Coast to Coast Credit Services provides professional grade repair and restoration services to nationwide consumers with a 100 percent money back guarantee. The company is bonded, insured, and registered with the Secretary of State in Texas.

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The Good

The company ensures incorrect items are deleted from credit reports and aggressively negotiates debt settlements with creditors. Coast to Coast also helps lower mortgage and car insurance payments as well as establishing new personal and business lines of credit. The company also keeps consumers up-to-date regularly with courtesy progress emails.

Proven Track Record

The credit repair company claims to typically save clients an average of $5,000 in interest charges on a car loan and $100,000 on mortgage loans.

Proven and Trademarked Logic-10 System

The company claims its trademarked Logic-10 System is proven to assist clients with credit auditing and stopping credit collection harassment with cease and desist orders.

The Bad

While Coast to Coast Credit Services can help clients improve their credit scores and remove erroneous errors on their credit reports, there are limitations to the platform as well. Prospective clients should be aware of the following prior to enrollment:

No Pricing Information

Coast to Coast does not offer pricing information to interested consumers on its corporate website. Consumers will have to contact the company directly and speak with a customer service representative to get a quote regarding their credit repair needs.

The Bottom Line

Coast to Coast Credit Services provides nationwide consumers in need of long-term credit repair and restoration with their trademarked Logic-10 System to stop harassing calls from creditors and delete inaccurate items permanently. The company also does not provide consumers upfront with any specific details regarding their pricing structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Coast to Coast Credit Services cost?

  • Each account will be entirely different than the next when it comes to cost.
  • Coast to Coast Credit Services does not charge the same monthly premium for each client. It will depend on what needs to be done with credit report to improve your credit score.
  • Coast to Coast will not charge you for longer than 180 days. If the services take longer than 180 days to be completed, you will not be charged for any day past Day 180.

Does Coast to Coast Credit Services allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

No, Coast to Coast doesn’t offer multiple person accounts for a discount.

How does Coast to Coast Credit Services repair my credit?

Coast to Coast uses an in-house method to repair credit. It is called the Logic-10 Credit Repair System and it is tailored to to each client’s specific credit needs. The system entails auditing the credit bureaus along with the creditors, and enforcing inaccurate or non-validated items to be deleted off your credit report for good.

Does Coast to Coast Credit Services provide Credit Monitoring?

Yes, Coast to Coast provides credit monitoring services through

What results can I expect from Coast to Coast Credit Services?

Coast to Coast’s mission it to get the job done twice as fast as the competitors by using its Logic-10 Credit Repair System. Coast to Coast Credit Services is able to have items permanently deleted from your account by auditing the entire report and making note of each item that needs to removed.

How can I contact Coast to Coast Credit Services?

You can contact Coast to Coast Credit Services by:
Toll free Phone: 888-292-2525
Local Phone: 972-398-9090

More Information

Published Results

There are no published results posted on their website. You can find testimonials on how customers feel about their experience with Coast to Coast.

Price Breakdown

If you’re interested in Coast to Coast Credit Services and wondering about prices, you will need to contact the company directly—submitting the free consultation form online or contacting by phone or email. The company will need access to your credit report before it can quote a price for credit repair services. Your specific credit repair needs will determine the price.

How It Works

Step #1: Contact Coast to Coast

This can be done by submitting the online form, email, or phone.

Step #2: Review Credit Report

Once your credit report is reviewed, you will be given an idea of what they are able to do to improve your credit. The company will let you know what the price will be and a possible time frame for the plan.

Step #3: Sign up

At this point, you will sign up and move forward with the credit improvement plan.

What to Expect when Signing Up

Before you go to signup here are a few things to expect from Coast to Coast concerning your credit:

  1. Coast to Coast will audit and research the original creditors via certified mail. This helps create a legal paper trail for maximizing credit repair results.
  2. The research and processing department will send out emails periodically to keep you informed throughout the entire process.
  3. You will experience credit help and education to help you maintain and enjoy your good credit.
  4. Coast to Coast will aid in stopping collection calls with Cease and Desist orders.
  5. All three bureaus will be audited.

What Can Be Removed?

What can be removed it not completely clear, but Coast to Coast will work to have incorrect and unvalidated negative credit items deleted off your credit report

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