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Inversion Credit has been providing credit repair services since 2013. Despite being one of the newest companies in the business, Inversion Credit charges competitive monthly rates and offers greater disclosure with regard to its practices and policies than several other credit repair companies. However customers may find they have to be more involved with the credit repair process than they would with other companies.

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The Good

Inversion Credit provides a monthly subscription fee (including an $89.95 initial setup fee) that can compete with top companies. The company also provides full disclosure on important policies and terms that will help customers make a more informed decision. For example, unlike several other companies that charge a monthly fee, Inversion Credit directly mentions that customers will need to pay an initial setup fee, as well as a $25 collection fee if customers are delinquent on payments. The company also discloses its cancellation policy, consumer rights, as well as federal and pertinent state laws surrounding credit repair. Benefits include:

Industry-Average Monthly Rate

At $79.95 per month, Inversion charges the same rate as some top companies.

Excellent Online Transparency

Discloses cancellation policy, initial audit fees, terms and conditions, etc.

The Bad

Many of the complaints deal with difficulties in canceling (which needs to be conducted over the phone), or being billed following cancellation (as Inversion Credit does not prorate its monthly fees, but will rather charge customers for the month’s balance). Inversion Credit also places the responsibility of obtaining periodic credit reports from the three credit reporting bureaus on customers; although customers are entitled to a free credit report every 12 months, obtaining these reports more often will place an additional cost on customers.

Does Not Request Credit Reports

Inversion Credit customers must request periodic reports themselves.

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The Bottom Line

If you prefer having more involvement in your credit repair process, Inversion Credit could be a good fit. The company charges competitive monthly rates, and provides customers with an accurate expectation of what the credit repair process will involve.

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  1. User Score


    March 8th, 2017

    I joined on 3/6/2017 and paid the $99.95 fee plus check the box for cancellation within 3 days of joining. They give you a number to call to cancel but they won’t answer the phone, just long long long petiods of waiting on the phoneline. I was given a bogus site to view houses,unfound website plus the representative gave me her name and when the next day they lady stated no one work there by that name.I sent three emails to cancel.

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  2. User Score


    January 7th, 2017

    I have been calling and trying to cancel for weeks now with luck. I leave messages on my account managers line and no luck just yet. I’ve called the main customer service number and always that the wait will be 1 hour or more. I leave my number for someone to call me back be cause I am assured that I will not lose my place in line. But as of right now, I am still waiting. This has to be one of the worst customer service lines I jave ever called to. I will be calling my bank to put a halt on any funds being automatically withdrawn from my account. Until I speak to someone. This is outright ridiculous.

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  3. User Score


    November 18th, 2016 Broomfield, CO

    So far this company has done stellar work for me. The gentleman who sold me explained in depth that this would be a lengthy process and it does take time. I’ve jumped up 65 pts in three months and I’m willing to wait another three months if it goes even higher. For the rest of the reviewers, I feel as though they weren’t patient enough.

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    6 2

  4. User Score


    August 15th, 2016 Dearborn Heights, MI

    After I canceled my contract they deducted $79.95 the very next month I was incensed . Do not sign up with these crooks. Any company that sends you a receipt with no phone number on it are hiding something, nor do they send you a report that’s because they aren’t doing what they claim to do that is fix your your bank and ask them to remove the withdrawal and block them from your account. Just get rid of these bloodsuckers

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    7 1

  5. User Score


    May 18th, 2016 Anchorage, AK

    Extremely poor customer service, Many promises made as I went in and nothing was delivered, they have changed my account manager three times in 45 days of doing business with them and have pulled credit reports too often stating is a soft inquiry and is not. I am not sure how it is that this company is in business, they clearly are not prepared to deal with other people’s accounts, nor have the education to talk to them over the phone keeping in mind that customer service is their bread and butter. The last account manager I had was so rude over the phone that I could hardly get a word out of my mouth without him having a smart remark. I would ask the public to go online and educate themselves about this companies that make promises to help you clean up your credit and see the rating and reviews on them. I highly recommend anyone to Lexington Law Firm, you will see immediate results and they will return your calls always, just because you are having an issue with low score in your credit does not mean that any credit repair company is going to treat you like a second class citizen…

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  6. User Score


    May 13th, 2016 Somerset, NJ

    You all are terrible! all you want is the money, you are making peoples credit worse!

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    9 1

  7. User Score


    February 9th, 2016 Dunnellon, FL

    I would not recommend this company to anybody. All they do is send out letters once a month and then you get the response and have to send it to them. Then they know who not to send next month. So basically you are working for them. Then when you ask them to stop taking payments out they don’t know what that means and continues. The only reason they got a 1 is they know how to take your money

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    11 1