Identity Guard is based in Virginia and has been in business since 1995. Owned and operated by Intersections, Inc., Identity Guard is focused on providing credit monitoring and identity protection for families.
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The Good

  • Three Credit Reports – Refreshed Monthly (Platinum Plan)
    As far as subscription-based plans go, Identity Guard offers one of the best values on the market with its Platinum Plan, where $24.95/mnth gets you credit reports from each credit bureau every single month. That’s an average cost of $8.32 per credit report over the course of the entire year which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for an official credit report in this industry.
  • Full Identity Theft Protection and Monitoring
    Identity Guard offers a robust suite of identity theft protection tools as a part of its plan. Although we are most interested in how well they monitor credit, it is convenient to have these tools available if you’re especially concerned about having your identity stolen. Identity Guard goes a step further than most and offers software, including password managers and anti-virus software as part of its package.
  • Credit Analyzer
    Identity Guard offers a Credit Analyzer tool which is, essentially a Credit Score Simulator that allows users to explore how different financial choices might impact their CreditXpert score (see below). These kinds of tools provide the benefits of a “hands-on” consumer credit education without actually risking one’s score.

The Bad

  • Non-standard Credit Scores from “CreditXpert”
    While Identity Guard does provide users with access to frequently updated reports from all three credit bureaus, these reports are accompanied by a credit score provided by CreditXpert. Very few lenders use CreditXpert scores as a part of their approval process, over 90% of them are using FICO instead. While a CreditXpert score will range from 350 to 850 like a normal credit score, our research has indicated that it tends to skew higher than one’s true credit score, which may mislead customers into believing they are more creditworthy than they actually are. Although it’s flattering to see a high score, what good is it if your lender doesn’t use it?
  • No Refunds are available from Identity Guard
    Identity Guard does not offer refunds from any unused portion of a subscription.  This applies primarily for those selecting an annual membership and wanting to receive a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the term of the pre-paid subscription.  For those who feel that this may potentially describe their future situation, our review team strongly recommends using the monthly subscription term.
  • Heavy Reliance on Phone Calls for Billing Issues
    We aren’t a fan of companies that force customers to use the phone to get things done, especially when they don’t offer 24 hour phone support, like Identity Guard. And while calling to cancel isn’t particularly uncommon in this industry, what is less common is how Identity Guard requires customers to call in order to change their payment method. This is especially poor form when one considers that many individuals reaching out to a company such as this are doing so to protect themselves from fraud and will likely need to cancel credit cards and change billing methods with some frequency.
  • Troubled iPhone App
    Although we applaud any company that provides mobile apps for their service, it is important that these apps also provide a good customer experience and are regularly updated and maintained. At time of writing, Identity Guard’s iPhone app hasn’t been updated for a year and there are many criticisms of the app, ranging from login issues, a poorly-designed interface, and relying excessively on external websites rather than putting everything the user needs into the app, resulting in a disjointed and sometimes confusing experience.

The Bottom Line

At $24.95/mnth, the Platinum level of service provides very affordable access to regular credit reports and an impressive array of ID protection features, making it a fairly compelling option for those seeking all-in-one ID Protection and Credit Monitoring. However, its reliance on the inflated CreditXpert score model make it less useful as a precision solution for those seeking to have the most accurate scores possible.

Price Range

Identity Guard offers three subscription plans which cover identity protection and credit monitoring.

  • Identity Guard Essentials – $9.99/month
  • Identity Guard Total Protection – $19.99/month
  • Identity Guard Platinum – $24.99/month

Memberships are billed either monthly or annually, which is determined by the new subscriber when signing up for a subscription.  There is no contract for the subscription and membership fees are non-refundable.  Members can switch from monthly billing to annual billing and vice versa without penalty.

Data Security

Identity Guard’s website is Certified PCI Compliant and passes Norton’s strenuous tests for data security, so members can feel safe when sharing their personal information with Identity Guard.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Guard’s primary product is identity protection, rather than credit monitoring and protection, which is different than many of their competition.  Their identity theft protection is comprehensive and includes: Social Security Number Monitoring, ID Verification Alerts, Personal Recovery Assistance, Lost Wallet Protection, Internet Black Market Monitoring with Alerts, Internet Black Market Monitoring with Alerts, Public Record Monitoring with Alerts, Public Record Report, Enhanced Credit Application Alerts, Change of Address Alerts, Computer Protection Software, Keystroke Encryption Software, Password Protection Software, 3-Bureau Credit Analyzer, Online Financial Tools and $1 Million in coverage to recover from financial damage caused by identity theft.

Alert Options

At this time, Identity Guard offers text and email alerts.  Customers may select one mode of alerts or both and can change their preferred method at any time.

Time in Business

Intersections, Inc. began operations in 1995.


Contact Information

Intersections, Inc. (Headquarters)

3901 Stonecroft Blvd

Chantilly, VA 20151

(703) 488-6100

[email protected]

Identity Guard Customer Service

(800) 452-2541

[email protected]

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