offers both free and paid services that give users information about their credit health by providing them with a credit report card and score.

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The Good

  • Free signup
  • Triple-bureau reporting
  • FICO scores
  • Identity theft protection
  • Mobile app

Free Signup offers a free product that might be sufficient for some individuals. To sign up for a free account, one must simply register with the company's site; no credit card is required.  The free product is fairly basic and provides users with a credit report card and credit score. The provided credit report card is easy to read and provides simple explanations of the user's score, detailing what one can do to improve their score through a reasonably comprehendible action plan.

Triple-Bureau Reporting offers credit reports and scores from all three major bureaus-Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This gives customers a comprehensive look at their credit.

FICO Scores uses the FICO scoring model to report its customers' credit scores. This is the same model used by most lenders, so customers can be confident that they are receiving the same scores that potential creditors will be looking at.

Identity Theft Protection provides identity theft protection services in an effort to shield its customers from fraud.

Mobile App offers a free mobile app that is compatible with Apple devices. The app is highly rated on the app store.

The Bad

  • Price
  • Refresh rate


With monthly prices ranging from $21.95 to $39.95,'s services are some of the most expensive in the industry, making the company less attractive for consumers who are looking for a budget-friendly credit monitoring option.

Refresh Rate

Unfortunately, only refreshes credit scores and reports once every two weeks. Although this isn't the worst refresh rate in the industry, it is far from the best; several other top credit monitoring companies offer weekly or even daily refreshes.

The Bottom Line offers both free and paid plans, triple-bureau reporting, FICO scores, identity theft protection, and a mobile app. However, the company's services are relatively expensive and its refresh rate is subpar.

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