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LAST UPDATED: June 13th, 2022

United Credit Education Services (UCES) is a credit repair company based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The company, which has been in the credit repair business for over 10 years, provides a four-step credit restoration service:

  • The first step asks clients to fill out an online enrollment form and activate their account.
  • The second step includes a credit report evaluation which helps the company identify what is negatively harming the client's credit score.
  • The third step involves the review, approval, verification, and mailing of dispute letters.
  • The fourth and final step involves account updates and results. 

According to the company's website, clients will receive revised dispute letters every 60 days until their credit restoration service expires. 


Highlight: United Credit Education has a history of success.

United Credit Education Services has served over 150,000 clients and has removed over 545,000 negative credit items — including 57,000 that involved public records such as judgments, tax liens, and bankruptcies.

Read on to learn more about United Credit Education Services and to view verified client reviews.

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The Good

  • Removal Success
  • Credit Analysis Report 
  • Credit Builder Program 
  • Progress Updates

United Credit Education Services offers a fairly extensive library of consumer finance and credit education materials that include topics relating to budgeting, credit unions, banks, credit card and credit score situations, establishing credit, debt, loans, and more.

The company's credit repair service costs an initial fee of $125 and a fee of $25 per deleted item.

The dispute process lasts five rounds and the company claims to achieve a 30 to 50 percent deletion ratio within the first 30 days of service. Although this level of deletion rate can vary per customer, it is fairly quick and efficient when compared to other companies in the credit repair industry.  

Removal Success

The company's website discloses that it has successfully corrected a significant amount of negative items like late payments, collections, and public records.

Other types of bad credit items that can be corrected with United Credit Education Services include foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgments, student loans/personal loans, and settlements. 

Credit Analysis Report

As part of the credit restoration process, United Credit Education Services will conduct counseling and analysis of a client's credit situation using their credit reports.

This credit analysis report will pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to improve credit scores. From there, the company will begin its credit restoration process.

Credit Builder Program

Clients in need of building up their credit can do so with this program. United Credit Education Services' website provides that the credit builder program consists of filling out an online registration form and a secured credit card.

Customers can obtain additional information regarding this credit builder program by consulting their United Credit Education Services customer service representative. 

Progress Updates

As part of its credit repair service, the company will review each client's file every 60 days. In addition to a new dispute, clients will receive a credit repair-progress update. Clients can also regularly check their progress by logging into the company's online client portal. 


The Bad

  • Misleading Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Required Completion of Three Dispute Cycles for Refund Eligibility
  • No Refunds for Incomplete Payments or Monthly Payments Plans 
  • No Distributing Payments 

Misleading Money-Back Guarantee 

This credit repair organization does not appear to negotiate lower payments for its clients. While the company does offer a money-back guarantee, it is misleading to consumers.

The company's policy states that "any remaining money from the initial payment made for the service will be refunded to the customer immediately."

This misleading money-back guarantee may prove to be a challenge to customers who do not see credit score improvements while paying for the company's credit repair services.

Required Completion of Three Dispute Cycles for Refund Eligibility

While United Credit Education Services offers a refund to their clients, there is no refund available until after three rounds of disputes.

Customers who are dissatisfied with the company's credit repair services must continue to pay/wait until three dispute cycles of the credit repair process are completed in order to be eligible for a refund.

No Refunds for Incomplete Payments or Monthly Payments Plans

There are additional refund limitations prospective clients should be aware of. If there are incomplete payments still due, a refund cannot be issued.

No Distributing Payments

Unlike some other credit repair companies, United Credit Education Services does not assist in distributing payments or helping clients manage their financial budget.

The dispute letter process does not challenge the event of the disputed item. It only enforces the protocol for proper verification from the credit bureaus as set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


The Bottom Line

United Credit Education Services appears to offer comprehensive credit services including extensive financial education on the topics of credit repair, credit union/bank differences, loans, budgeting, etc. 

The company also provides credit counseling as well as a credit report evaluation to customers as part of its credit restoration process. 

Unfortunately, in comparison to other credit repair companies, United Credit Education Services lacks in a few key areas like its customer service, its refund policy, and more.

To improve its customer service, United Credit Education Services could focus on the following areas:

  • Improving the clarity of the misleading money-back guarantee
  • Helping clients with financial/debt management and debt education
  • Assisting in payment distributions 
  • Helping to negotiate lower monthly payments for its clientele

Because the company does lack in the areas listed above, we recommend that you do thorough research, read UCES reviews, and consider other top-rated credit repair services before you choose United Credit Education Services.  

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Cashmere Neal Chicago, IL

Terrible company. I felt scammed after being w them for over 6 months & didn’t see any progress. The ppl running the company in Chicago are very messy & unprofessional. No corrective action behind mishandled funds & how they deal w ppl is based off favoritism

3 months ago

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Mimi Soriano Irving, TX

It has been an initial payment of $188.00 and 4 additional payments of $89.00. My representative NEVER called me to explain ANYTHING to me. And as of now my credit scores have not changed for the better, and new collections popped up on the reports instead from 2016-2017. So $544.00 later, 4 months wasted, I will be canceling and reporting to BBB. I will pay $2000.00 to a reputable company and have successfully increased my score within less than 90 days. I was a sucker for the sales pitch that they work for you....I would assume several years ago this company was decent, per the reviews. Just not recently.......also this company DOES NOT do criminal background checks for their agents. They are constantlyrecruitingvia social media platforms. It is scary to think I could get my information in the wrong hands. Oh, and also my brother increased his score from 580 to 700 by himself (communicating with creditors, no pay-offs, no money out of pocket), but that is IF you have available time, in which I do not. Good luck to everyone attempting to fix their credit!

1 year ago

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Stephanie Calcote Boston, MA

If this wasn’t the biggest scam and waste of time and waste of money I’ve ever dealt with. First off they pulled my credit report with a hard inquiry and not even notifying that this would happen or asking permission it’s more like just check off this and pay this amount of money or put down this dollars so we can trust you. Then tell me that it’s okay they’re lawyers will take that off along with every other inquiry and it’s nothing to worry about. After 6 months of being told to just wait another month or please trust us and try another round of letters I have given up. I called customer service to let them know and all they told me is your payment today didn’t go through is there anything else I can help you with? So I have to explain everything again and then I just got transferred to management. Management tells me that there’s different types of “verbiage” that they use in their letters so if they weren’t sending out that then that’s why I saw no results so it sounds like something that’s on them? But I didn’t argue I asked if I could have any type of reimbursement whether it be a month or more and I was told I can only cancel within the first 30 days.... it doesn’t even take 30 days for you to get your first set of letters which I find mind boggling. Fine no worries I asked for the inquiry to be removed that I was told would be removed and I was told they don’t have the authority to do that it comes off in two years and there’s nothing that they could do about it. What a scam! and I get that the pandemic has put everyone in a predicament but if this is how you’re going to take money from people who are trying to fix their credit then that’s low. I’ll tell everyone I know and warn them not to get involved with this mess and horrible business.

1 year ago

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Philadelphia PA Reviewer Philadelphia, PA

you have to mail all of the letters yourself. they send the same generic letters that is available online for free for you to mail. your basically paying them $89 a month to do all the work, and they letters with the verbiage is online elsewhere. I personally want my letter to stand out. I dont want to look like the 3,000 other letters coming onto their desk! I will be cancelling. My representative was misleading. She said they do they work for you. I have infant twins, I do NOT have time for this BS!

1 year ago

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Seabreezzy Love Charleston, SC

Reached out to make an appointment with Michelle R. After a miscommunication with the time zone out of nowhere she accused me of playing games. I was shocked and appalled. I’m so happy I dodged that bullet and wasn’t out of a dime. I guess I should thank her for her horrible customer service. This was all because she dated my partners ex. Lol that could be anyone. Lol

1 year ago

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MissTimer11 West Orange, NJ

When I joined my score was 680 which is not bad. I had a few negative items I wanted to be removed. After 2 disputed 4 months later my score dropped down to 550. All my recruiting representative told me was “trust the process”. Meanwhile $90 a month & no results. You’re paying a monthly fee while waiting on credit bureaus to return reports. The process isn’t worth the money. You do all of the work yourself , UCES just types up the dispute letters, that’s basically what it is.

1 year ago

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T Tampa, FL

Complete and total SCAM. Paid $139 and didn’t receive any letters to sign. Then another $89 was charged to my account and still haven’t received the first wave of letters. Spoke with the representative named Stephanie L and she was very dishonest in the process and unprofessional and have proof of her unprofessional behavior. I don’t know if this company works or not. I was genuinely excited to work with this company until this happened. I advise you guys find another way to fix your credit. Speak with your personal banker, at least you know they are legitimate.

2 years ago

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Lauryn Gibson Monroe, LA

This company is a scam! I paid them $300 and not one item was removed. I was with this company for 2 mths. The girl who worked on my credit never answered her phone after she received my money. She would just text. This company made sure they got their money but never removed anything. I cancelled my card and this company. This company should be rated “0” Go with Lexington Law Firm. They moved 4 items within 2 weeks.

2 years ago

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amalfigirl211 Malibu, CA

Received incredible results using this service! 22 items removed in the first 43 days. They offer a money back guarantee posted on their website. Customer service incredible! Very transparent service! Pricing far below market value. Flat fee no matter how many items or if anything new appears. Priced at $499 for a year's worth of service... Worth every penny!

9 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Rachelle Desroches Jacksonville, FL

This is completely a scam don't do it just do it yourself the Agent told me it will take 4 months but nothing is true in that company if you have late payments don't take any chance, their letters are not agressive enough. Scam Scam Scam.

1 year ago

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Josue Charles Marietta, GA

This company is a hub for unprofessional salespeople, they are not trained. These agents are simply salespeople to sign you up on the system. They cannot answer question. When you call customer service, they will only tell you " should, could and Can " for your money. You know better than them, so DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Xhemile Ndreaj ,

They dropped my credit 60+ and i paid them 456$ in 3 months. I called several times and nobody can tell me why or what happened. I am so disappointed and indeed pissed. I've lost time, money, energy and my credit is worse than before. These people don't care about you, just about your money.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Shakita Curry Fort Lauderdale, FL

I found the company through a Facebook friend. I signed up in Jan. 2020 after seeing all the results people were getting. Had 4 items deleted and credit went backwards. UCES reports my score 100 points lower than Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Nobody around to guide me. I need a home, one thing for sure this is not the way.

2 years ago

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This company is a FRAUD! The two items deleted on my credit report re-appears 30 days later. The guy they have representing the company is a LIAR! I immediately cancelled their services !! I will NEVER refer anyone to this company!😡

2 years ago

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Sonia Hialeah, FL

My personal information got every where , I received many phones calls, telemarketing from every where with my full information. They are charging $89.00 every month for nothing. When I canceled not only they are keeping charging but they they are reporting erroneous info in my credit report.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Laurence Burleson, TX

I am very disappointed. For all of the money I put out I could have just tried to do it myself. 90 days you're suppose to see a difference, especially while you're paying a high monthly bill to them. I was beyond 90 days, this is not okay and I wish I could receive all of my money back!

3 years ago

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Larry Beal Escondido, CA

We been with them 3 months and not a word. Not a action? What are they for? I done more than they have😞.. We have used one service like this 3 years and not a thing come off our credit. But my son in laws is now awesome, cause he put all his credit in our name. How?? We was told just pay it🤪

4 years ago

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Sandria Savannah, GA

I have been with this company for about a year. Only 1 out of 18 items have been removed from my credit report. And my score has barely moved. Not pleased at all.

4 years ago

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Charles Gaffney, SC

I started 10/31/14 and it's now 1/15/2015 and have not seen any results what so ever..piss I invested 499 dollars but its for a whole year but not impressed yet...smh

7 years ago