MSI Credit Solutions is a nationwide service credit repair and education company. The privately held company is 100 percent bonded. Consumers will need to contact the company directly for a pricing quote.

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The Good

MSI Credit Solutions provides professional credit repair services to individuals in need of credit score improvement. While there are some questions regarding their service, there are also benefits to their platform as well. These benefits include:

Comprehensive Credit Solutions

The company offers consumers comprehensive credit repair solutions which include a free consultation, educational resources, and an online customer portal for monitoring progress. The company also works with the 3 major credit bureaus to resolve any inaccurate credit report items and helps clients establish better lines of credit.

Money Back Guarantee

The company offers consumers a money back guarantee on their credit restoration services. MSI Credit Solutions promises a minimum 50 point credit improvement on a client’s credit file or a full money back refund. Further details can be found on the company’s website or by contacting a customer service representative directly for more information.

The Bad

While MSI Credit Solutions can help those in need of credit repair assistance, there are limitations that need to be pointed out. Prospective clients should take into consideration the following concerns prior to enrollment in the MSI Credit Solutions program:

No Pricing Information

The company does not disclose any specific details regarding its pricing structure to the general public on its corporate website. Interested consumers will need to speak with a company service representative directly for a pricing quote for their individual credit repair needs.

The Bottom Line

MSI Credit Solutions is a nationwide company offering comprehensive credit repair for individual in search of extensive solutions. The company offers consumers a free consultation and money back guarantee. However, consumers will have to contact the company directly for service rates as these are not posted on the company’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MSI Credit Solutions services cost?

Every MSI Credit Solutions customer will be charged a $98 monthly service charge. Customers will also have unique fees depending on their specific case and how much work is needed.

Does MSI Credit Solutions allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

For an additional charge, MSI Credit Solutions allows families to be enrolled for credit repair on the same service.

How does MSI Credit Solutions repair my credit?

A thorough analysis of the customer’s credit history is performed by MSI Credit Solution’s team, followed by a persistent dispute to get negative items removed.

Does MSI Credit Solutions provide credit monitoring?

MSI Credit Solutions only provides credit repair services and they do not include credit monitoring.

How long will it take before I start seeing results with MSI Credit Solutions?

Most of the customers who utilize MSI Credit Solutions will experience results within six months of enrollment.

What results can I expect from MSI Credit Solutions?

Generally, customers of MSI Credit Solutions experience a 76 percent deletion rate.

How can I contact MSI Credit Solutions?

The MSI Credit Solutions team can be reached by phone at 1-866-217-9841 or email at [email protected]

More Information

Published Results

Every case of credit is very different and no credit repair company can guarantee results. But MSI Credit Solutions has had major success with many customers. the company averages a 76 percent deletion rate, which has helped customers to have greatly improved credit scores with that many negative items removed. They also average only six months to see that type of success.

Price Breakdown

Initial Investment

  • Case dependant, different for every customer
  • As low as $30
  • Factors include:
  • Number of negative items
  • Timeline of negative items
  • Severity of negative items
  • Creditors or agencies involved

Monthly Service Fee

  • $98 for individual
  • $69 per person for more than one
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Customer access portal
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Continued support

How it Works

MSI Credit Solutions operates a standard three step credit restoration process similar to that of other credit repair companies.

Step #1: Analysis
The company will have the client obtain their credit reports and then analyze them for inaccuracies that may be eligible for permanent removal. A customized plan will also be created with the client to assist in resolving any remaining debt.

Step #2: Dispute Process
The company will draft and send dispute letters in regards to the items in question on the client’s behalf to the 3 major credit bureaus. The bureaus will then investigate these items and send the results to the client through the mail in around 30-45 days.

Step #3: Settlement
The settlement process will then begin to keep items permanently deleted and resolve all possible debt.

What to Expect when Signing Up

Error Identification

During the consultation, the MSI Credit Solutions expert will take a look at the customer’s credit history and identify line items that have the potential to be removed. From there, a customized plan will be made.


The credit expert will then use that customized plan to work with the credit bureaus and creditors to remove those negative line items that were identified.


Once the original disputes have been made, the credit expert continues to check the progress and do whatever else needs to be done to keep the progress moving forward.

What Can Be Removed

There are several items that the MSI Credit Solutions team looks for when analyzing a customer’s credit report. These items are the ones that are often removed by MSI’s services, and include late payments, charge-offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, collections, foreclosures, judgments, and personal information. Even though MSI has successfully removed all of the items in the past, the company cannot guarantee that these can be removed for new customers; the items must be inaccurate or outdated to have a chance at removal.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    October 29th, 2014 TN

    look people msi is a little more expensive, but after a short peroid of time they got my score from the mid 500’s to lower 700’s. remember no credit repair company can make magic happen overnight, but stick with them and you will get results.

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  2. User Score


    January 20th, 2014 Chester, IL

    Got my consult today. Got the “salesman” talk and seemed to be trying to sell me their services which is to be expected but claimed to be somehow associated with FHA. Don’t know how but yea, anyway looked at BBB and found the same info. Kinda leery about tossing $350 up front plus $90 a month for “processing fees”. Sounds like a scam but I want to believe them. Might take the chance but I am unsure if I have it to toss away.

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  3. User Score


    November 2nd, 2013 Rockford, IL

    Here’s the truth people, the minute you talk to this company, you already know everything about it is wrong. We signed on knowing 100% of the debt was ours. Medical debt has sunk us. They made absolutely false statements about clearing our debt. And there will be no refund. 100 point drop in credit report. Don’t sign on. We were slapped with court proceedings on medical and they will not be there for you. Lesson hard learned. Do what you know is right and put your money on your debt. Not in there pockets.

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  4. User Score


    August 27th, 2013 Frisco, TX

    I love MSI. I signed up with them about 5 months ago and my scores have already increased over 100 points on each bureau. MSI knows what they are doing and I would recommend them to anybody.


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  5. User Score


    June 23rd, 2013

    I have been with msi for about a year now. I think they are doing a good job, they do not get negative items removed as fast as I wanted but everyone should know patience is a virtue.

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  6. User Score


    August 16th, 2012 Saint Paul, MN

    I used them and ended up filing a fraud case against them. They are a bunch of SCAM artists. They change everything in your contract to protect them and not you. RUN away from them FAST.

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  7. User Score


    July 18th, 2012 Denver, CO

    UPDATE: 7/18/2012

    I have been contacted by the owner and one of his under lings… They continue to argue points that have no bearing and still refuse to make that 100% money back thing..

    Under the CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS act. No Credit repair company or business can request or take monies before they have completed the job.

    The link below explains the federal law.. They will try to state that Texas law allows them to do this.. LOL..

    Under Chapter 2, section 404. that is the most important thing, as stated on the FTC website..

    On their website (FTC’) it states:
    How to determine if a credit repair business might be a scam,.. If they ask for money, or take money before completing the job of fixing the credit issues.. That is what lead me to read this statue..

    READ this to save your self alot of money and just make contact with the credit reporting companies all three yourself.. and save the money.. I lost thousands, and I hope I help one person refuse to use their services. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and will file with other offices like your State AG office and the VA, since they handle VA loans..

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  8. User Score


    July 18th, 2012 Denver, CO

    I just checked the FTC site and found the following:

    The link below is for the full reading.. Pay Very special attention to the last paragraph.. I paid them to start 3600 and then 100 per mo.

    They violated federal law.. So this automaticlly tells you something about them..

    They simply CAN NOT take any money before the work is done. Which they did to us.. This is why the law is here becuase of places like this..

    This was signed into LAW by the President in 1996. It’s not a new law..

    SEC. 2451. REGULATION OF CREDIT REPAIR ORGANIZATIONS.Title IV of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (Public Law 90-321, 82 Stat. 164) is amended to read as follows:

    (a) In General.–No person may–

    (1) make any statement, or counsel or advise any consumer to make any statement, which is untrue or misleading (or which, upon the exercise of reasonable care, should be known by the credit repair organization, officer, employee, agent, or other person to be untrue or misleading) with respect to any consumer’s credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity to– (A) any consumer reporting agency (as defined in section 603(f) of this Act);(8) or

    (B) any person–

    (i) who has extended credit to the consumer; or

    (ii) to whom the consumer has applied or is applying for an extension of credit;

    (2) make any statement, or counsel or advise any consumer to make any statement, the intended effect of which is to alter the consumer’s identification to prevent the display of the consumer’s credit record, history, or rating for the purpose of concealing adverse information that is accurate and not obsolete to–

    (A) any consumer reporting agency;

    (B) any person–

    (i) who has extended credit to the consumer; or (ii) to whom the consumer has applied or is applying for an extension of credit;

    (3) make or use any untrue or misleading representation of the services of the credit repair organization; or

    (4) engage, directly or indirectly, in any act, practice, or course of business that constitutes or results in the commission of, or an attempt to commit, a fraud or deception on any person in connection with the offer or sale of the services of the credit repair organization.

    (b) Payment in Advance.–No credit repair organization may charge or receive any money or other valuable consideration for the performance of any service which the credit repair organization has agreed to perform for any consumer before such service is fully performed.

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  9. User Score


    July 17th, 2012 Denver, CO


    To add to my issue, the person with the user score of 7 (JDavyboi). I think he might be a person that works for MSI.. I cant NOT confirm this, but yes, they are well trained in the verbal judo. After a 6 month period, I requested that they pull my credit score again.. when they compared them.. they showed no differance went down or went up a few points, but in the end.. Our scores went down.. Now after spending almost 5000 dollars, a person my think, they would have a better score.. they posted on the their website the newest credit report.. the two placed next to each other, it appeared the newest one was the one that I started with but it wasnt .. Thats how bad they are.. I had things that were on my credit report listed twice, and they couldnt fix that.. My wife had things that were reported on her acct. twice.. they couldnt fix anything.. We wasted alot of money .. I would have gotten more out of the money we spent, if we video taped us burning 5000 dollars in 20’s.. Just a pile of ashes.. Thats what you will get.. I have started a case with the FTC.. Anyone else that has been “screwed” by these people (and when doing this they use sand) .. Save you mind and money.. Do it yourself or find another place.. I have been started paying the issues one by one, to fix my credit myself.. and I feel better paying them straight out then letting MSI take another 100 bucks a month of me..

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  10. User Score


    July 17th, 2012 Denver, CO

    They play games and make statements about how and what they will do.. I paid the up front fee of 3600.00 (1800 per person) – I paid that 3600 all at once, to buy a home, and they tell you they will give it back to you when you buy thu them.. Guess what.. YOU will never purchase a month, they want you to pay the 100 aa month fee for the rest of your life I guess..

    Yes 3600 dollars, then they will charge you another 50 dollars a month per person.. Most married couples have two people so that’s 100 a month.. I was promised certain things and the such.. I got nothing, actually my credit scores went down during this time.. Some things came off.. But some where things that naturally dropped off and some were…

    So today 7/17/2012 – after a better part of a year I am trying to get my money back for both me and my wife.. At 1800 dollars each..

    They say we raised your score at one place a few points and will try claiming all of that as something they did.. And some scores are completely the same.. They consider this a positive thing of their doing.. I will fight them until I get a refund.. With the money I have spent with MSI, I could have paid the bills and been happier.. Don’t use these guys.. More of a scam, with some “so called fancy” things..

    During the start, they will be instantly ready to talk to you and “help” you.. But after they get your money, trying to get a hold of them is almost impossible without a wait of a week or more..

    I score them at 1 or worst, for their “play” with you type games. And the money back guarantee.. That’s a lie, they find everything as I mentioned above to skate around doing crap for you.. And getting the money back.. You will never see that home you are trying to buy.. I was able to purchase two brand new vehicles, just as they started, NOW, I can’t even trade my 2011 in on a 2012, and my credit has gotten so bad.. When I have paid almost 10 grand off the truck alone.. AND THE KICKER is I’m using the same dealer and Toyota as the same people.. That is what the worst thing..Is I might as well just not pay anything and see if that will raise my scores, after I cancel MSI..

    You are a fool if you use them..

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  11. User Score


    May 2nd, 2012 Lehi, UT

    Same with me, however I called them just to see how bad it really was and if they could answer my rebuttals. I must say they have some great strong points too, you just have to be willing to listen. Plus a lot of companies out there I’m sure get trashed by competition as well.

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  12. User Score


    April 20th, 2012 Lehi, UT

    No upfront payment options, and a ton of negative comments online and a F on BBB has me convinced enough.

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