Fresh Start Credit Repair is a registered Credit Service Organization headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2009, the company has assisted nationwide consumers repair and restore credit for an initial startup cost and ongoing monthly fee.

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The Good

With Fresh Start Credit Repair, clients can receive the help they need to remove inaccuracies from their credit reports. In turn, clients can see an increase in their credit scores and save on loans. Benefits of their service include:

Money Back Guarantee

The credit repair company offers a 90-day money back guarantee for its customers. If the credit repair company does not remove at least one erroneous item from the client’s credit reports during this timeframe, clients are eligible to receive a full refund on all fees paid. Customers can cancel services anytime with no penalty.

Extensive Credit Repair Services

Consumers are able to receive a free initial credit review consultation. Clients also receive extensive credit education and monthly progress updates during the credit repair process. The company also offers flexible payment options.

Good Monthly Rates

Fresh Start Credit Repair charges consumers $99 to set up a client profile and $79/month per individual thereafter. A premium plan for individuals is also available for $139/monthly ($169 initial setup fee) for credit work to be performed twice a month.

The Bad

While the Fresh Start service can help clients get the help they need in removing negative items from various credit reports, there are limitations to be aware of as well. Prior to enrollment, clients should be aware of the following:

More Expensive Setup Fees

Consumers are expected to pay either $99 or $169 if choosing to do the premium plan for the initial setup fee when getting started. This necessarily the highest but many companies offer the same setup fees with attorneys and paralegals available on staff. Also expect to pay a $14.95 fee to pull credit reports if you’d prefer the company get those reports for you.

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

Fresh Start Credit Repair does not employ licensed attorneys to help clientele with legal issues regarding the credit repair process. Individuals dealing with bankruptcies or tax liens may find another similar credit repair company more suitable for their unique needs.

The Bottom Line

Fresh Start Credit Repair appears to be best suited for consumers requiring extensive long-term credit restoration. The company has competitive pricing. Fresh Start also offers consumers a money-back guarantee if they become unsatisfied with their services. However, there are no licensed attorneys on staff. If this is important to you we recommend comparing to the top-rated companies that have licensed attorneys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fresh Start Credit Repair services cost?

Individual Plan, $79/month: There is a $99 charge within the first four days of initial work being completed.

2-Person Plan $79/month: There is a $169 charge within the first four days of initial work being completed.

Premium Individual Plan $139/month: There is a $169 charge within the first four days of initial work being completed. Clients who choose this plan will have work done on their account twice a month.

Does Fresh Start allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

Yes, Fresh Start Credit Repair offers a 2-person plan as an option upon signing up.

How does Fresh Start repair my credit?

Trained employees thoroughly review your credit reports and move forward with disputing inaccurate information found on the reports.

Does Fresh Start provide Credit Monitoring?

No, Fresh Start does not provide credit monitoring as a client service.

What results can I expect from Fresh Start Credit Repair?

Fresh Start takes an approach to get you the results you want for your credit, and it will be accomplished in an ethical and correct way. Fresh Start keeps in mind that customers want to be in the know, so the company will call, email or text monthly to keep you aware of any progress on your credit.

How can I contact Fresh Start Credit Repair?

You can contact Fresh Start Credit Repair by phone or email:

Toll-Free: 877-937-7047

Local: 361-232-5056

Email: [email protected]

More Information

Published Results

There are no published results found in regards to the average amount of days to see results. You will not find information such as the common credit score increase for customers, average number of items the company is able to get removed, or any statistical success rates.

Price Breakdown

Individual Plan: $79/month subscription

  • $99 is the initial charge within the first 4 days of work being completed
  • 90-day money-back guarantee: if Fresh Start has not been able to remove at least one negative item from at least one credit report within the first 90 days, you receive a 100 percent refund.
  • You are charged after each monthly service has been 100 percent completed.
  • You may cancel at any time.

2-Person Plan: $79/month subscription

  • $169 is the initial charge within the first four days of work being completed.

Premium Individual Plan: $139/month subscription

  • $169 is the initial charge within the first four days of work being completed.

How It Works

Step #1: Submit Contact Information

You will need to fill out the credit consultation request form with your basic information. By submitting this form you are requesting a free credit consultation.

Step #2: Contacted by Credit Consultant

Once your information is processed, you will be contacted by a Fresh Start credit consultant during the time frame you state on your form as being the most convenient for you. During the initial consultation, the consultant will explain the services provided, provide information about how your credit is determined, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Step #3: Pulling Credit Reports

This step isn’t completely spelled out for you online, but at this point, you will determine if you would like to sign up for Fresh Start’s services. Your credit reports will be pulled, and you will begin the process with a credit consultant of bettering your credit.

What to Expect when Signing Up

  1. By filling out and submitting for a free credit consultation does not make you committed to Fresh Start services.
  2. If you decide to sign up, monthly fees for services are billed once services have been performed and fully completed during the previous month. You are only charged after our monthly disputing services have been 100 percent completed.
  3. Your private and personal information will not be distributed to any third parties at any time during your credit improvement process.
  4. The start up fee is charged specifically to pull your credit reports and taking the time to review and explain the learned information to you.

What Can Be Removed?

Fresh Start can only fight to remove any items that fall under the guidelines of the FCRA:

  • Inaccurate items
  • Unfounded items
  • Out of date items
  • False and/or erroneous items.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    May 7th, 2014 Corpus Christi, TX

    I paid them for 2 years and I never was able to get credit fixed I spent 1,800.00… when I cancelled I was charged 195.00 in extra cancel fees not mentioned when we started…. They totally ripped me off… Luckily Financial Consultant Services helped me with everything even the upfront cost since Fresh Start totally ripped me off… BTW 45days later we were approved for a home!!! FCS boost my scores from low 500’s to 661 avg. and cost a fraction of what I paid and lost.

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  2. User Score


    April 15th, 2013

    I had great results with them. My wife and I were able to purchase a new house at 3.5% apr because of our improved credit score. Went from a low 600 to over 750 in 4 months. Very happy.

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