Posted: | June 9, 2015

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Simple Tricks to Save Money

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Stop talking about how you will start saving as soon as you get a raise or as soon as you pay off your car or as soon as you get back from vacation. We fall short of our saving goals because we are not prepared to do the little things now in order to reach that big goal. Saving money does not have to be hard though. There are small things we can do in order to reach our goals. Here is a list of a few of those small things we can do to save money.


1.  Keep your coins


When you receive change after a purchase make sure you have a jar in your car or home to collect those loose coins. Those small amounts of money will add up over time.


2.  Keep track of money you save at the store


Most stores print out a receipt that tells you how much money you saved by using coupons or taking advantage of a special deal. Don't just admire how much money you saved. Transfer that amount into your savings account.


3.  Quit an unhealthy habit


Do you smoke? Do you crave pizza more than once a week? Do you have a sweet tooth and need dessert everyday? Quit your most expensive unhealthy habit and start saving that money you don't use anymore.


4.  Don't eat out as much


This trick requires a major lifestyle change if you are used to eating out or getting fast food frequently. The savings that come as you start to cook at home more often are enormous though. Make sure you have enough time in your day to get into your kitchen and cook a delicious meal. The money you spend on ingredients at the store is far less than the money you would spend eating out.


5.  Make a shopping list


Stick to your list when you go to the store. Make sure you're not hungry when you go grocery shopping so that you don't make any impulsive decisions about buying food. Saving money requires discipline.


6.  Enjoy a game night


Having friends who constantly want to go out and do something can be expensive. Next time your group of friends wants to spend money on an activity invite them over for a fun and cheap game night.


7.  Take care of your car's air filter


Having a clean air filter in your car can save you a ton of money on gas. First determine if you need to clean or replace your air filter. Cleaning your air filter is an easy process that is outlined in your vehicle's manual and if you need to buy a new air filter those can be purchased for about 10 bucks at any auto store.


8.  Buy used instead of new


Having something new is a great feeling but in many cases you can buy something of equal value that is used. Swallow your pride and shop around a little more. Your knee jerk reaction will be to go out and buy the best available product brand new but if you are patient you can save lots of money by getting the same product used.


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