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iHome Easy Credit is no longer in business. Click here to see the top recommended Credit Repair companies.

iHome Easy Credit is a financial services company based out of Westminster, Colorado. The company provides consumers nationwide with credit repair and education services on a monthly basis with no contracts.

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27 User Reviews

The Good

iHome claims to get you started with their online system for $99/month. The FAQ page says they charge a one-time fee of $1 to pull your credit report. Aside from that, you have to fully sign up for their services before you can get more information. The company states that there aren't any additional costs and fees. Consumers can also receive:

Home and Car Loan Qualification Assistance

For those clients hoping to obtain a home or car loan, iHome can help find the right loans for the right financial situations.

Educational Tools and Resources

During the credit repair process, iHome clients can receive educational support to help maintain financial freedom.

No Monthly Contracts-Cancel Anytime

There are no time commitments required for clients when they enroll. They can terminate services at any time.

The Bad

The credit repair company received a lower rating after it failed to respond to the 2 consumer complaints it has received in the last 3 years. The complaints were in regards to billing issues. Other areas of concern include:

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

While not required, there are no attorneys on staff to help with hard to remove items.

No Guarantees For Permanent Removal

There is no guarantee that items that are deleted will remain removed.

Customers Can Perform Provided Services Themselves At No Cost

There is nothing iHome Easy Credit can do on a credit report that a consumer can't do on their own.

Problems With Cancellation of Services

There have been reported issues when clients try to cancel services.

No Debt Settlement Services

Clients will need to look elsewhere for debt relief.

No ID Theft Protection

Many credit repair agencies offer ID Theft Protection in addition to credit repair services, but iHome does not.

Terms and Conditions

Consumers should review and understand terms and conditions and policies before agreeing to their services. The iHome Easy Credit website always appears to be down and phone is disconnected. The company may be out of business or at least not currently in operation.

The Bottom Line

iHome Easy Credit is a credit repair and restoration company that has been in the financial services industry for only 4 years. Past consumer reviews show mixed results of repair from using their services. Consumers should weigh pros and cons carefully before enlisting the help of the credit repair agency. However, with iHome Easy Credit's corporate website appearing to be down we do not recommend using this company's credit repair services.

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