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Zinu Credit Repair is a fairly young company with only 5 years of experience. While reading their website, we found a lot of grammatical errors and no information in regards to pricing for their services. They state that they “specialize in removing late payments, charge offs, foreclosures, judgments, repossessions, closed accounts, bankruptcies, negative settlements, liens, and collection”.

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The Good

Zinu Credit Repair follows the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is very important. In addition, they have live chat on their site, providing a great channel of communication for potential clients. Also, the two points below outline a few great benefits to their services. Benefits include:

Money-back Guarantee

Zinu Credit Repair offers a money-back guarantee to its clients. Zinu Credit Repair offers a money-back guarantee to its clients.

Free Consultation

The firm provides potential clients with a free consultation and credit verification. This allows clients to learn more about Zinu Credit and their processes before making a decision.

The Bad

Although Zinu Credit has a few good points to their services, they also have some drawbacks. Below outlines the main drawbacks to using Zinu Credit for your credit repair needs. Prospective clients should be aware of the following limitations prior to enrollment:

Unknown Pricing

Pricing is not available on Zinu Credit’s website. We were unable to find any information, in regards to pricing, for their services.

No Licensed Attorneys

The Zinu Credit Repair team does not include licensed attorneys. This can be an issue if legal advice and actions are needed during the credit repair process.

You Send Credit Reports

Zinu Credit Repair requires the client to provide their credit reports. If you don’t have your credit reports Zinu Credit will help you obtain them, but Zinu Credit doesn’t work directly with the credit bureaus or have direct access to your reports.

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The Bottom Line

With only 5 years of experience, and lack of pricing information, we feel there are better options for your credit repair needs. Even though Zinu Credit Repair offers a free consultation and a money-back guarantee, their cons outweigh their pros. Especially since clients have to bring their own credit reports and there are no licensed attorneys on staff. We recommend researching the top rated credit repair companies before making a decision.

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  1. User Score


    August 4th, 2016 New York, NY

    Great work. The good thing about Zinu is that they don’t charge any money upfront. In other words you pay after you see improvement in your credit report

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  2. User Score


    September 5th, 2012

    I’m really surprised by seeing this kind of review written over there. In my experience i can assure anybody about this company and their service. It might be that they are not BBB registered but they are doing business with all the legal document in tact with them and can serve better than any good good company in USA and Canada as well. I really refer this company to anybody who’ll need to improve their bad credit score.

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