National Credit Federation is a nationwide credit repair agency headquartered in Tampa, FL. The company provides a number of standard credit repair services and legal assistance, as well as some guarantees and discounts that are unique to the industry. However, National Credit Federal also charges considerably more for its services, and customers may find themselves doing more legwork than they expect.

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The Good

National Credit Federation offers customers a number of credit repair features unique to top companies. The company has what it calls a “No Risk Member Investment Warranty,” which terminates the contract and refunds the customer if no defamatory items have been removed within three months of signup. Additionally, if customers’ credit has not improved after the initial six-month membership, they will similarly receive a full membership refund. Along with its credit repair services, National Credit Federation offers legal assistance in cases where legal representation is required (e.g., stopping collection calls, or filing lawsuits against creditors).

Money Back Guarantee

If credit hasn’t improved within six months, customers receive a full refund.

Partner Discount

Discounts are available to significant others in need of credit repair services.

Legal Help Available

National Credit Federation’s network of attorneys can represent credit repair clients in court.

The Bad

While some top credit repair companies will request regular credit reports from all three credit bureaus, it appears that this responsibility will fall directly to National Credit Federation customers. Customers are entitled to a free credit report from the credit bureaus once every 12 months; however, if they would like to see their credit reports more often, they may need to pay. National Credit Federation also carries some of the higher monthly rates in the industry, charging an initial fee of $197, $147 per month for the first six months, then $97 per month for any additional time required to repair customers’ credit. These rates (particularly those in the first six months) are drastically higher than those of other top companies.

Does Not Send Credit Reports

Customers must request their credit reports directly from the three credit bureaus.

Steep Initial and Monthly Rates

National Credit Federation charges $197 initially, then $147 for the first six months.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to be fairly involved in the credit repair process (i.e. obtain regular credit reports yourself) and like the security of a money back guarantee, National Credit Federation is a good choice; but if you’re uncomfortable paying higher fees and would rather the credit repair agency shoulder all of the credit repair process, you may find your interests and needs are best addressed elsewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does National Credit Federation services cost?

To get started with National Credit Federation costs $197. After the first 30 days on a monthly basis, members pay $147. If after six months members aren’t seeing the results they expected, another fee of $97 is required to continue.

Does National Credit Federation allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

National Credit Federation offers discount plans for members and their significant others.

How does National Credit Federation repair my credit?

National Credit Federation helps its members repair their credit through credit education, legal help access, and credit repair consultations.

Does National Credit Federation provide Credit Monitoring?

National Credit Federation does not provide credit monitoring.

How long will it take before I start to see results with National Credit Federation?

Consumers can expect to see results within 1–6 months of working with National Credit Federation.

What results can I expect from National Credit Federation?

Consumers can expect to see their credit score improve and also expect to improve their financial knowledge.

How can I contact National Credit Federation?

Here are the different ways consumers can contact National Credit Federation:
Mailing address- 2803 West Busch Blvd. Suite 210, Tampa, FL 33618
Phone- 1-877-720-7587
Email- [email protected]

More Information

Published Results

The only published results shared by National Credit Federation are the thank yous of many satisfied customers. National Credit Federation has not released any published statistical results data.

Price Breakdown

National Credit Federation has three price points:

To Get Started – $197 one time charge – for a detailed audit and personalized credit score blueprint

Months 1-6 – $147/month – 30 days after initial audit, customers will be charged this amount in order to cover document preparation, credit disputes, and verification programs

Months 7+ – $97/month – This amount will be charged to customers per month to cover any further document preparation, credit disputes, and verification programs after the completion of the 6-month program.

Members of National Credit Federation will receive the following services and programs:

Custom Online Budgeting Tool used to organizing and viewing all of your financial accounts in one location. Customers can set budgets, monitor spending, and set financial goals.

Personalized Credit Repair Blueprint A 50-page document that breaks down each aspect of a customer credit report. This report provides personalized advice, recommendations, and suggestions on what customers need to stop, start, or continue doing in order to repair their credit.

Member Investment Warranty – National Credit Federation agrees to refund all membership fees and terminate the agreement if they are not able to remove any derogatory items off a customer’s credit report as long as the customer has complied with the terms of the membership agreement.

Partner Credit Repair – Discounts for enrolling a significant other.

Credit University Access – Educational resources for customers to be able to learn from credit experts about credit reports, credit scores, debt collection laws, and more.

Legal Access – Customers gain access to National Credit Federation’s Legal Club network of attorneys to help answer any legal questions or represent you in court if needed. Restrictions do apply, so customers are encouraged to talk with their case manager for full details.

How It Works

National Credit Federation offers a simple three-step process. The process includes:

  1. Discuss – Customers will discuss and review their credit history with one of National Credit Federation’s trained consultants to create an appropriate gameplan.
  2. Delete – National Credit Federation’s trained consultants will create the necessary dispute documents to be sent to the credit bureaus in order to delete inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable items from a customer’s credit report.
  3. Delight – Over time, customers should start to see items deleted from their credit history. Customers will begin to start accomplishing their financial goals.

What to Expect when Signing Up

Consumers can expect a relatively quick sign up process online to receive access to the resources of National Credit Federation. The process will include:

  1. Provide National Credit Federation with your first name, last name, email, and phone number.
  2. A credit counselor will then contact the customer to discuss the customer’s options.
  3. Then the customer will provide further information like payment information and information necessary to pull their credit report in.

What Can Be Removed?

With the help of the National Credit Federation, consumers can remove faulty or inaccurate pieces of information that negatively affect their credit score. National Credit Federation will go through credit reports to identify and eliminate any misleading information that will prevent consumers from achieving their credit score goals

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  1. User Score


    February 28th, 2015 Tampa, FL

    “I started the program with NCF about a year ago with credit scores in the low 400’s and now have scores in the high 600’s.My biggest goal was to be able to trade out of my high interest rate car into a new BMW. I was just recently approved for a new car loan at 3.74%!

    Never in my entire life had I received an interest rate that low. This was a result of working with National Credit Federation, Me doing my part and them doing their part. They were diligent about helping & they were pleasant and professional to work with. If you are looking to boost your credit I would highly recommend National Credit Federation.

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  2. User Score


    February 12th, 2015 Tampa, FL

    We want to thank NCF for the hard work that Monique and Krista have done for me and my wife and that their hard work is paying off for us. We are seeing the results and are getting the benefits and it is amazing!! We did not think that our credit was reparable after a hard time we went through some years back.

    But once again thanks to NCF, Monique and Krista they gave us confidence that they could make a difference for us. This change in our credit is awesome and for the better. We just purchased a new car for my wife and I was able to buy a 2015 Camaro with 3% interest (WOW).

    Just two years ago I bought a used 2001 Dodge truck that’s not worth much and I still had an interest rate of 19% over a 3-year loan ouch . . .

    I am just blown away at the results from National Credit Federation, Our dream is to buy a home and we are so close to be able to make that come true. We will start looking early in the New Year.

    Once again thank You NCF, Monique and Krista.


    Danny & Brenda Durham

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  3. User Score


    February 12th, 2015 Tampa, FL

    I have had a wonderful experience with NCF in particular with Monique Martin. She has been instrumental in getting my credit score for a 605 to a 711 in two months. I am looking forward to her continuing to improve my credit to the best possible score.

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  4. User Score


    January 15th, 2015 Georgetown, IN


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  5. User Score


    July 17th, 2013 Chico, CA

    I was extremely skeptical of NCF or any other credit repair agency. I was encouraged to try them by my mortgage broker because we had short sales that had been reported as foreclosures in our credit report, and we could not qualify for a loan. NCF did do what they said they were going to, and much to my surprise, they were able to get the “foreclosure started” notations removed from all three credit reports. It took several months, but they came through in the end. I would definitely recommend NCF to someone who has a similar problem. I am very happy to have my credit reports fixed.

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