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Omega Credit Repair is a unique, attorney-based credit repair program operating since 2004 out of McKinney, Texas. In 2013, the Omega staff joined the Prevost & Shaff Law Firm to form the Consumer Credit Section. Omega charges a monthly fee to assist nationwide consumers with their credit repair needs.

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The Good

Omega Credit Repair provides professional credit repair services to those looking to improve their credit scores. There are a number of erroneous items Omega Credit Repair can help their clients with. Benefits of the Omega Credit Repair service include:

Affordable Monthly Rates

Omega Credit repair charges an initial fee to consult with the client, analyze credit reports, and set up a client’s credit repair profile. After that, consumers are required to pay a monthly fee per individual for only 8 months. Consumers can expect to receive a customized plan from experienced credit analysts, legal advice, and dispute letters to the major credit bureaus as part of the credit repair process.

Licensed Attorneys on Staff

Omega Credit Repair operates as a section of a law firm. This gives consumers access to legal advice, which is extremely helpful for issues such as tax liens and bankruptcies. The company also has over 12 years of experience in the credit repair industry.

The Bad

While Omega Credit Repair can help with credit repair errors, there are a concerns that need to be pointed out as well. Prospective clients should be aware of the following prior to enrolling in the Omega services:

Limited Service Information

Omega Credit Repair does not appear to offer free initial credit reviews to consumers. There is also no mention of any offered money back guarantee. The amount of information regarding their credit repair process is limited under only one navigational tab on their website.

The Bottom Line

Omega Credit Repair appears to be best suited for individuals in need of legal advice during the credit repair process. The company offers licensed attorneys on staff and affordable monthly rates in a limited timeframe. The company could offer better customer service by expanding their credit repair information on their corporate website.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Omega Credit Repair service cost?

There is no information available about the prices for Omega Credit Repair’s services.

Does Omega Credit Repair allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

There is no distinction of whether or not Omega Credit Repair’s services both individuals and families.

How does Omega Credit Repair repair my credit?

The Omega Credit Repair works on the customer’s credit by taking legal action to get false or inaccurate line items removed.

Does Omega Credit Repair provide credit monitoring?

Omega Credit Repair does not provide credit monitoring services.

How long will it take before I start seeing results with Omega Credit Repair?

There is no estimated timeline for seeing results from the credit repair services offered by Omega Credit Repair.

What results can I expect from Omega Credit Repair?

Omega Credit Repair has not published any average results, which would give potential customers an accurate representation of its services.

How can I contact Omega Credit Repair?

Customers can contact Omega Credit Repair by phone at 972-239-6200 or through an online application.

More Information

Published Results

Omega Credit Repair does not have any published statistical data.

Price Breakdown

There is no information available to potential customers about any of the pricing for Omega Credit Repair’s services. Customers will have to go through the consultation process to get an estimate of the potential costs involved.

How it Works

Omega Credit Repair uses a three step process similar to that of other credit repair companies.

 Step #1: Analysis
The company will analyze credit reports for inaccurate negative items. The company will then create a customized plan of action to address these issues.

Step #2: Dispute Process
Letters of dispute are then sent to the 3 major credit bureaus. After a thorough investigation, consumers will receive results within 30 days.

Step #3: Settlement
The company will continue to ensure removed items stay permanently deleted and help to resolve any possible debt.

What to Expect when Signing Up


The first step to getting help from Omega Credit Repair is to have a consultation conversation with one of its attorneys. During this meeting, the customer will get an idea of what can possibly be done and the plan moving forward.

Legal Action

One of the benefits of using Omega Credit Repair is that its team is made up of mainly attorneys who understand the legal system and the process required to get negative items removed.

What Can Be Removed

Along with some other key pieces of information about exact credit repair services, Omega Credit Repair has not published what types of items they remove from credit histories. A variety of different pieces of information and activities make up a person’s credit history. Some can be removed, while others cannot. Omega Credit Repair only specifies that they will work with the customer to remove those items that are inaccurate or false.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    March 28th, 2013 Conroe, TX

    Unbelievable! Doc and his crew at Omega exceeded my expectations. Four years ago they helped me to be in a position to purchase my home. They did such an amazing job for me, this year I turned to them to help my wife. I am actively seeking people to refer to Omega. Simply put, “They’re The Best”!

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  2. User Score


    February 15th, 2013 Arlington, TX

    I was referred to this company by my loan officer. There were a couple items reporting inaccurately that we needed removed to qualify for our loan. SIX months later, my scores were worse than when I started, new negative items were added, and items that were only in my husbands name were now showing on my credit report. Seriously! My car company was showing a 30 day late when actually it was their posting error. By the end of the process every car loan I’ve ever had was showing as delinquent. Omega didnt respond to emails, and phone calls were sometimes returned. They said they can’t guarantee results and wouldnt help me out. It was a huge waste of money and now I have to pay someone to fix their mess! RUN from Omega! They are terrible!

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  3. User Score


    December 4th, 2012 Irving, TX

    I was referred to Omega Credit Repair at the end of 2011 to clean up my credit after close to 20 years of bad credit choices. I worked with David and Doc for 6 months. In September, I was pre-approved for a home loan and today I consolidated the last of my credit cards on an unsecured note for a fraction of the interest rate. I actually choked up when the loan officer said, ‘you have a very good credit score.’ I owe that to Omega Credit Repair for helping me get my report cleaned up and teach me ways to keep my score up.

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  4. User Score


    November 16th, 2012 Voorhees, NJ

    Omega is just fantastic! My mortgage company referred them to me and not only did they repair my credit, they made it jump over 75 points which put me in a credit range to get the best mortgage rate possible. Im so happy and i’m so satisfied with their services!! Thank you guys!!

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  5. User Score


    November 15th, 2012 Allen, TX

    I don’t even know where to start with these guys! My experience was amazing. My husband and I had just had a baby. We both had gone through issues in our lives which had made our credit scores where we were not even close to financing a home. That was our dream! Never thought it would of been possible until meeting Doc and working with Omega! They made our dreams come true. Within 60 days our credit scores were up at least 100 points and we were approved to purchase our first home as a family! They go above and beyond to do everything and anything they need to do. I know this from experience and 3 ways calls etc. I would recommend them to anyone! Not only being able to purchase our home but with our credit scores now I must tell you, life is a little bit easier to get through 🙂 If you are looking for great speedy credit repair go with Omega! They get the job done!

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  6. User Score


    November 15th, 2012 Odessa, TX

    Omega Credit Repair is absolutely wonderful! We were referred to them by our loan officer and we are 100% satisfied to this day. They were very helpful and we had positive results within a very short period of time. We were kept updated throughout the process and we recommend Omega to anyone seeking help in repairing their credit. We are so thankful for you Mr. Compton and everyone at Omega Credit Repair!!

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  7. User Score


    November 14th, 2012 Frisco, TX

    Doc Compton & the Omega Credit Repair team are AMAZING! Their process is seamless, straight forward & great communication! Because of their efforts I am FINALLY able to make homebuying a reality!! Thank you Omega!!

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