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Premier Credit Consulting provides a responsible option for consumers who are serious about building a healthy credit profile. The company works with all major credit bureaus and its services are tailored to go beyond disputing, providing real solutions to outstanding derogatory information on credit.

Historically, Premier Credit Consulting services have been exclusive to those in the real estate industry, helping potential home buyers reach their credit score goals in order to qualify for their home loans. The Utah-based company is 100 percent bonded and offers consumers a free credit evaluation.

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The Good

  • Premier Credit Restoration Process
  • Credit Reports Included in Service 
  • Online Credit Resources

Premier Credit Consulting has designed programs that help individuals with multiple inaccuracies on their credit reports dispute these erroneous items and ultimately improve credit scores. After their initial account opening, clients can expect the following from Premier Credit Consulting services:

Premier Credit Restoration Process

The five-phase process utilized by the company features an in-house team of credit experts and legal counsel to deliver personalized credit score solutions. These solutions include unlimited disputes, creditor interventions, 24/7 progress updates, and educational resources. The majority of clients start seeing significant results within as little as 45 days and are able to resolve most bad credit issues in approximately 4-8 months.

Credit Reports Included in Service

Many companies require their clients to get their own credit reports from the credit bureaus. Premier Credit Counseling includes that with their services which allow them to provide their clients with regular credit report updates. This has shown to be very important for people when choosing a credit repair service.

Online Credit Resources

Premier Credit Consulting provides all website visitors with access to helpful online credit resources. These resources cover topic regarding loans, debt, credit inquiries, credit repair, identity theft, credit card transactions/cardholders, credit limit and credit report tips, and more. Customers may be able to achieve long-term benefits from reviewing these helpful online resources.


The Bad

  • Expensive Setup Fee
  • Vague Money-Back Guarantee 

While Premier Credit Consulting has designed a proven process that helps their clients improve their bad credit situations, there are some items that prospective clients should be aware of. These limitations include the following items:

Expensive Setup Fee

Premier Credit Consulting charges consumers a fairly high setup fee. This may be a bit expensive for some household budgets. However, consumers should understand that charging a pricey setup fee is common for the industry for companies that have attorneys and paralegals available on staff.

Vague Money-Back Guarantee

Although Premier Credit Consulting offers a money-back guarantee, the company is vague regarding the details it discloses for the guarantee. The company states that clients can request an audit after a certain period of time and the company will determine the refund amount the client is entitled to receive. It would be helpful if there were clearer details so that clients knew exactly what benefits they can expect regarding the overall refund policy.


The Bottom Line

Premier Credit Consulting provides an aggressive credit restoration process for consumers in need of long-term credit repair. The company provides a detailed five-phase credit restoration process, and credit reports. 

As a bonus, the company provides online credit resources that help customers learn more about long-term finance and credit management.

However, Premier Credit Consulting does charge a fairly expensive setup fee and could provide more detailed information regarding its refund policy. 

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David Sly Tempe, AZ

I was not getting anywhere when I was trying to buy a home, because of my credit. The realtor referred me to Premier Credit Counseling 2 years ago and this is my last month with them. I have followed their advice for building new credit, saved funds to pay off bills they negotiated for me, provided the things they needed from me to update the credit bureaus, and worked closely with them as we brought my credit up out of the gutter to a very acceptable level, higher than ever before. I still have a couple of items that will have to fall off on their own, but that was solely my decision. I am very pleased with the results and the employees of Premier Credit Counseling and highly recommend them. My cost, after a signup fee, was about $80 per month. Worth every penny considering they did all the dirty work. :-)

6 years ago

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Regina Gulick Salt Lake City, UT

When I first started to work with Premier Credit I felt hopeless and that it would be years before things would turn around for me. In a short few months Premier Credit helped me resolve things and helped build my credit report. During the time with Premier Credit I ran into random but tough situations. They were supportive and proactive in resolving the situations. One taking days and hours of phone time and email time they stuck it out with me and things were resolved. My experience with them was effective and I would encourage anyone who needs the support and assistance in repairing their credit to go through Premier credit!!! Thanks for all your support and assistance!!!

7 years ago

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Mamabear Salt Lake City, UT

I have had nothing but a positive experience with Premier Credit. Not only did they repair my credit score, allowing me to close on my home loan, but they were my personal coach on credit throughout the entire process. Communication was prompt and thorough. Price was more than reasonable for the services I received. My entire cost for this program is made up with just my first mortgage payment. I have saved so much on mortgage insurance by having a higher scores and getting into a better loan. WELL WORTH every penny spent. Thank you for your professionalism and helping my family and I achieve our dream of home ownership. I will recommend your company to any and all.

7 years ago

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Buddy Midvale, UT

Premier Credit made a huge difference for me, built my confidence up, and I was pretty stoked about it. Yeah, it's awesome; they really helped me out a lot. Yeah it was huge. It was by far, well worth the money. “I was a little skeptical at first. How much is this going to cost? I figured it would be really expensive. It wasn't nearly as expensive as I'd thought it'd be. To see the turnout that I got, how much more I saved on interest rates, if people were to look at it from that aspect I think they'd really understand it more. “I'm in a really great spot right now and I feel really blessed for everything that happened. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without these guys. I wouldn't be able to get that interest rate.

7 years ago

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Anthony Raygoza Clovis, CA

“I am very satisfied with Premier, they have helped me resolve a lot of my credit issues, and have been very helpful sending me updates on credit analysis. They have taught me the importance of monitoring my credit report, and keeping track of the credit scores. I would recommend premier to my friends and family. Thank you again for providing great service.”

6 years ago

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Happy client Midvale, UT

Honestly, you guys did exactly what I asked and expected. You had a sales rep contact me, I don't know if somebody referred me or something. ‘If you can get my credit score up 30 points then I'll use ya, if not then I think I'm doing a good job myself.' They said, ‘Well, let me look at your stuff to see if we can get it up 30 points.' And they said that they could and they did.”

7 years ago

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Lady Riverton, UT

This is the worst !!!! nothing in our credit ever changed and every time we called we had to explain cause no one new what was going on they even told us that they didnt have a file for us WTH!!! They charged us 89.99 per person and told us in 3 - 6 months we would be approved for our house nothing ever happened and we tried calling to the guys we had originally started to work with and he ignored our calls didnt return missed calls or e-mail it is a scam i would never recommend them for anything all they did was take our money !!!

7 years ago

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Michelle Levan, UT

“ We are extremely grateful for the help we received from everyone and are excited we finally are able to buy our 1st home together. Thank you all for your help we will proudly pass your name on to others we plan on sending all our friends that might need help your way!!!!! ”

6 years ago

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Dan Johnson Salt Lake City, UT

You have help lift such a weight from our shoulders! We 're so glad this is all behind us, and now we can move on!! You have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals, and we are now able to move forward with our lives! Thank you so much, we appreciate all your hard work over the past months. Best wishes, and keep up the good work!

7 years ago

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Jill Hansen

I want to tell my story because,Premier credit consulting changed my life.My credit score went up 100 points in 3 months!!!Mario and his team are the real deal.Thank you for everything now I can buy a home for my family.

4 years ago

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samualp West Jordan, UT

Premier Credit fixed a lot of my problems with my credit. They did it fast with no problems. The did what they said they would. I'm happy with the service they provided.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Steven South Jordan, UT

Premier Credit does a great job personalizing the process and helps build credit in a multitude of ways. Not just disputing negative items.

8 years ago

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