is owned and operated by Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. As the name indicates, the company provides users with access to their Experian credit report at no cost. This bare-bones credit report, which is updated monthly, may be sufficient for some users. However, others would prefer a more comprehensive look at their credit.

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The Good

  • Owned by Experian
  • Free services
  • FICO scoring model
  • Security

Owned by Experian is owned and operated by Experian, which is one of the major credit bureaus and is a massive publicly-traded company. In general, Experian is a fairly reputable company.

Free Services really does provide customers with a copy of their Experian credit report at no cost. The company does not even require users to input a credit card in order to receive their report.

FICO Scoring Model uses the FICO credit scoring model, which is the same model used by the vast majority of lenders. Customers can be confident that the credit score they receive is the same one being looked at by potential creditors.


One of the benefits of being backed by a large company is that it provides comprehensive security and shielding of client information. Because is certified by both McAfee and Entrust, users can rest assured that their information is as well-protected.

The Bad

  • Single-bureau reporting
  • Undisclosed identity theft protection
  • No mobile app
  • Monthly refresh rate

Single-Bureau Reporting

Unfortunately, only provides credit reports from Experian, therefore leaving out the two other major bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion). This leaves a gap in coverage and may not provide customers with a completely accurate view of their comprehensive credit score.

Undisclosed Identity Theft Protection

It is unclear whether or not offers any identity theft protection features to shield its customers from fraud.

No Mobile App

It appears that does not provide a mobile app to allow its customers to view their credit information on the go using a smartphone or tablet.

Monthly Refresh Rate only refreshes credit reports once per month. A lot can happen to an individual’s credit in a month, so it’s frustrating that customers will not be able to view an up-to-date version of their report at any time.

The Bottom Line is owned by Experian and offers free Experian credit reports, FICO scores, and security features. However, the company does not provide a mobile app or Equifax or TransUnion reports. Additionally, only refreshes credit reports on a monthly basis.



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