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Your Credit Attorney is based in Chatsworth, CA and specializes in credit repair at an exceptionally low price. They are affiliated with Centurion Law Firm, LLC and have been in business since 2003.

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The Good

The prices for Your Credit Attorney are incredibly low and they still manage to offer a lot of services, like the availability of licensed attorneys and free credit reports. Few competitors offer licensed attorneys at all, let alone at such a low price. The proof of results is nice, but it can be difficult to test the legitimacy of these credit reports and testimonials.

Low Prices

A startup fee of $29 and a monthly fee of $29 is exceptionally low–one of the lowest in the industry. Most companies charge a fee at least three times that, and even then don’t provide a money back guarantee like Your Credit Attorney does. You can also cancel at any time and there are no hidden fees.

Proof of Results

Your Credit Attorney claims to have extensive results of fixing customers’ credit quickly and effectively, and have a web page dedicated to showing multiple examples of improved credit reports. Customer testimonials should be viewed with caution from any credit repair company website as it does not represent all clients. Results will vary for each individual.

Attorneys Available

Your Credit Attorney is affiliated with Centurion Law Firm LLC, so attorneys are available to help you through the legal process of fixing your credit.

The Bad

While Your Credit Attorney offers a number of helpful resources to their clients, there are some limitations prospective clients should be aware of prior to enrollment. These limitations include the following:

No Free Consultation

While a free consultation is not required, it is against the law for a company to bill their clients until after a certain number of days. This is partly why many companies offer a free consultation to start. However, no information regarding a consultation was listed anywhere on Your Credit Attorney’s corporate website.

There is a contact page in which you can fill out a form or call a toll-free number, but nothing is said concerning a consultation. Although the company has a very low monthly rate and startup fee, it would be good to know if you are going to be charge right upfront or if the company is complaint with the law.

The Bottom Line

Though the low price of $29 a month and money back guarantee can be tantalizing. The upfront information of the company also serves as a token of legitimacy, but sometimes the significantly lower price may be a concern for quality in repairing credit. Customers would do well to look at other competitors before deciding on Your Credit Attorney.

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    July 2nd, 2015 Bucksport, ME

    You can never talk to anyone on the phone, which is a requirement to cancel, so basically once you sign up, you must cancel your credit card to get them off your back! Years ago this was a relabel company but has gone down hill in recently. When I canceled my card and disputed charges they threatened to sue me!

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  2. User Score


    April 28th, 2014 Lone Rock, WI

    i have just sing up for Your Credit ever time i call the number when the office is open i never get to talk to some one when i want to this to me is not cool i mean i hire some one to fix my crite and i work so when they cal me back it is always when i’m at work and can not answer the phone and it take them for ever to email you back also they do not officer a free site to where you can keep track of your report as you go they say they do and when you log on to sing up for it they ask for your card and want to make you pay one dollar i mean if it free it free and if you are paying them 30 our 40 dollars a mo it should be free because you are paying for that each mo

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