Union has been providing solid services to over five million customers. That record really speaks for itself. Rather a member of the armed services, a retiree from the branches, or a family member of active or retired duty, the Navy Credit Union is a great option for all banking and financial needs. With over 50,000 fee-free ATMS available, rest assured that withdrawing money won’t cost any fees. No matter where you travel or are stationed, a surcharge-free ATM is likely just around the corner.

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