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Hudson Law Group got its start in 2012, and provides a number of credit- and mortgage-related services to help customers improve their credit. And while no company can guarantee results, Hudson Law Group claims customers can see results in as little as 45 days (though their average credit repair process can take between six and eight months). However, despite the wide range of services offered, Hudson Law Group falls short in other aspects, particularly with regard to important pricing information.

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The Good

Wide Array of Services Offered
In addition to consumer credit repair, the company offers credit monitoring solutions, financial education, and more.

Attorneys on Staff
Hudson Law Group’s legal advocates can help clients avoid inefficiencies and obtain results fast.

Not only does Hudson Law Group provide extensive credit repair solutions, but it also seeks to better serve consumers by providing comprehensive financial education, debt restructuring, credit monitoring, and credit optimization services. The firm takes cases of all shapes and sizes—from customers with just a few negative items affecting their credit score to customers who owe money to creditors. Hudson’s team of legal experts have experience in real estate, mortgages, credit and more.

The Bad

Does Not Provide Updated Scores
Customers need to obtain their own reports to determine credit score progress.

Poor Online Transparency
Hudson Law Group provides no information on pricing, guarantees, and other important services.

Hudson Law Group does not provide score updates, but rather requires customers to obtain periodic reports to survey their score’s progress. And while Hudson Law Group provides information on the different services it provides to consumers, the company does not provide other crucial information upfront. Online visitors cannot determine how much the company charges, whether it’s a monthly or a pay-per-deletion service, etc. This lack of information sets Hudson Law Group back, as other companies can demonstrate their reliability by being more transparent online.

The Bottom Line

Although Hudson Law Group is a relatively new player in the credit repair industry, it provides a number of useful resources and services to help customers not only repair their credit but also restore good credit status. However, the company does not divulge important information on its process, like the cost, and customers are encouraged to investigate other more transparent companies before making a final decision.

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    July 29th, 2014 Park City, UT

    Hudson Law was referred to me by my loan officer because I couldn’t qualify for a home. They told me it usually takes 4-6 months to fix the problems I was facing and encouraged my participation in the process. I worked with a guy named Shawn and he was awesome. Customer service was good and everything happened the way they described in the beginning. Overall, it was a good experience (although stressful) and we were able to purchase a home after about 5 months of work.

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  2. User Score


    December 27th, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT

    After 3 months, nothing was resolved.

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