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Heartland Credit Restoration provides credit repair and educational services on a monthly basis to professional and consumers throughout the United States; however, Heartland Credit is more exclusive than some credit repair companies, focusing mainly on individuals with the best chance to improve their credit.

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The Good

HeartLand Credit Restoration provides customized credit repair services to individuals and couples in need of financial assistance. Each client receives a customized plan of action when it comes to disputing negative inaccuracies. Benefits of their service include:

Customized and Confidential Credit Repair Plan

Heartland Credit Restoration offers consumers a free credit review evaluation and customized and confidential credit repair action plan. The plan also includes ongoing credit monitoring and budget coaching. Every 35 days, they give a report about your credit, what the company has been able to work on, as well as what the current score is for the customer. They send this report over email and then the next day they give the customer a call to go over it with them. Customers can expect to pay monthly rates per individual for the credit repair process. (Customer has 5 day right to cancel. Charges don’t apply until after 15 days.)

Compliant with Law

Heartland is compliant with the FCRA and CROA laws, evident in reputable and trusted companies. Additionally, the company is mainly a referral-based company, with 90% of its business coming from realtors, banks, and returning customers.

The Bad

While HeartLand Credit Restoration provides a quality and customized service to their clients, there are also a number of limitations prospective customers should be aware of. These drawbacks include the following items:

No Proof of Successful Deletions

The company does not provide enough established proof regarding its success with the credit repair process. There are no copies of past deletions or customer testimonials on its corporate website. The company also does not provide any mentions of expected timeframes or any offered money back guarantee.

No Detailed Information

The company does not provide pricing information on its corporate website. There is little disclosure regarding the offered services as well. Consumers will have to call the company directly and speak with a customer service representative in order to access detailed credit repair process information.

The Bottom Line

There doesn’t seem to be any proof of past credit deletions on its corporate website. The company is also a little higher priced than industry average, but does offer discounts for couples. Consumers can expect to receive a free initial consultation and a customized action plan if they decide to work with Heartland to repair their credit.

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7 HeartLand Credit Restoration Reviews

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  1. User Score


    September 9th, 2016 Greenwell Springs, LA

    I can’t say enough about Kyle at Heartland.. He was amazing! He laid out our plan concisely, followed through, and stayed consistent and available. He kept me up-to-date and smoothly handled the stress of all the bumps in the road so to speak. Everyone at heartland was professional, yet sympathetic, truly caring about helping me during a very stressful time that is purchasing a home. I can’t thank them enough!

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  2. User Score


    August 2nd, 2016 West Des Moines, IA

    This service has been great. My score went from a 500 to a 630. Unbelievable.

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  3. User Score


    July 14th, 2016 Des Moines, IA

    Kyle was amazing and answered all of my questions.

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  4. User Score


    July 12th, 2016 North Liberty, IA

    The staff went above and beyond assisting me with my clients. We were up against a deadline for closing and they accomplished what we needed. Result, new/happy homeowner!

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  5. User Score


    May 5th, 2015 Richmond, VA

    I am very pleased with the quick responses of this company. I have only been with them for a month and I am receiving very positive results and the customer service is outstanding!!!!

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  6. User Score


    March 5th, 2013 Cedar Rapids, IA

    I started with Heartland Credit Restoration in Jan 2013 and I have had 8 items removed from my credit and my husband has had 4 (out of 7) removed. We are very pleased with this company, not only b/c of the quick results but b/c of their amazing customer service and the relationship we have formed with them. They care about us and want to help us get to where we need to be so we can purchase our first home. I would highly recommend this company.

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  7. User Score


    November 13th, 2012

    I highly reccomend this Company, I tried before to clear my credit, without success. After being divorced an unemployed for a whole year in 2008, I found a very good job, but my working conditions were compromised by my credit scores. I needed to improve my credit if I wanted to stay in a good standing at my Agency. Also, I had my hopes on buying a new house, and time was ticking, with all these issues all together working against my sanity and peace of mind. God guide my steps to ask for advise and guidance from Heartland Credit Restoration. I arrived in 2009 at my Agency with a credit score of 540, and in September, 2012, they transformed that number in over 640 points! I’m still amazed that I obtained the house of my dreams, the opportunity to move to a better position, because of a better credit score, and obtained a high security clearance for my job. My credit Counselor, Mr. Clarke, is more than a Credit Advisor to me, he is like a brother or best friend, always available, answering my calls, finding the information on time, follow up on disputes and debts, working with me towards obtaining my goals. They are very professional, respectfull, they have empathy with their clients, going through difficult times, and they are very honest and reasonable. I can put my recommendation to the highest because I’m proof of this Company good faith and diligence on working with their clients, thanks to Christian and all the staff at Heartland Credit Restoration, I can sleep better than ever….GRACIAS! Ms. Rodriguez

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