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CreditReport.com is the same as Experian Credit Tracker
Before going any further, we want to emphasize that CreditReport.com is basically the same as Experian Credit Tracker but at a higher monthly cost. Signing up at CreditReport.com simply enrolls users with a trial Experian Credit Tracker membership for $24.95/mnth instead of $19.95/mnth except it includes a one-time snapshot of their Equifax and TransUnion reports for free. We strongly recommend checking out our Experian Credit Tracker review if you are considering this service.


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The Good

Three Credit Reports at Signup

CreditReport.com provides a nice view of a new customer’s credit profile, which includes a full credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Clients are able to dive into a great deal of detail and compare the three reports easily enough. These reports are generally available immediately upon signing up and help new users to get an idea of everything going on with their credit history, helping them to identify inaccurate information.

FICO Credit Scores

A major point in favor of CreditReport.com is the fact that it provides users with access to a FICO credit score for each of their three credit reports. This matters largely because FICO-branded credit scores are considered the industry standard–they’re the kind of credit scores your lender is actually going to be using to make lending decisions, 90% of the time.

CreditReport.com users can rest easy knowing that the FICO scores they see on their screen are going to be close, if not the same, as the scores a lender will see. The potential deviation (if a lender is using a different version of the score) is typically no more than 25 points.

Additionally, CreditReport.com gives their customers specific guidance on what they can do to improve their score, along with the major factors that are most heavily affecting their credit scores, for good or ill.

Unlimited Access to Updated Experian Credit Reports and Scores

Being that the site is owned and operated by Experian, and powered by Experian credit tracker, it probably will come as no surprise to most users that this service will provide one of the most comprehensive, detailed, and updated information on their Experian credit report currently available.

Users are able to update their Experian credit report as often as once per day, if they choose, which includes access to an updated FICO score based on the information in that updated credit report. Experian makes it easy to see the fluctuations in a user’s score over time, thanks to handy graphs and charts.

Our review team feels an updated-daily credit report and FICO score is certainly more than many other services in this vertical offer.

Daily Monitoring of Experian Credit Report

For those that prefer a more hands-off credit monitoring strategy, in addition to daily access to credit reports and scores, customers will receive alerts (either by email or via push notification from their mobile app) that notify them of critical changes to their Experian credit report, including new accounts being opened, inquiries, or a change of address; all of which are considered red flags of identity theft.

Excellent Mobile App

Since CreditReport.com is powered by Experian Credit Tracker, its members enjoy access to the Experian Credit Tracker mobile app; widely considered to be one of the better credit monitoring apps. It provides users with full access to their score, history, credit reports, and more, on the go.

It also boasts a solid, well-designed interface, frequent updates, and one of the best help centers we’ve ever seen, which show users how to do everything from disputing an error to checking a report with helpful video tutorials.

The Bad

Higher Monthly Cost for the Same Product

We’ve mentioned this elsewhere but it’s worth repeating: Experian Credit Tracker can be obtained for $19.95 a month if you go directly to Experian.com, this is $5.00 less per month than signing up through CreditReport.com

The only difference between this service and that one is that this one offers a 7-day trial for $1 before it starts to bill you and a free credit report from Equifax and TransUnion when the user first signs up.

But even with the extra credit reports included for free, by the end of the first year, you’re still paying more money for the same product than you would be if you had just signed up at Experian’s website and ordered those reports individually.

Let’s do the math

Credit Tracker through CreditReport.com – 12 months at $24.95 = $299.40
Credit Tracker through Experian – 12 months at $19.95 plus extra credit reports = $279.35

No Updates to 2/3 Credit Report Without a Fee

The biggest potential “gotcha” for most users is that after signing up for CreditReport.com, users are provided with three credit reports, but only one of those Credit Reports actually keeps getting updated, even with the monthly fee being paid by the user. Our review team found numerous user complaints where customers were under the impression that all three of their credit reports and scores would be getting continuous updates and refreshes, when the only one that gets updated is Experian’s.

Some users may question if they’re getting their money’s worth in paying a $25 monthly subscription for updates to only one-third of their credit profile.

No Monitoring On the other two Credit Reports

The other problem is that CreditReport.com’s service will only provide daily monitoring on one of the three credit reports, TransUnion and Equifax data is not monitored. What this means for most users is that two-thirds of your credit profile is completely unmonitored, you’ll receive plenty of alerts if something happens with your Experian Credit Report, but you have no way of knowing if anything has happened to either of the other two.

Our review team feels this may not be sufficient coverage for those seeking a comprehensive credit monitoring solution, especially at this price point.

The Bottom Line

Our review team feels that while the underlying product of CreditReport.com, Experian Credit Tracker, is solid enough and can be useful for some users, if one is planning to go with that service, it might make more sense to simply sign up for it directly at Experian’s website and obtain the lower monthly pricing.

CreditReport.com does make sense for users who are confident that they will have the time to call in and cancel the service within the 7-day trial period, or who expect to use the service for only a few months, in which case it does provide a less-expensive way to access all three credit reports than by signing up for the service and ordering them directly.

Ultimately, although it’s a good service, we generally recommend getting it for a lower cost direct from Experian.

Price Range

CreditReport.com is $24.95 per month after the 7-day trial.

Trial Details

CreditReport.com allows users to sign up for a 7-day trial of Experian Credit Tracker for $1. If users do not cancel within the trial period, Experian will automatically start billing them at the end of the trial period.

Scores & Reports Provided

Upon signing up, creditReport.com provides users with 3 credit reports, one from each credit bureau, as well as a FICO 8 score for each credit report. After signing up, however, users only receive updated versions of their Experian Credit Report and the FICO score from that report, the other two cost $39.95 to refresh.

Data Security

CreditReport.com’s website utilizes encryption Entrust SSL security that is verified and certified by both McAfee and Entrust. The parent company of CreditReport.com, Experian, was hacked in 2015 and data was stolen.

Identity Theft Protection

CreditReport.com does not offer any significant identity protection features.

Alert Options

CreditReport.com signs up users for Experian Credit tracker, which provides you with alerts via email or through the mobile app of major changes to your Experian credit report. The other two bureaus are not monitored.

Time in Business

The current owner of CreditReport.com, Experian Consumer Services, has been in operation since 1993.

Contact Information

CreditReport.com offers toll-free phone support at 1-877-284-7942

Phone Hours (Pacific Time)
Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time

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