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LAST UPDATED: July 21st, 2021

Credit Pro Repair is a financial services company based out of Brooklyn, New York. The credit repair company has assisted over 12,000 people nationwide restore their credit scores since it began in 2007.

The credit repair company has a 100 percent money-back guarantee policy and, like many other companies in the industry, offers a free credit consultation. Credit Pro Repair also provides online credit education resources along with a client portal that clients can access at any time.

Consumers should note, however, that Credit Pro Repair provides a limited amount of information regarding its services on its website. For instance, the company does not appear to offer any pricing information or details about its refund policy online.

Keep reading to learn more about the company and to see Credit Pro Repair reviews. 

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The Good

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Monitor and Track Results 24/7
  • Customized Credit Repair Plan 
  • Credit Education and Resources

Credit Pro Repair assigns a team of three credit experts to every client. This is to cover all areas of the credit reports line-by-line and ensure maximum results for credit restoration.

As previously mentioned, the credit repair company offers a full money-back refund if they cannot remove at least 25 percent of all inaccurate items from the three major credit bureaus within the first six months.

According to the company's website, many clients see improvements within 45 days of using the company's credit repair service. Other offered benefits from Credit Pro Repair include:

Free Initial Consultation

Prior to signing up, prospective clients can receive a free consultation to see where their credit stands. In order to sign up for this free credit consultation, consumers will need to either call/email the company, visit the company in person, or fill out the form on the company's website. 

Monitor and Track Results 24/7

Through the company's offered client portal, clients can see exactly what work is being done on their case and what items have been deleted/resolved. Clients can access this portal by visiting the company's website. 

Customized Credit Repair Plan

Credit Pro Repair, unlike some of its competitors, provides each client with a customized credit repair plan that is designed to maximize results and deletions.

That said, the company does not provide much information regarding these customized plans on its website. Those interested in learning more details about Credit Pro Repair's process may have to sign up for a credit consultation/contact the company directly. 

Credit Education and Resources

In addition to providing credit repair services, the Credit Pro Repair specialists will provide educational resources to ensure that clients have the knowledge they need to maintain good credit standing.


The Bad

  • No Licensed Attorneys on Staff 
  • Limited Website Information

There are a number of areas that the credit repair company could improve on for better overall customer service. Credit Pro Repair does not provide a pricing structure for the general public on its corporate website. Other areas of concern include:

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

While it is not required for credit repair companies to have attorneys on staff, having them readily present can help in some circumstances with difficult deletion issues.

Limited Website Information 

As mentioned above, Credit Pro Repair fails to disclose some important information on its website regarding its credit repair service. The company does not provide the following: any pricing information (or even a pricing range), details about its refund policy, staff credentials, number of disputes included within the credit repair process, and more.

Consumers who want more information may need to contact the company directly and speak to a customer service representative and/or sign up for a free credit consultation.


The Bottom Line

Credit Pro Repair differentiates itself from other similar companies by assigning three credit experts to a client rather than one. Consumers are given a customized credit repair plan with a full money-back guarantee. However, there are a few areas of concern. The company is not transparent with its pricing structure and there are no licensed attorneys on staff. Additionally, the company does not have enough reviews on to provide any real conclusions regarding the company's services.

If you are interested in Credit Pro Repair, we recommend that you conduct research, contact the company directly, and/or read customer reviews to learn more about what it has to offer. 

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Sammy Schwartz Brooklyn, NY

I used this company 6 months ago and was very pleased. I gave them a timeframe and they assured me that my file was a credit report that they can work on. what made me happy was the fact that they didnt rush to sign me up or take my money, they first made sure they can help me, rather than lexington law or any other phony just signing up people by the hundreds. Sammy

8 years ago

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Stefan F. Piscataway, NJ

They did rush me into signing a contract, took my money and DIDN'T deliver. My scores with two credit bureaus have gone down. With Trans Union it went negligibly up. It took only 9-11 days to respond to my email inquiries, wasted plenty of my time. I will NOT recommend.

7 years ago

star star star star star

David S Brooklyn, NY

Signed up with them and after 3 months most negative items were removed. Very knowledgeable staff. Would def recommend to anyone looking to better your credit who doesn't want to see a monthly charge for months and months at at time.

7 years ago

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