Angle Financial Services offers multifaceted personal and business financial credit repair solutions to nationwide consumers. The company is a registered credit repair agency and licensed independent insurance agency in Dover, Delaware.

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The Good

With Angle Financial Services, clients can expect to receive a full range of credit restoration services. Each client that enrolls in Angle Financial Services program can expect to receive a customized plan of attack when it comes to the disputing process. Benefits of the service include:

Multifaceted Credit Repair Services

The multifaceted approach used by Angle Financial Services for credit repair includes free consultations, unlimited disputes, online anytime progress monitoring, and extensive credit information. The company also offers do-it-yourself credit repair instructions, identity theft insurance, debt settlement program, and more. The company also provides a wide range of services for businesses to help them address their specific credit needs. Angle Financial Services also offers business, home, and auto insurance for its clientele.

The Bad

While Angle Financial Services offers a comprehensive service to their clients, there are also limitations that prospective consumers need to be aware of. These limitations include the following items:

No Pricing Information

The credit repair company does not disclose any pricing information for its services to the general public on its corporate website. Consumers will need to contact the company directly and speak with a customer service representative in order to get a pricing quote.

Complicated Money Back Guarantee

The credit repair service offered through Angle Financial Services is designed for a one year period and the refund guarantee if a client is unsatisfied can get complicated. If a client desires a refund at the end of 12 months, they must request an audit and the company will total up the deletions on the account. Each deletion is valued at $75. If the total value of deletions is less than the charged monthly fee, the client will be refunded the difference.

The Bottom Line

Angle Financial Services takes a multifaceted approach for clients in need of long-term credit repair. The company has numerous positive customer testimonials. The company refund policy is a bit complicated and the company does not disclose its pricing structure for its credit repair services to the general public on its corporate website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Angle Financial Services cost?

Angle Financial Services has a one time setup analysis fee of $399, and monthly payments of $99 thereafter.

Does Angle Financial Services allow me to enroll more than one person or my whole family?

There is no information given on couple or family discount plans via the company website. When you call customer service a representative will explain any offers or promotions the company is currently running. Usually these involve waiving the setup fee for one or discount the monthly payment when couples sign up together.

How does Angle Financial Services repair my credit?

Once disputable items are recognized on your credit report, Angle Financial Services will begin the disputing process with the credit bureaus and creditors.

Does Angle Financial Services provide Credit Monitoring?

No, the company does not offer credit monitoring, but recommends it as a tool to help better your credit.

What results can I expect from Angle Financial Services?

It states “Results in 30 Days” on the company’s website. On average clients should see credit improvement in 4–8 months.

How can I contact Angle Financial Services?

You can contact Angle Financial Services:

Toll Free: 866-745-7488
Local: 302-735-7526
Email: [email protected]

More Information

Price Breakdown

Angle Financial Services does not offer a variety of packages. There is $399 setup analysis fee when you sign up. Depending on when you call, there may be a promotional offer that will lower the price of the set up fee. It is $99 a month for services.

How It Works

Angle Financial Services has a simplified process consisting of three steps:

Step #1: Check Credit Reports

Checking your credit reports to identify questionable items is the first step

Step #2: Dispute Items

Angle Financial Services will begin the disputing process of any items you have identified as wanting to be disputed.

Step #3: Improved Credit Score

When negative items are removed, you will enjoy an improved credit score.

What to Expect when Signing Up

What to expect when signing up online:
Before you go to signup, here are a few things to expect before you visit Angle Financial Services’ website:

  1. You can contact the company through the online form, or by calling to speak to a credit expert.
  2. The online form asks for first and last name, phone number, and email address.
  3. The first step is to get your credit report. You can find a link to getting your credit report through
  4. You are required to provide your own credit reports.
  5. After a brief consultation, Angle Financial Services will begin the disputing process.

What Can Be Removed?

Angle Financial Services will help to repair your credit by disputing any items that are:

  • Questionable
  • Misleading
  • Outdated
  • Unverifiable
  • Biased
  • Collections
  • Late payments

Published Results

Angle Financial Services states you will see results in 30 days. A company representative explained on average it takes about 4–8 months to see real improvement.

There are no published results from the company explaining most common credit score increase their clients have experienced, or on average items they are able to get removed.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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    March 1st, 2017 Norman, OK

    Owner sends threatening private messages to people who publicly oppose credit repair companies on public forums.

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  2. User Score


    January 27th, 2017

    Outstanding service. No sales pitch just direct action!

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  3. User Score


    May 9th, 2014 Dover, DE

    Great company. Had me done and in a home in 4 months. couldnt be happier!

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  4. User Score


    January 4th, 2014 Port Richey, FL

    Run, do not stop here, You will not at all be happy. We were not, we learned the hard way. Their are many company’s to choose from out there that can help you, this one will only do what you can do for yourself. There are hidden fees in their contract. Fees that will go to collections if not paid. This company has proven to not care one bit about their paying customers credit, only their money. Run i tell you,,,,,RUN

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  5. User Score


    January 4th, 2014 Port Richey, FL

    In hiring this *Credit clean-up company* to improve our credit so we can qualify for a VA home loan we have discovered they only have done what we ourselves could have done for ourselves for free. We were assured a single month to month trial service costing $85.00 each (wife & i) total $170.00 and could cancel at anytime we wish with no issues. We paid in advance the $170.00 + set up fees of $25.00 =$195.00, we submitted all required information to them, we where told in 30 days the credit bureaus would send us our reports they have disputed and we will go from there. After waiting 45 days, my reports came in from the bureaus but not my wife’s, i called the 3 bureaus only to find out the credit clean-up co. waited 2 1/2 weeks to send my wife’s in (OF COURSE) they get paid month to month, meaning they can now charge ANOTHER month as the longer it takes the more money they can charge and make. So we paid another $170.00. I called David Robinson & John Rowley of this company to ask why the delay in sending in my wife’s dispute letters? they replied they where both sent together. That was a lie because we called the 3 credit bureaus directly and was told they where mailed 2 1/2 weeks apart. I called the co. owner John Rowley to cancel, he stated we will be billed for another $170.00 as they bill in the arrears WHAT. I guess it was in the *FINE PRINT* of the contract, and if we do not pay it they will send us to their atty and to collections. We Came to them to clean up our credit, now we face worse credit because we trusted them. I called the owner John Rowley and begged him to not charge us as we were not aware or told of arrears charge? he laughed at me and stated my *atty will be in touch. We wish we never were told of this company by Todd Hassie, The Sr Mortgage Banker Evolve Bank & Trust of Tampa, Florida. This company is very unprofessional and will hurt your credit unless you pay their hidden fees, as they said they will. We pd in advance each of the 2 months, WHAT ARREARS? I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. BBB complaint filed as well.

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  6. User Score


    January 4th, 2014 Port Richey, FL

    Wife and i hired this company to clean up our credit so we could qualify for a VA home loan because i am a disabled Veteran. This company lied to us by stating we can go on a month paying basis and cancel at anytime with no worries or issues. We paid in advance for the first month $195.00 for both of us. Then they delayed sending in my wife’s disputes to the credit bureaus by 2 1/2 weeks allowing them to bill and charge us another months fees. (Sneaky) We paid another month (IN ADVANCE AGAIN). With the rude way they spoke to us when calling in and the sneaky way they played the mailing in disputes delay, we decided to cancel, called (got voice mail & left canceling message) and also emailed as well we are canceling. No replies, so a call again to make sure they are aware we are canceling and spoke to owner John Rowley, he was rude, stated we still owe another months payment?. WHY i said, we paid in advance both months and have only been members for 48 days (Under 2 months) He states it is in the fine print in the contract that they bill in the arrears. WOW, and if we don’t pay it, he is turning us over to his Atty and to collections. WAIT A MINUTE, We came to this company to clean up our credit, paid them 2 months & both in advance for something we later found out we could have done for ourselves for free or had ANY lender do it for us for free. Now we need worry of ANOTHER collection acct. as John stated on our credit reports?. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO A SOUL. Look on youtube as well for more info.

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