RL Kramer has been in the credit repair business for 37 years. RL Kramer personally handles all accounts to ensure that all customers benefit from his expertise. Along with credit repair, RL Kramer also offers credit coaching and has blog posts focused on the importance of good credit as well as tips on how to build up credit scores.

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The Good

  • Coaching sessions
  • Personal care
  • Money-back guarantee

Coaching Session

Every customer who signs up with RL Kramer receives a one-on-one coaching session. During this coaching session RL Kramer personally coaches clients on advanced credit and strategies. The goal is to help clients maximize their potential credit scores and live balanced financial lifestyles. RL Kramer also has an open forum for customers to ask any questions in regards to credit and finances.

Personal Care

RL Kramer personally monitors the progress of your credit repair and uses his expertise to optimize results. Customers are able to view all of their credit scores through the personalized portal and see the progress of items being disputed. This portal allows customers to be updated frequently on the progress of their credit repair. RL Kramer is confident enough in his services that he offers a 100 percent money back guarantee after 120 days. If a customer is not satisfied with the services, all money spent on monthly service fees will be refunded.

The Bad

  • Limited plans
  • Lack of published results
  • Availability

Limited Plans

RL Kramer only offers one package, the Credit Repair Pro program for $127 monthly with an additional initial fee of $70. Depending on the needs of the customer, the price of this program could be costly when compared to competitors programs. Other credit repair companies offer different packages to tailor to credit repair needs.

Published Results

RL Kramer does not offer any published results on their website. Published results aids customers in their decision making process. Published results can show what an average customer’s experience with the company is and that the program is worth the investment and time. Published results can also give potential customers much needed information like how long it will take to see results, and what kind of results are possible.


RL Kramer is only available in 17 states currently. This limits the reach to potential customers.

The Bottom Line

RL Kramer offers some personal care and monitoring for their customers. They also offer coaching and counseling which is great for a customer’s financial education. But RL Kramer is only offered in 17 states, does not have published results of their customers success rates and does not rate well with the BBB. It is recommended that any potential customers research their options before choosing to repair their credit with RL Kramer.


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