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LAST UPDATED: June 24th, 2021

National Credit Fixers was founded and operated by Matt Listro in 1996 and has since achieved a national presence with more than 20 years' experience.

The company provides competitive credit repair services for both consumers and businesses and focuses on helping people build good credit after the credit restoration process has concluded. 

In terms of credit repair, National Credit Fixers also provides potential clients with a free credit consultation as well as a 100 percent money-back warranty. 

National Credit Fixers even offers a free credit repair package to one consumer each month. In order to apply, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have tarnished credit 
  • Be committed and motivated to improve their credit 
  • Demonstrate financial hardship 

It’s important to note that the company only provides one free credit repair package per month. Applicants who do not win are welcome to continue applying for this offer each month if they wish.

While the company works fast (programs typically last six to 12 months), it also charges considerably more on a monthly basis than top companies in the credit repair industry.

According to the National Credit Fixers’ website, the credit repair company is A+ rated and is a fully accredited BBB business. 

Read on to learn more about National Credit Fixers and to see verified reviews from real customers.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Flexible Refund Policy 
  • Chance to Win Free Credit Repair 

National Credit Fixers provides a 100 percent money-back guarantee if the company cannot improve a client's credit score. 

"Improve" is defined as removing at least 25 percent of the negative items National Credit Fixers was hired to correct within six months from the date of the contract.

Something else that sets National Credit Fixers apart from other credit repair companies is its monthly free credit repair giveaway. 

Applicants are required to have bad credit, a financial hardship, and the initiative to send in a letter of interest and current credit report. 

Free Consultation

National Credit Fixers offer a free credit report consultation that includes a call with one of the company’s credit repair specialists who will go over the client's credit reports from the major credit bureaus to determine the best course of action. 

By going over clients' credit accounts, the company's credit repair specialists can figure out the number of negative items that need to be removed and credit repair services clients need in order to obtain good credit. 

Some organizations within the credit repair industry do not provide free credit consultations like National Credit Fixers.  

Flexible Refund Policy

A 100 percent refund is awarded if National Credit Fixers cannot improve clients' credit scores. 

In order to obtain this refund, clients "mail an updated credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus every 45 days for the warranty to apply."  

The company’s website also states that this warranty applies to inaccurate items that the company is “contracted to remove by ‘the client.’” 

Some negative items that are added to the client’s credit report after the client signs up for National Credit Fixers’ services “may be included in the warranty at the discretion of National Credit Fixers LLC.” 

Chance to Win Free Credit Repair

National Credit Fixers provides a special opportunity once per month that gives qualified applicants the chance to receive free credit repair services. 

The winners of this free credit repair opportunity will receive the same level of credit repair service that all of the company’s other clients receive. 

According to the company’s website, consumers must meet the following requirements in order to apply for a chance to win free credit repair: 

  • The applicant must have “tarnished credit”
  • The applicant must be motivated to improve their credit
  • The applicant must have some sort of financial hardship 

Additionally, the company requests the following information via email when applicants are ready to apply: 

  • A letter of interest that also states the applicant’s financial hardship 
  • A copy of the applicant’s current credit report 
  • Contact information of the applicant 

Those interested in this chance to win free credit repair services should keep in mind that the company only gives out one free credit repair package per month. 

Applicants who do not win one month can continue to apply each month as long as the company continues to provide this offer.


The Bad

  • High Monthly Rates 

High Monthly Rates

While top credit repair companies will usually charge around $99 per month for credit repair, National Credit Fixers can charge up to twice as much. 

The credit repair company’s six-month program runs at $199 per month, while the 12-month program goes for $149 per month, and those figures don't include the additional $199 setup fee for either plan.


The Bottom Line

In terms of credit repair, National Credit Fixers offers a free credit consultation along with individualized credit repair services. National Credit Fixers also provides extensive credit-related educational resources on its website that all website visitors can easily access to learn more about credit and credit repair. 

When it comes to the company’s warranty, National Credit Fixers provides quite a bit of helpful information on its website. The company's refund policy is clearly spelled out and gives customers a reasonable expectation for how quickly and extensively National Credit Fixers can repair their credit.

The company also offers people the opportunity to apply for free reputable credit repair each month. This opportunity benefits those who are dealing with financial hardships and who cannot afford to pay for credit repair services.

National Credit Fixers states on its website that it gives free credit repair winners the same level of top-tier credit repair service as its regular clients. Those who don’t win are able to continue to apply for the free credit repair package each following month. 

Potential clients should expect to pay much higher prices with this company than with top companies, and should not bank on receiving free credit repair, as this is only given to one qualifying customer, with bad credit, each month.

If you require legal assistance and would like to pay less for your credit repair, you might consider top credit repair companies to improve your credit.  

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Claudia R CA

I'm more than satisfied with NCF and I'm very content with myself for making such a good decision in reaching out to them ! After NCF worked on my case , my credit score jumped tremendously and I went from not being able to have one credit card to having multiple and being able to qualify to buy a home . Before NCF began to work on my case ,I had no clue how to defend myself from collectors , receiving numerous calls all day and when I joined NCF , the calls stopped and I felt relieved because I knew someone had my back and was representing me . Not only did my credit score jumped up, but they had lawyers representing me on a collectors harassment claim for no additional cost . The case was won and I received a check of $700 in the mail ! NCF goes above and beyond for their clients , being so friendly and helpful at all times . I would definitely urge anyone having credit problems to contact NCF , they will definitely make a HUGE impact in your credit score .

6 years ago

star star star star star

Kaitlyn Ridley East Hartford, CT

I never bothered to pay attention to my credit when I was younger... And that's probobly why I had a score just under 500. That, as a semi functioning adult was my worst mistake I made. Not untill my sister told me about her amazing experience with the incredibly professional certified credit experts at NCF. I simply could not believe her amazing reviews, untill I signed on myself! :) Within a short period of time, my score went to 668!!! The staff is ethusiastic, kind, and dedicated to "Achieving the American Dream..." What an easy process!! I wish I'd done this sooner... Considering they have been in the buisness for nearly 18 years!!!!!! CALL TODAY!!!! You will not regret it!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Matt South Windsor, CT

Ok So here is my story. I hired this company because a friend used them and they did a great job for her. I was a little skeptical, probably because I am by nature. Anyway, these guys did what they said they were going to do. Not only did they remove the majority of the negative items from my credit report, but, and they found an FDCPA violation and helped me to get a $500 settlement form one of the debt collectors on my credit report. Now, true the $500 I received did not cover the cost of my credit repair , but I certainly was not expecting to get $500 and it came at a time when I certainly could use it. If you figure in the $500 that they helped me get - I am sure they were far cheaper than any other company here - not to mention the fact that I wound up with great credit afterwards and I would have paid twice as much as they charged me for that (shh - don't tell them)!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Molly Indianapolis, IN

I have been with NCF for over a year now. I must say that I don't think anyone could have helped me more than this company did. They always responded to me in a timely manner and were very courteous when doing so. They never once judged me for my past credit history. My scores were in the low 500's with many negative reporting's on there. Nikki and Tatiana worked their way through my credit report till I am now over 100 points over my lowest score. I am still a work in progress and even thought my year contract is up they are continuing to finish their work. I call that dedication. I am in debt to them for what all they have done for me. Very soon I will be able to purchase my first house and everyone at NCF has made that possible for me.

8 years ago

star star star star star

Terry P Ardsley, NY

I have tried several times over the years to close or have bad credit history on accounts that I've paid off or have been paying on time for at least a year to come off my credit report to no avail. They just kept telling me, no that's the way it is you have to wait the seven years for it to come off. After six weeks of signing up with your organize, bad credit starting melting off my credit report, after a couple of months, my credit score increased about 60 points just by creditors taking their old accounts off my credit history. I can now look forward to buying a home in the near future. I have to say also, your staff has the utmost professionalism, especially work with Tatiana and Jessica. They have been nothing but pleasant and wonderful to talk to, and always answer my questions.

8 years ago

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Marlon Borja Vernon Rockville, CT

My name is Marlon Borja and I came to National Credit Fixers upon the recommendation of a family friend who's seen her credit scores improve by as much as 100 points only after 1-3 months. My goal was to improve my scores to get the best possible rates for a car loan. I began with 6 potentially damaging /negative/disputable accounts. After 5 months of working with NCF, my scores with TU and EX improved to 720+, while EQ remained below 700. Nikki/Matt were very aggressive in their strategy but EQ was very slow in responding keeping my scores below 700 for 10 months! In July, the final deletion of Account 2 was turned over to Steve. Steve was able to turn it around in another month and finally got my EQ score above 720+. My score improvements after 1-6 months was 28-61-94 points while score improvements after 7-12 months were 79-110-108 points. NCF's performance exceeded all my expectations! They're professional, savvy and great to work with. Moreover, they took care of working on improving my scores on their own with very little inputs/interventions from me. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Below is a detailed history of my score improvements.

8 years ago

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DannyM Atlanta, GA

I don't know what the last person was talking about. I have been to their offices and everything is top notch. The people are great and responsive. They worked hard on my case and I actually got 100% deletion on my file. I know that does not happen to everyone, but I saw them put in alot of effort on by behalf. If you are looking for top notch work - I would recommend them.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Felicia Manchester, CT

Everyone I've had the pleasure of speaking to at National Credit Fixers was overly friendly and knowledgeable in every aspect of credit repair. They were able to answer any questions I had and put my mind at ease. They have already helped improve my score in such a short amount of time- I didn't think it was possible! Now I'm on the right track to getting my mortgage. Thank you to the NCF crew!!

6 years ago

star star star star star

JayB Willimantic, CT

Absolutely best credit repair company around...I felt I had hit rock bottom and there was no way to fix the credit mess I was in (especially after working with 2 other credit repair companies and getting nothing for it). Oh boy, was I wrong. Within the short period of time that I worked with NCF I was finally able to purchase my dream home for my growing family and I couldn't be happier. The NCF crew really made my dreams come true and I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else :-)

6 years ago

star star star star star

Amber Vernon Rockville, CT

For 3 Years I was trying to get a mortgage , I was unable to due to my credit! When I signed up with NCF I didn't realize I would be getting feedback every step of the way about the progress of my Credit report. Within 6 Months I was ready to proceed with getting my mortgage!!!! I cant believe how amazing these people are at fixing credit problems!! NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR TO SMALL FOR THEM!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Steve Clearwater, FL

I was referred to this company by a friend who used them, and was VERY happy with the results! I am so happy I did. Within the first three months my specialist Nikki had gotten 6 items dropped off my credit report, and my score raised high enough for me to start looking at homes. I am now living in my new home, and it is all thank s to NCF, and there GREAT team! NCF all the way! I WOULD HIGHLY recommend to EVERYONE!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Suzanne Springfield, NJ

I cannot express to you how happy I am that I decided to go with National Credit Fixers! They are a wonderful group of people. I have never had a hard time reaching anyone in the office and have ALWAYS had my calls returned! My scores were way into the low 500's when I started my repair with them and my scores are almost 700 and I close on my house next Tuesday!!!! Thank you again NCF you gave me my life back!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Michelle Lake Ozark, MO

I HAVE to say THANK YOU, thank you, thank you to NCF! Great customer service! Loved my specialist Nikki! ALWAYS on TOP of things! Always there for me to answer any and all questions very professionally! I would definately recommend NCF to anyone that needs credit repair! I didnt have the money to do this, but went with my gut after speaking w/Nikki, and am so happy I did! I now have a future and a CAR! Thank you again everyone at NCF!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Karen Lake Ozark, MO

National Credit Fixers (NCF) CERTAINLY HELPED my credit. Within 3 months my score RAISED and I was able to buy the home I wanted. I would HIGHLY reommend Matt & Nikki, (the whole team actually) to everyone I know! I am SO happy I went to them! Well worth the money, if you want your credit score raised! AWESOME job guys!!!! Again, thank you for giving me my beautiful home! Would NEVER have gotten it without you!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Ali m East Jewett, NY

OMG - I just got my settlement check! Not only did these guys fix my credit but they caught one of collectors being naughty. They got me their lawyer - and they got me a settlement - and just got my settlement check for one thousand dollars - yes $1,000 dollars!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Charlie Springfield, NJ

I am a loan officer. I have used many other credit repair companies in the past - none can hold a candle to National Credit Fixers! Take it from someone who has tried quite a few companies - this is the only one I recommend now.

8 years ago

star star star star star

Gerson Ruiz Federal Way, WA

NCF they are the best very professional I had a great experience whit them I want to thank specially to Jessica Briere for her outstanding job she did for me more than I was expecting. So glad I found this company.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Dawn South Windsor, CT

Did a great job for me helped raise my score so I could get back on track. I have referred colleagues and family and know they have been happy as well. It does take some time but it is well worth it!!!

7 years ago

star star star star star

Russel Ray San Diego, CA

I have been aware of Matt's work for six years now and he never fails to amaze me with his professionalism, his enthusiasm for his work, and his enthusiasm for helping people.

7 years ago

star star star star star

Monica South Windsor, CT

I givethis company a thumbs up! They worked for me. they were worth every penny I paid them. When you want REAL results - this company is the REAL DEAL!

8 years ago

star star star star star

christina morris Middletown, CT

I own a house and its all because of them. Went above and beyond. Completely pleased with the service. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

6 years ago

star star star star star

matt Cambridge, MA

Just started working with Credit RepairFixers they threw me a life line when I needed most Matt and his team are fantastic

6 years ago

star star star star star

Sean Vernon Rockville, CT

Excellent staff. Great attention to detail, prompt communication, let alone the fact that they got me where I needed to be for my mortgage! A+++!

6 years ago

star star star star star

Dana Malia Lebanon, CT

National Credit Fixers is the premiere aid in credit repair. Talk with Jessica, she is the best!

6 years ago

star star star star star


Great service, wonderful people, reliable results - You can't ask for much more than that!!!

7 years ago

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