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Since 1989, Sky Blue Credit has offered credit repair and restoration services to those looking to improve upon and build up their credit scores. Sky Blue Credit offers their services nationwide and they are compliant with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA). Additionally, Sky Blue Credit is both licensed and registered with the States Attorney General office.

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The Good

  • Experienced Staff
  • Credit Report Suggestions
  • Number of Items Removed
  • Package Discounts
  • Dispute Process
  • Cancellation Policy

Sky Blue Credit makes it easy for potential clients to get started on their credit repair journey. After submitting a simple online form, Sky Blue Credit specialists will immediately get started on preparing the case and getting their clients back on the right financial road. After enrolling, Sky Blue Credit clients can also expect:

Experienced Staff

Credit repair specialists who will professionally manage credit bureau disputes.

Credit Report Suggestions

Personal and customized FICO score recommendations.

Number of Items Removed

Up to 15 items disputed every 35 days (5 items per report).

Package Discounts

Discounts for couples. Couples can be simultaneously enrolled to repair their credit.

Dispute Process

Simple three-step credit dispute process to remove negative inaccuracies.

Cancellation Policy

Ability to cancel services at anytime.

The Bad

  • Pricing Structure
  • Case Set-Up Costs
  • Package Options
  • Add-On Costs

While Sky Blue Credit has over two decades of experience in the credit repair industry, there are still aspects of their service that could be improved. Sky Blue Credit does work at a fast pace, but there things potential clients should be aware of before signing up:

Pricing Structure

Monthly payments instead of “pay-per-deletion” format.

Case Set-Up Costs

Set up fee of $59.00-$99.00 will be charged after first 6 days of service.

Package Options

Limited package options (only difference in packages are individuals and couple pricing).

Add-On Costs

Additional costs may be associated with purchasing credit reports.

The Bottom Line

Sky Blue Credit is one of the more fast-paced credit repair companies in the industry. They have a proven three-step credit repair and restoration process that continues to help their clients achieve their credit and other financial goals. Potential clients will need to be an active participant in the credit repair process, meaning Sky Blue will require clients to obtain the credit reports and keep an open line of communication between the bureau and the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sky Blue Credit Repair services cost?

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers to pricing packages:

  • Individual Monthly Rate – $59.00/month – This includes all of Sky Blue’s credit repair services including bureau disputes, score assistance, and more.
  • Couples Monthly Rate – $99.00/month – This package includes all of Sky Blue’s services, but includes a discount for enrolling more than one person at a time.

Be aware that they also require customers to purchase their own credit reports. Credit reports can be purchased once for a $29.95 fee or monthly for $29.95 each month.

Does Sky Blue Credit Repair allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

Sky Blue Credit Repair does allow for you to register more than one person at a time with its couples discount. This allows for two people to be signed up for $99 per month.

How does Sky Blue Credit Repair repair my credit?

Sky Blue Credit Repair repairs your credit by reviewing your credit report in depth to find any issues. They then will email you a list of items they have identified as dispute items. They then take those items and send dispute letters to the 3 credit bureaus in order to have those negative items removed from your credit report.

Does Sky Blue Credit Repair provide Credit Monitoring?

Sky Blue Credit Repair does not offer credit monitoring.

How long will it take before I start to see results with Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Sky Blue Credit Repair does not have an official timeline for when customers should expect to begin to see results on their credit score. Sky Blue does acknowledge that after they have sent in a dispute letter, the credit bureaus have 30 days to process results. Therefore most customers see initial results in about a month.

What results can I expect from Sky Blue Credit Repair?

According to Sky Blue’s Website, the average Sky Blue customer starts with around 60 disputable items and approximately a credit score around 500. After about 6 months, Sky Blue customers have seen approximately 45/60 negative items removed from their credit score.

How can I contact Sky Blue Credit Repair?

You can contact Sky Blue Credit Repair by:

Phone: or by visiting their site

More Information

Published Results

Sky Blue Credit Repair has published a few statistical customer results:

  • According to Sky Blue’s Website, the average Sky Blue customer starts with around 60 disputable items and approximately a credit score around 500.
  • After about 6 months, Sky Blue customers have seen approximately 45/60 negative items removed from their credit score and has resulted in an increase of approximately 180 points.

It is important to remember that results will vary for every customer.

Price Breakdown

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers to pricing packages:

  • Individual Monthly Rate – $59.00/month
    • Customized Disputes
    • Customized Re-Disputes
    • Statue of Limitations Research
    • FICO Score Recommendations
    • Credit Rebuilding Help
    • Debt Validation
    • Goodwill Letters
    • Debt settlement/negotiation consultations
  • Couples Monthly Rate $99.00/month – This package includes all of Sky Blue’s services, but also includes a discount for enrolling more than one person at a time.

Sky Blue does not provide a credit report to start the process. They require customers to purchase their own credit report to start and whenever customers want an update on how their credit is doing. Customers can chose from two different options:

  • One Time Credit Report$29.95 – This provides only one, 3-bureau credit report.
  • Monthly Creidit Report$29.95/month – This service also includes FICO Scores, 3-Bureau Monitoring, and ID Theft Protection.

How does it work

Sky Blue Credit follows a simple, yet effective credit disputing process. Each step is used to help clients get their credit back on track in a timely, but permanent, manner. There will be some preparation needed to take place on the client’s part, but Sky Blue Credit can help make even obtaining credit reports a no-hassle experience. Sky Blue Credit follows this process:

  1. Getting The Case Started: Clients simply need to log onto Sky Blue Credit’s website (or call 1-(888) 906-3758) to get the ball rolling. Within the first couple of minutes, clients will receive an email notification with step-by-step instructions on how to obtain all three credit bureau reports for Sky Blue Credit to analyze. During this time, clients can also receive a free consultation where questions can be answered.
  2. Review and Case Setup: After clients forward on the credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, Sky Blue credit specialists will then do an in-depth, line-by-line review on each of the credit reports. During this review, the items that need to be challenged will be highlighted and a list of each of these items will be emailed to the client. This list will include all items that have been identified for dispute. In that itemized email, a practical score optimization with rebuilding advice will be included based on the individual’s situation.
  3. Dispute Process: The disputing process will begin shortly after qualified items have been identified. This process will include Sky Blue Credit challenging any and all erroneous items found on the client’s credit reports. All results of these challenges will be sent directly to the client (since Sky Blue is simply acting on behalf of the client), so updates will be made available immediately. If, for any reason, the negative items are not resolved, Sky Blue Credit will automatically send a customized re-dispute that is geared towards “maximizing the probability of achieving the desired outcome.”

What to Expect When Signing Up

What to expect when signing up online?

Before you go to signup here is a few things to expect before you visit Sky Blue Credit Repair’s website.

  1. You will be brought to their webpage with a two different options to getting started.
  2. By clicking “GET STARTED!” you will go through a simple 3-step process.
  3. First, you’ll be asked for contact information including: first and last name, email, phone, address and zip code
  4. You will also acknowledge that you will have to purchase a 3-Bureau credit report at your own expense before moving forwards.
  5. Next you will proceed to enter in your payment info to process the $59.00 fee for monthly plan or $99.00 for the couples plan.
  6. The last step is to comply and sign regarding Sky Blue Credit Repair’s legal agreements.

The first $59.00 fee will be charged six days after the initial start up date and is considered the review/setup fee. Starting the next month, you will continue to be charged the $59.00 monthly fee.  Be ready to receive an email and a call from a representative.  Then you will be on your way to repairing your credit. Make sure to come back and leave a review of your experience.

What can be removed?

Like all credit repair agencies, Sky Blue Credit cannot remove factual or legitimate items from credit reports. But if a client feels that there are inaccuracies on their credit report or if there are items that are passed their credit report time limit, that is where Sky Blue steps in and helps out. Sky Blue Credit can help with the following negative items:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Late payments
  • Charge-offs
  • Etc.

Sky Blue Credit does not offer settlement services, so if a client does have legitimate outstanding debt that they wish to negotiate with the creditor, they will have to enlist the help of a settlement company.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    October 23rd, 2016

    Sky Blue Credit have been truly awesome in helping increase our credit score to enable us to finally buy a home. They’re very friendly and are happy to help answer any questions you have. We didn’t really know anything about how credit repair works so it was good to get an overall understanding of the process from them.

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  2. User Score


    July 15th, 2016 Boca Raton, FL

    Outstanding company! I was with Sky Blue for 4 months, my scores went up over 100 points, and everything about the experience was easy! They are very easy and satisfying to communicate with, and when I was done they told me! I suggest you try this company!|

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  3. User Score


    April 20th, 2016

    Great experience with Sky Blue. I had a great call with a sales lady, no pressure at all, and I signed up and I’m up and running. She answered all of my questions and she asked me some questions to make sure they could help me. That was very impressive and reassuring way to start. I love that!

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  4. User Score


    April 18th, 2016 Boca Raton, FL

    They removed almost every bad thing from my report and my credit scores are over 700 for the first time ever. When I was done last week they emailed to tell me that there was nothing left to do so no more charges from them. What great service and honest.

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  5. User Score


    March 28th, 2016 Makawao, HI

    There sign up process is very fast, and as promised once they received my credit report they went to work sending out disputes. After the first rounds were sent out I received letters from the credit bureau’s requesting verification that I sent the disputes. Sky Blue asked for verification documents which I sent out. I was then told it was in my best interest to wait til the second round of disputes to send out the verification letters instead of resubmitting the first round of disputes. Reluctantly I agreed as they are the experts. So when the second round of letters went out I was told the verification documents were submitted as well. Unfortunately again the credit bureau’s sent out letters requesting verification. So I canceled my service with them and was refunded. They were quick and easy to deal with but there services is very lacking.

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    4 1

  6. User Score


    August 21st, 2015 Sewickley, PA

    Skyblue was wonderful to work with. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. I had to email them documents from time to time and there were real people emailing back! (Not generic, autogenerated emails!) sky blue was a help in removing some negative claims on my report. I would definitely recommend them!

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  7. User Score


    August 14th, 2015 Richmond, VA

    About 3 years ago, I had to get my credit fixed before getting a mortgage for my house. It was a mess & I was referred to some VERY expensive repair places. I found SkyBlue online & one of the biggest things I liked was there was no contract. I used their services for about 6 months and between their hard work & mine, my credit went up 100 points in that time. Nope, that’s not an exaggeration. I’ve recommended these folks to anyone who’s had a hard time getting stuff off their credit report. SkyBlue isn’t really doing anything you can’t do yourself, except that they have the time & resources & won’t be worn down by trying to deal with the creditors…and you know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but this company is truly awesome & not only would I highly recommend them, I’d use them again if the need arose.

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  8. User Score


    August 4th, 2015 North Grafton, MA

    When you call them they are extremely polite. they answer any questions and give you advice. I have had so many items removed, even a bankruptcy on one of the credit bureau reports. My scores have gone up and up consistently each month. I would highly recommend them. THANK you Sky Blue.

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  9. User Score


    June 13th, 2015 Snellville, GA

    One week in and I could not be happier. They did a fantastic job of figuring out my credit report (which I could not do!) and the first batch of disputes is already out. I’m excited!

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  10. User Score


    June 11th, 2015 Decatur, GA

    I recently wrote a bad review about this company sky blue I was wrong are young lady by the name of Sabrina gave me a call and she was concerned about my experience with their company she showed me a lot of class dignity and integrity in my opinion because of that this company is probably the best credit repair company you can deal with because of the camera people that work there such as Sabrina

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    11 1

  11. User Score


    May 13th, 2015 FL

    Great people. They got a ton of bad marks deleted and gave me some really helpful advice. My scores went way up in five months! When they were done they told me so and stopped charging! That was a couple of months ago. I needed some advice yesterday and emailed. They answered right away and totally solved my problem. My experience with Sky Blue was that they always put me first, no pushy sales, and very satisfying.

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  12. User Score


    April 21st, 2015 Canoga Park, CA

    Get a one since I got a full refund. Just a go through the motions Repair company. Don’t know WHAT or if their they are sending anything , unless you receive credit inquires in the mail. Improved nothing, removed nothing! No one line site to track progress!

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    12 1

  13. User Score


    April 12th, 2015 Gales Ferry, CT

    I thought after paying off all my debt that after 6 months I would be fine and could apply auto loan. I was wrong some of the creditors did not report back to all three credit bureaus. So I was shot down for the loan. When I pulled my report I had a 430, 500 & 450 as credit scores.
    To sum it up I started with Sky Blue 2/15 they sent out my disputes and within the 35 day period I had 3 items removed and 2 updated. My score jumped 80 points on my lowest score. Sky Blue recently sent out another batche of disputes about a week ago. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from credit bureaus.
    Sky Blue is an excellent choice for your credit repair needs. If you payed or settled all your debts you need to makes sure the information is accurate or even erased. Sky Blue can help you.

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  14. User Score


    April 8th, 2015 Arlington, TX

    great i used them from December 14 to April 15 and saw my scores increase over 60 points from doing what they told me to do and seeing a lot of negative things removed from report…very satisfied with results that was money well spent..would recommend to anyone very easy to work with great customer service it was even easy to cancel when i was done with their service

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  15. User Score


    March 4th, 2015 Cameron, MO


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  16. User Score


    January 20th, 2015 Summerfield, FL

    I signed up for Blue Sky and after analyzing my credit they told me I had the types derogatory files that can’t be removed and they will fall off my credit in a certain amount of time so they gave me the option of a full refund which I asked for and received.
    Thanks guys for being honest and upfront by letting me know I’d just be wasting my money on your service with my current situation. My wife is still going to use them as they can help her and we’ll let her get the mortgage for our next home.

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  17. User Score


    January 15th, 2015 Chicago, IL

    I started working with them in December of last year. and man the difference a year makes. I was getting turned down left and right by credit card companies before and now everywhere I apply I’m getting accepted. They did an excellent job of repairing my credit and updating me on the status through e-mails. When I called they were very patient and knowledgeable and they are my #1 choice when it comes to credit repair. P.S. I just got a 2013 car because of my now excellent credit thanks Sky Blue Credit Repair.

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  18. User Score


    January 14th, 2015 Wethersfield, CT

    Great company I highly recommended them. Best company I have ever been enrolled with. Best decision I made in a while awesome customer service and website. Fast emails in 5 days they had already sent out disputes, they waste no time and they get down right to the point. I highly recommended them it is really worth every Penney.

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  19. User Score


    December 11th, 2014 Framingham, MA

    I got started with Sky Blue one week ago.
    Here is what they did so far: They did a complete analysis of my credit report, picked out the disputable accounts, gave me a game plan to review, gave me solid advice for improving my scores, fired off my first round of disputes to all three bureaus, and even sent me a “disputes sent” notice to keep me in the loop. Awesome!
    General impressions: They are quick, friendly, organized, honest, no BS sales talk or crazy promises.
    They are off to a great start with me!

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  20. User Score


    November 8th, 2014 Smyrna, GA

    I like them and will be trying them again

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