KC Credit Services was founded in 1991 and has specialized in credit repair services. This company started in the owner’s basement helping friends figure out finances. KC Credit Services has grown to help people nationwide with their financial and credit issues.

The Good

  • Personalized programs
  • Tiered packages

Personalized Programs

Each program offers credit personalized credit education. This can aid clients in future financial decisions and in maintaining or achieving higher credit scores after the program ends. Clients are given a personal credit concierge. This allows customers to receive consulting regarding their credit and ask financial questions. Clients who take advantage of these services can leave the program feeling confident that they can make more informed financial decisions.

Tiered Packages

KC Credit Services offers several package deals that lets the customer choose which package tailors their needs. Each package gives a detailed description of their services as well as who would benefit most from each package. KC Credit Services also offers a business program for business owners who would like to build credit for their company.

The Bad

  • Lack of published results
  • High initial fees

Published Results

KC Credit Services does not offer any published results on their website. Published results aids customers in their decision making process. Published results can show what an average customer’s experience with the company is and that the program is worth the investment and time. Published results can also give potential customers much needed information like how long it will take to see results, and what kind of results are possible.

Initial Fees

The monthly fees for KC Credit Services are average with their competitors, but the initial fees are extremely high in comparison to competitors. High initial fees can be a determining factor as to whether potential clients decide to go with another company. KC Credit Services does not offer published results which also makes it difficult to invest so much upfront without proof of results.

The Bottom Line

KC Credit Services offers some great services in their programs. Their personalized credit education and credit concierge can be very beneficial to customers. Offering a business program is also unique and could be beneficial to business owners. However, KC Credit Services has extremely high initial fees. The website also does not share any published results that could possibly justify the high costs. Potential customers should research other options before choosing KC Credit Services for credit repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does KC Credit Services services cost?

The Platinum Program- Initial fee $399.99, $99 monthly- Most basic package which includes a personal credit concierge, and educational programs.
The Platinum Plus Program- Initial fee $399.99, $129 monthly-This package includes Access to credit lines and debt validation with creditors.
The Gold Program- Initial $699, $199 monthly- The Gold package offers specialized forensic audit, accelerated corrections and personalized credit education.
The Business Credit Program- $4,997- The Business Credit Program specializes in building credit for a business. Gain access to more than 2,000 funding sources and build $50,000 in business credit lines in 6 months.

Does KC Credit Services allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

No, KC Credit Services does not allow you to enroll more than one person or your family.

How does KC Credit Services repair my credit?

KC Credit Services will retrieve your credit report from all three credit bureaus. Your credit concierge will analyze and find the negative and incorrect items that should be disputed. The specialist will then fill the necessary documentation to start removing these negative and incorrect items. The specialist will stay in contact with the credit bureau until these items are corrected.

How long will it take before I start to see results with KC Credit Services?

Typically customers can start to see improvement within the first 30-45 days of service.

How can I contact KC Credit Services?

Phone: (816)421-8001
Fax: (816)421-8060
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CST

More Information

Price Breakdown

The Platinum Program- Signup/Audit $399, $99 monthly
Credit report forensic audit.
Credit educational programs
Personal credit concierge

The Platinum Plus Program- Signup/Audit $399, $129 monthly
Credit profile forensic audit
Exclusive credit education
Access to credit lines
Debt validation with creditors
Personal Credit Concierge

The Gold Program- Signup/Audit $699, $199 monthly
Specialized forensic audit
Personal credit concierge
Corrections with 3 bureaus at accelerated rate
Personalized credit education
Access to credit lines

The Business Credit Program- $,4,997
Creation of business credit profile
Access to more than 2,000 funding sources
$50,000 in business credit lines in 6 months guaranteed

How It Works

Step #1: Signup
When you sign up with KC Credit Services, your credit reports will be analyzed. After the initial analysis, the experts will identify the items that need to be disputed. The experts will then prepare a plan to help you receive your optimal credit score.

Step #2: Dispute
After identifying the items and preparing a plan, the experts begin drawing up the needed documents and work directly with the credit bureaus on your behalf. The experts focus on removing the items that are inaccurate and negatively impacting your credit. The experts will stay in contact with the credit bureaus throughout the process.

Step #3: Results
In as little as 30-45 days you can expect to see some results. You can ask questions and receive some consulting as well as access to credit educational programs. The experts will continue to repeat the dispute process until your credit score is optimal or you have cancelled your subscription. The experts will keep you updated with your progress and results.

What to Expect when Signing up

1. From the home page navigate your way to the Our Services tab on the menu bar.
2. When Our Services page loads, you can compare the packages to decide which program is right for you. When you decide which package you are interested in click the Explore button for that package.
3. Next, click the Get Started button which will take you to a form.
4. Fill out the form with your personal information. When you have completed the form, click Signup button. You should receive an email and a phone call from a specialist soon.

What can be removed?

Point Boosters can only remove information that is inaccurate, unverifiable, misleading, untimely, and unclear. Point Boosters cannot remove negative items that are 100 percent accurate and free from error.

  • Credit Inquiries
  • Late Payments
  • Collection Accounts
  • Liens
  • Repossessions
  • Judgements

Published Results

KC Credit Services does not provide any published results at this time. Credit repair companies often include published results to show how their services have helped improve their customer’s credit scores. By publishing these results potential customers can see the average success of current and past clients. Note that not publishing these results does not reflect positively or negatively on KC Credit Services, but should be considered by potential clients who are researching credit repair companies.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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