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    The Worst Credit Mistakes the Middle Class Keeps Making (and What to Do About It)
    Guest Post by Jeff Rose The middle class makes plenty of financial mistakes, including not saving enough money for retirement. But the financial errors most of us make extend far beyond long-term financial planning. We also h...
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    Is Now a Good Time to Take Out a Loan?
    Guest Post by Lexington Law It can be tricky to get the timing right when you want to take out a loan. For instance, you want to wait for relatively low interest rates to keep your payments as low as possible. Rates may seem ...
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    5 Ways to Start Rebuilding Your Credit
    Guest Post by Kristen BakerIf you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for ways to rebuild your credit. Whether you maxed out a credit card, made too many late payments, filed bankruptcy, or have too many hard i...
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    Pros and Cons of Applying for a Mortgage Online
    Guest Post by CreditRepair.comOwning a home is a central part of the American dream — and so are mortgages. According to Zillow, the average home in the United States is listed at $250,000. There aren't many house shopp...
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    5 Financial Resolutions for 2019
    Guest Post by Lexington LawThe New Year is a great time to set goals and turn over a new leaf. Popular resolutions include losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. But what about your financial health? Consider looking...
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    How to Protect Your Credit After Racking Up Medical Debt
    Guest Post by Lexington Law   It’s no secret that costs for medical treatment and prescriptions are rising. Medical bills are some of the most substantial and troublesome kinds of debt for many Americans. Medical ...
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    Credit Repair Versus Getting Out of Debt
    Guest Blog Post from Lexington Law The terms credit repair and debt relief may sound similar, particularly to individuals deeply mired in financial problems. When those problems start to control an individual’s life, t...
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    6 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Credit Score
    Debt and your credit score are more related than many people may realize. For example, a debt settlement can potentially have a drastic effect on your score and as we all know your credit score is a big determining factor in ...
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    Bounce Back from Multiple Maxed Out Credit Cards with This Simple Advice
    You're a conscientious bill payer. You make sure you pay at least the minimum payment on all your credit cards every month, your rent and utilities are always paid on time, and no collection agency has ever had the need to ca...
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    Debt and Your Credit Score
    A good credit score can help you save money over time. Higher credit scores often mean lower interest rates on loans or credit cards, which will help you pay off your debt faster. A credit score can also play a pivotal role w...

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