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Quizzle offers a number of credit monitoring services, including free access to your Equifax credit report updated quarterly and debt-to-income reporting. However, the company only offers single-bureau credit reports and does not provide FICO scores.

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The Good

  • Free membership
  • Website
  • Educational content
  • Debt-to-income reporting

Free Membership

Quizzle is a good option for those who are new to monitoring their credit since it's fairly risk-free. There's no upfront cost to use the basic service and no credit card required, either. While the basic service is pretty limited, it does give new users access to their Equifax credit report and VantageScore, updated every 3 months at absolutely no cost.

The company also provides a helpful score analysis that provides customers with the major factors contributing to their current credit score, which we really like since it gives newcomers solid advice on how to boost their score.


Quizzle's website includes pop-up windows to help users understand what they are looking at and answer questions about how to navigate to the information and sections they want to see. This kind of guidance is especially important for those who are checking their credit for the first time.

Overall, we found the entire site to be well-constructed, robust, and easy to navigate. Every page, including the credit report, has a nice print button in the top right for those that want to print off the contents in an easy-to-read way on the go.

Educational Content

Quizzle provides fantastic educational content built right into its website rather than dumping all of it into a separate education center. The company does an impressive job explaining not only consumer credit in laymen's terms, but laying out why it matters in the big picture. In fact, Quizzle even has an entire section of its site called "The Big Picture," which talks about how credit plays into everything from getting a loan from a bank, to insuring a car, to renting an apartment, as well as what each of these institutions are looking for specifically on your report.

Debt-to-Income Reporting

When you first set up your account with Quizzle, you can provide the company with your annual income and it'll calculate the debt-to-income ratio used alongside your credit score by so many lenders in approving big-ticket loans for things like cars or homes.

The Bad

  • Upselling
  • Refresh rate
  • Single-bureau credit reports
  • No FICO scores
  • Lack of mobile app


Quizzle spends a lot of time trying to upsell users to purchase Quizzle Pro, which ranges from $8 to $15 per month. While it's understandable that the company wants members to upgrade, some users might find Quizzle's methods to be a little too pushy, especially while browsing the mobile site where significant chunks of the limited screen space are often dedicated to promoting these offers.

Refresh Rate

Quizzle's free service provides one credit report from Equifax and a VantageScore every three months. Considering there is no automatic monitoring included with the free service to alert customers of any changes during that three-month span, this falls far behind offerings from other free services which update reports (including the report from Equifax) and scores monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Single-Bureau Credit Reports

There are three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Each maintains a separate copy of your credit report, as is explained in this article. Unfortunately, Quizzle only pulls and monitors one of those reports and doesn't offer customers a way to obtain or monitor the other two, even on its paid service. This leaves two thirds of a customer's credit profile exposed and unmonitored unless customers use other services alongside Quizzle.

No FICO Scores

Quizzle doesn't provide its users with an option to obtain a FICO-branded credit score, not even on its paid service. Instead, the company only provides VantageScores. The problem with this is that VantageScore is not an industry standard score used by very many lenders. Further, there have been numerous complaints online about VantageScores being off by as many as 100 points from the score a lender actually pulls. The bottom line is that users should take the score provided by Quizzle with a grain of salt, as it probably won't be the same score your lender uses.

Lack of Mobile App

Considering Quizzle has such an impressive and well-designed web interface, we were surprised to discover that the company doesn't currently offer any sort of mobile app. Upon further research, we found that the company made the decision to instead design a mobile-friendly website that, in theory, should function just as well in the browser of your smartphone or tablet as it does on your desktop. In practice, we found accessing the information through a mobile browser to be inconvenient; while entering a username and password is not particularly problematic on a desktop with a full keyboard, it's an obnoxious hurdle when using a tiny smartphone keyboard.

The Bottom Line

For those looking for a free peek at their Equifax report every quarter and some well-done credit education, Quizzle is not a bad way to go. On the other hand, once you step beyond the free service, it becomes more difficult to justify using Quizzle over some of the alternatives. The lack of triple-bureau reports, monitoring, and industry standard credit scores might make Quizzle's paid memberships a non-starter for those looking for a comprehensive credit report monitoring solution.

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Everett Bonner

September 26th, 2014 Collierville, TN

This company is a scam. Received my credit report for Equifax and the Vanguard credit score they provided was 68 points higher than my actual score. I was thinking that I will ask for credit with the 'good' Quizzle score and info, but I was flatly turned down and stunned when I found out my real score. Do not waste your time with this company.