NASA Federal Credit Union first opened its’ doors back in 1949, in Virginia. locations state wide. Today, there are 249 employees throughout the many locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia. It is one of the largest credit unions within the region.
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The Good

Registration is open to employees or retiree from NASA Headquarters, NAS or any NASA center of facility. Additionally, a membership can be established by an employee or member of one of the 900 NASA Federal Credit Union partner companies or associations. Family members of a NASA credit union member are also eligible to join.

ATM options are plentiful within the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. areas. To be exact, there are 5,000 branch network locations locally, with over 30,000 ATMS throughout the United States that offer fee-free transactions. Just look for the co-op logo.

Members receive the free NASA Federal debit card, with a choice of Visa or MasterCard. The card can be used to check out with Apple Pay. Using the debit card for purchases also allow certain cash back options within the checking account.

Members can also apply for a credit card, with a 7.9% APY on balance transfers for life. Apply online for the credit card, and upon approval, choose the card design of your liking and expect the card to arrive within 5-7 business days.

The Bad

While many factors and rates are listed throughout the website, some information has not been posted. For instance, the rates for the Visa card rates aren’t posted on the credit union’s website page.

The Bottom Line

NASA Federal Credit Union is a well-established union, with many branches around the tri-area, and numerous ATM locations from coast to coast. With the latest technology such as Apple Pay, mobile banking and mobile deposits, along with deposits at the ATM and cash back on debit card purchases, NASA is a great choice for those searching for the most available options within a checking or savings account.

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