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Quizzle provides free access (no credit card needed) to your Equifax credit report, updated once every three months (or every month on Quizzle Pro for $8.00 a month), while including a VantageScore credit score along with a great collection of tools and resources for educating users on the basics of consumer credit and how to improve their score. On the other hand, complaints about inaccurate credit scores and only being able to only view one of your three credit reports limits Quizzle’s usefulness as a comprehensive credit monitoring solution on its own. At $8.00 a month, the paid service does provide more frequent access to that credit report, but so do a variety of free services elsewhere.


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The Good

Free to Use, No Credit Card Required

Quizzle is a good place for those who are new to monitoring their credit since it’s fairly risk-free in that there’s no upfront cost to use the basic service and no credit card required, either. While the basic service is pretty limited, it does give new users access to their Equifax credit report and VantageScore, updated every 3 months at absolutely no cost.

This report and score includes a helpful Score Analysis, which provides customers with the major factors being used to arrive at their current credit score, which we really like since it gives newcomers really solid advice on how to boost their score.

Easy-to-Use and Well-Designed Website

When we first logged into our Quizzle account, we were impressed by how the site popped up windows to help us understand what we were looking at and answer questions about how to navigate to the information and sections we wanted to see. We think kind of guidance is especially important for those who are checking their credit for the first time.

Overall, we found the entire site to be well-constructed, robust, and easy-to-navigate, definitely one of the better looking sites in this industry. Every page, including the credit report, has a nice print button in the top right for those that want to print off the contents in an easy-to-read way on the go.

Quizzle Dashboard Screenshot

Great Educational Content

We found Quizzle provided fantastic educational content built right into their website, rather than dumping all of it into an education center. The company does an impressive job explaining not only consumer credit in laymen’s terms, but laying out why it matters in the big picture.

In fact, they even have an entire section of their site called “The Big Picture” which talks about how credit plays into everything from getting a loan from a bank, to insuring a car, to renting an apartment, as well as what each of these institutions are looking for specifically on your report.

For example, Quizzle explains how a Landlord is usually more concerned if they see a late payment on one of your cards and your overall debt load than they are with the total length of your credit history, which might be of greater interest to other lenders.

Quizzle Review Screenshot

Debt to Income Reporting

We like how more and more companies are starting to provide a comprehensive look at the Debt to Income ratio as a part of their core services. When you first set up your account with Quizzle, you can provide them with your annual income and it’ll calculate the Debt to Income ratio used alongside your credit score by so many lenders in approving big-ticket loans for things like cars or homes.

The Bad

Lots of Upselling

As much as we love the free service and the website, Quizzle spends a lot of time trying to upsell these users to Quizzle Pro ($8.00 a month) or applying for this or that credit card at every opportunity. While this is understandable and it didn’t bother us too much, some users might find it to be a little too pushy, especially while browsing the mobile site where significant chunks of the limited screen space are often dedicated to promoting these offers.

Quizzle Review Screenshot

Low Refresh Rate on the Free Service

Quizzle’s free service provides one credit report (from Equifax) and VantageScore every three months. Considering there is no automatic monitoring included with the free service to alert customers of any changes during that three-month span, this falls far behind offerings from other free services which update reports (including the report from Equifax) and scores monthly, or even weekly.

Paid Service Provides Features available for Free Elsewhere

At $8.00 a month, Quizzle Pro is certainly affordable, but the major feature of this subscription over the free service is that it provides you with monthly access to your Equifax credit report, along with a VantageScore and monitoring.

But this brings us back to our last problem, there are other companies that will provide you with the same credit report and the same score just as often… for free.

The only feature that stands out for Quizzle Pro over these free options is the automated monitoring and alerts on one’s Equifax report. Basically, you can set it up to be notified by email if somebody tries to pull your Equifax credit report, which isn’t necessarily a useless feature, but some users may question if it justifies paying $8.00 a month.

No Credit Reports from Experian or TransUnion available

There are three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, each maintains a separate copy of your credit report, as we explain in this article. Quizzle unfortunately only pulls and monitors one of those reports, and doesn’t offer customers a way to obtain or monitor the other two, even on its paid service.

This leaves two thirds of a customer’s credit profile exposed and unmonitored unless customers use other services alongside Quizzle, which some might consider to be a pretty big blind spot.

Quizzle Doesn’t Provide FICO Scores

Quizzle doesn’t provide its users with an option to obtain a FICO-branded credit score, not even on their paid service. Instead they opt for the VantageScore which they try to portray as an industry-standard credit score in statements such as the following:

Today, the VantageScore credit score is used by thousands of lenders, including the nation’s largest banks, in their credit card, auto lending and mortgage businesses.

The only problem is that VantageScore is not an industry standard score used by very many lenders, it’s used by less than 10% of lenders. There have been numerous complaints online about the Vantage Score being off by as much as 100 points from the score a lender actually pulls. The bottom line is that users should take the score provided by Quizzle with a grain of salt, as it probably won’t be the same score your lender uses.

No Mobile App

Considering Quizzle has such an impressive and well-designed web interface, we were surprised to discover that they don’t currently offer any sort of mobile app. Upon further research, we found that the company made the decision to instead design a mobile-friendly website that, in theory, should function just as well in the browser of your smartphone or tablet as it does on your desktop.

In practice, we found accessing the information through a mobile browser to be inconvenient; while entering a username and password is not particularly problematic on a desktop with a full keyboard, it’s an obnoxious hurdle when using the virtual keyboard of a smartphone.

Additionally, while it is true that much of the website looks fantastic on a mobile browser, Quizzle appears to have overlooked some rather important elements at times; we found some of the menus and buttons to be too small for our fat thumbs, especially the top bar used in accessing account details. Similarly, the helpful pop-ups to explain how the service works are much harder to read when they show up on your phone, even on the relatively large screen of our iPhone 6 plus.

Overall, our review team would much prefer the convenience and experience of a well-designed mobile app when it comes to tools and resources we expect to access regularly, such as a credit monitoring service.

The Bottom Line

For those looking for a free peek at their Equifax report every quarter and some well-done credit education, it’s not a bad way to go; and at $8.00 a month, Quizzle Pro provides a pretty affordable way to get monthly access and monitoring on that report, too.

On the other hand, once you step beyond the free service, it becomes more difficult to justify using Quizzle over some of the alternatives; VantageScores and Equifax credit reports are plentiful and free across the internet through numerous services. The lack of three-bureau reports, monitoring, and industry standard credit scores might make Quizzle’s paid memberships a non-starter for those looking for a comprehensive credit report monitoring solution.

Price Range

  • Quizzle Basic – Free forever and with no credit card required
    • Monthly Equifax report and Vantage Score
    • Trends in credit use and score analysis
    • Credit timeline
    • Tools to help users improve their credit report and score
  • Quizzle Pro – $8/month
    • Monthly Equifax report and Vantage Score
    • 24/7 credit monitoring and email alerts
    • Trends in credit use and score analysis
    • Credit timeline
    • Comparison of two credit reports
  • Quizzle Pro+  – $15/month
    • All features of Quizzle Pro, with the addition of identity theft protection
    • Identity scan
    • Public records monitoring
    • Sex offender monitoring
    • Lost wallet protection
    • Tri-Bureau dispute resolution
    • 24/7 live help

Trial Details

Quizzle offers one of the best “free trials” in the industry.  They offer any customer a monthly view at information from their Equifax credit report and Vantage Score, along with trending, snapshots of what is beneficial to their credit report, and information on how to improve their credit.

Customers may subscribe to one of Quizzle’s plans for added features without a contract.

Scores & Reports Provided

Quizzle does not offer all three reports and major scores to their free or paying customers.  Customers using Quizzle only receive information from the Equifax report and their Vantage Score.

Error Dispute

Quizzle only offers subscribers to the Quizzle Pro+ plan to negotiate errors from their website with all three of the credit bureaus, and only in the event of identity theft.  They offer the basic information about how to begin disputes online for every other situation.


Quizzle sends alerts daily to alert their paying customers of new information on their credit reports.  As a rule, many companies in the industry also state that they do the same, but fall short.  There is no outside evidence from Quizzle customers stating that their interaction and expectations from Quizzle fall short.

Credit Score and Report Refreshes

Quizzle uses only one of the three major credit bureau reports (Equifax) and the Vantage Score.  There is no option to order additional credit reports/scores from the credit bureaus at this time.

Data Security

When Quizzle updated their website in 2013, they took extra precautions to ensure that data remained secure with SSL technology.

Identity Theft Protection

The Quizzle Pro+ plan offers some of the basic tools in use for identity protection.  Included with the Quizzle Pro+ plan are features such as: identity scan, public record monitoring, lost wallet protection, $1 million identity theft protection insurance, dispute resolution with all three credit bureaus and live help from a specialist in identity theft 24/7.

Alert Options

Quizzle offers their paid customers alerts to let them know when something new is added to the credit report or their credit score changes.  Paying subscribers to Quizzle Pro and Quizzle Pro+ enjoy 24/7 credit monitoring.  These alerts are delivered via email.

Time in Business

Quizzle began doing business in 1985.


Contact Information


1050 Woodward Ave

Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (800) 784-9953

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    September 26th, 2014 Collierville, TN

    This company is a scam. Received my credit report for Equifax and the Vanguard credit score they provided was 68 points higher than my actual score. I was thinking that I will ask for credit with the ‘good’ Quizzle score and info, but I was flatly turned down and stunned when I found out my real score. Do not waste your time with this company.

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