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Safe Haven Credit assists nationwide consumers in credit repair and new credit establishment for a monthly fee. The goal for each client is to reach a 640 FICO score and the average client improves credit scores by 71 points within 6 months.

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The Good

Affordable Monthly Rates
Safe Haven Credit does not seem to charge an initial setup fee and consumers are expected to pay just $79 per month for credit repair services. Consumers receive a free credit analysis consultation and the company disputes directly with debt collectors for settlement. Most clients see significant results within 60 days. The company also offers a money back guarantee if they should become unsatisfied with the services they have received.

Fast Results
The company claims that most clients see significant results in their overall credit scores within 60 days. The company does all the work involved in the credit repair process and clients are able to monitor progress online anytime. Clients are able to improve their overall scores by 70 points or more within 6 months.

The Bad

No Attorneys on Staff
The company does not employ any attorneys on staff to assist consumers in any legal issues that may arise during the credit repair process. This is of special concern for individuals struggling with issues such as tax liens and bankruptcies.

Need to Get Own Reports
Safe Haven Credit does not pull your credit reports for you. They recommend using PrivacyGuard for credit monitoring needs. PrivacyGuard offers a $1 trial period of 14 days. Clients will then be charged $19.99 a month unless they cancel their membership.

The Bottom Line

Safe Haven Credit provides affordable credit repair services with a money back guarantee. With Safe Haven Credit you have a good idea of what to expect. The company is transparent about past results from clients who have received on average a raise of 71 points in 6 months. If this is important to you we recommend looking elsewhere. Overall, Safe Haven Credit appears to be a legitimate company.

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How it Works

Safe Haven Credit operates the following three step credit repair process.

Step #1: Analysis
Consumers will obtain their credit reports for analysis during a free consultation. The credit expert will carefully review the documentation and determine what items are eligible for removal.

Step #2: Dispute Process
The company will then issue letters of dispute to the 3 major credit bureaus on the client’s behalf regarding the unverified items. The bureaus will conduct an investigation and send the client the results by mail in 30-45 days.

Step #3: Settlement
The company will continue to monitor reports and assist the client with educational resources to assist in resolving any remaining debt.

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  1. User Score


    July 11th, 2015 Myrtle Beach, SC

    Safe Haven Credit, is terrible in customer service!!!! They do not communicate with clients. They always tell you to go look at the PORTAL to see the progress. The PORTAL SUCKS, can’t see anything!!!! They claim they did something and never can prove that they did anything. The excuse is always, “You didn’t follow through”, how could there be anything to follow through, if you do not know what to follow through on? TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! Not one person is a knowledgeable or helpful

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  2. User Score


    June 23rd, 2015 Bothell, WA

    They are a company that gets thing’s done.

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