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    Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring with a Credit Card
    Engagement rings can be a symbol of promise, love, and in many cases, money. The average amount Americans spent on an engagement ring in 2016 was approximately $6,163, according to Although finding and purchasin...
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    How Credit Repair Can Help You Bounce Back from Holiday Spending Missteps
    The holidays are upon us once again, and for many of us, 'tis the season for a bit of indulgence. Both at the dinner table and the cash register, the holidays can mean overdoing it a little bit. Like those extra calories we&...
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    Guest Post: How to Prepare Your Finances for an Emergency
    In light of natural disasters this year, Americans are taking extra precautions to protect their finances and assets in preparation of flooding, fires, or other catastrophes. A little planning can make all the difference whe...
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    Guest Post: Does a Lack of Savings Affect Your Credit?
    Many Americans are enjoying the benefits of an improved economy, and as a result are working toward some all-time highs when it comes to consumer spending. And while major purchases like appliances, automobiles, and even hom...
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    Guest Post: Tips to Save Money on Utilities and Monthly Expenses
    Every month you look down at your paycheck—with a special glint in your eye—you hope, maybe this one time, it will last all month. But somehow, bills continue to increase, and as the financial burden piles up, yo...

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