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    6 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card
    Guest Post By CreditRepair.comAccording to the American Banking Association, there are about 364 million credit card accounts in the United States. The data shows that the number of open credit card accounts increased by 4.1 ...
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    Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Credit Cards
    Guest Post by While it doesn't have a technical name, the fear of credit cards is genuine. To some people, it’s all about fiscal discipline or lack thereof. These people believe that if they gain access...
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    How to Live Within Your First Credit Card's Limit
    Guest Post by Lexington Law The day you get approved for your first credit card is an iconic day for most adults. It signifies that you are now a trustworthy member of society and financial institutions are willing to loan yo...
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    What You Need to Know About Store Credit Cards
    Guest Post from   Store credit cards are an increasingly common offering from retailers. Department stores, in particular, promote store credit cards to consumers by offering alluring benefits to first-t...
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    Experts Explain How to Build Credit from Scratch
    Building good credit can be difficult, and building good credit from scratch may seem like an even greater challenge. Most people start learning how to build credit when they are in high school or college, but some will avoid...
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    Should I Pay Taxes with a Credit Card?
    Guest Post from With the tax deadline around the corner, many people will be scrambling to make up for IRS payments or fees. Whether you underwithheld or incurred late payment fees, you have found yourself ...
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    Bounce Back from Multiple Maxed Out Credit Cards with This Simple Advice
    You're a conscientious bill payer. You make sure you pay at least the minimum payment on all your credit cards every month, your rent and utilities are always paid on time, and no collection agency has ever had the need to ca...
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    What Are Chip and Pin, aka EMV Credit Cards?
    EMV stands for Europay/MasterCard/Visa, and it's a superior way of card transactions that the U.S. is taking forever to catch onto. EMV cards contain a microchip, hence "chip," authenticated with a PIN (chip and PIN) or signa...
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    How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?
    Guest Blog Post from The Credit People   You know you want to have the highest credit score you can, but do you know exactly what to do to get there? One of the first questions you might have is how many credit cards y...
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    What Is a Credit Limit and How Does It Work?
    If you’re new to building your credit or just received your first credit card, you may be a bit unfamiliar with the term credit limit. Knowing your credit limit is important because exceeding your credit limit can have...

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