offers a free service that provides users with a rough idea of their credit health by providing them with a "Credit Report Card" and score. This review explores’s free credit report monitoring service.


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The Good

It’s Free offers a free product which might be sufficient for some people. To sign up for a free account, one must simply register with their site and no credit card is required.  The free product is fairly basic, providing users with a Credit Report Card based off of information found in their Experian Credit Report, along with a “credit score” based off Experian’s National Equivalency Score.

The provided credit report card is easy to read and provides simple explanations of the user’s score, detailing what one can do to improve their score through a reasonably easy-to-understand Action Plan that guides customers through the basic steps they need to undertake to improve their credit score, and what taking those steps could potentially do for their credit score.

Both the credit report card and national equivalency score are refreshed on a monthly basis.

Free Experian Score

At the time of writing, is unique in that it is one of the few places where one can regularly obtain free information from Experian. Some customers report using it alongside Credit Karma (which provides Equifax and TransUnion information) to get a better look at their credit for free.

Mobile App has created a free mobile app for Apple devices, which has been well received in the app store, having a 4/5 star rating at the time of writing.

The Bad

No Credit Report Provided

This is our biggest issue with Buried deep in the Terms and Conditions:

“… the credit report card is not intended to represent all information in your credit file. To get your complete credit file, click on the link to a full report within the credit report card (a fee may apply).”

Our largest issue with is that they don’t actually provide users with a credit report. The “credit report card” they provide doesn’t provide any specific information about the accounts or other records on the underlying credit report. This makes it an impractical tool for monitoring one’s credit report with any detail, as there is no way to know if erroneous accounts or fraudulent information are present.

Instead, they try to tempt users into signing up for a trial of Experian Credit Tracker (see our review of that service here) with a $1 signup cost for a 7-day trial, after which users are automatically billed at the higher rate of $21.95/mnth to continue using it.

No FICO Score

The credit score provided to users by is based on the Experian National Equivalency Score, basically it’s provided for educational purposes and isn’t a true credit score that anyone in the industry actually uses. In other words, take the score with a grain of salt, it isn’t a guaranteed measure of your actual creditworthiness.

No Visibility into Other Credit Reports

Experian is one of three major credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion aren’t featured in’s service. This presents a rather gigantic blind spot for anyone seeking comprehensive credit monitoring in one service. The only way to remedy this is by signing up for other services to get credit reports from those bureaus.

No Credit Monitoring Alerts doesn’t provide any alerts to users of major changes to their credit report. This functionality is essentially standard for the credit monitoring industry, and its absence here is glaring. It would be less problematic if provided a full credit report as part of their service, but it doesn’t, so there is absolutely no way to spot fraudulent behavior or signs of identity theft using their service.

Transparency Issues

Our review team takes issue with some of’s pre-signup behavior. In particular, we feel their usage of the term “credit report card” is misleading, as it can easily be interpreted by consumers to mean that they are getting a credit report when, in fact, they are not. Disclosing this information deep in the terms and conditions rather than up front hurts our trust in this company.

Additionally, while their signup page makes frequent mention of providing users with a free credit score, no effort is made to indicate what kind of score the customer will be receiving until after the user has signed up. Not even the terms and conditions explain that users are receiving a National Equivalency Score vs a FICO score Support Page’s support page looks like something from a scam website.

The Bottom Line offers basic credit information and a paid subscription service for their customers.  

Additionally, their transparency issues are troubling. Our review team is under the impression that is no longer a serious contender in the credit monitoring space.

Nevertheless, the core service has the benefit of being free, so is a recommended company with the understanding that customers should fully understand that which they are signing up for – a dumbed-down credit report with a non-standard score from one credit bureau.

Price Range offers a Free plan which includes:

  • Free Experian Credit Score
  • Free Credit Report Card
  • Free Credit Action Plan
  • Free Expert Advice
  • Free Monthly Updates

In addition to the basic free program, one can sign up for a paid service – Experian Credit Tracker℠ which we have reviewed here.

Trial Details’s product is free and doesn’t have a trial period. They do offer a 7-day trial of Experian’s Credit Tracker product, which we review here.

Scores & Reports Provided

For those using the Free product, credit reports are not provided.  Customers receive their Experian National Equivalency score and a “credit report card” along with other tools to monitor and manage credit.

Error Dispute does not have a dedicated dashboard for customers to dispute errors on their credit report, but does offer easy-to-follow advice should there be mistakes on how to correct those mistakes and the addresses to which to send correspondence.

Monitoring doesn’t provide any sort of proactive credit monitoring or alerts.

Credit Score and Report Refreshes

According to, those using the Free program receive a new score and report card monthly.

Data Security promises that data is secure and uses the top companies to protect their customers’ data.  They are Norton Secured, TRUSTe certified, listed as secure with Dunn and Bradstreet and regularly audited by Qualys to maintain their customers’ security.

BBB Accredited Business Review for, Inc.

Time in Business has been in business since 1996.

Contact Information Headquarters

160 Spear St STE 1020

San Francisco, CA 94105-1545

Phone: (415) 901-1550

Fax: (415) 901-1568
According to the company, phone support is not provided, and customers wanting information about their account must open a support ticket online.  This may be accomplished at:


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