Summit Credit Union offers traditional checking and savings accounts, loan options, and credit cards. Members can also take advantage of educational resources and one-on-one coaching from financial experts.

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Annual Fees


0 - 25.24%
$0 - 450


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0 - 23.24%
$0 - 116


9.99 - 11.9%

The Good

  • Open enrollment
  • No annual fees
  • Competitive APRs

Open Enrollment

Many credit unions have limited enrollment, which means that in order to become a member, individuals must meed certain qualifications. Summit Credit Union, on the other hand, has not set limitations as to who can and cannot be a member. The company’s open enrollment policy allows all people to take advantage of its services.

No Annual Fees

Summit Credit Union does not require its members to pay an annual fee for any of their accounts, including checking, savings, or credit cards, which can save customers hundreds of dollars each year.

Competitive APRs

Summit Credit Union offers APRs ranging from 9.99 to 11.9 percent, which are competitive rates when compared to those offered by other top companies in the industry.

The Bad

  • Limited card options
  • No free credit score

Limited Card Options

Summit Credit Union only offers two credit cards for members to choose from—the Visa Platinum card and the Visa Platinum Rewards card. These cards are very similar, meaning that Summit Credit Union customers do not have many options when it comes to selecting a credit card to meet their needs.

No Free Credit Score

Some credit card companies provide their customers with free credit score tracking to help them stay on top of their credit and look for areas where they can improve. Unfortunately, Summit Credit Union does not offer this service to its members.

The Bottom Line

Summit Credit Union offers open enrollment, competitive APRs, and no annual fees. However, the company’s card options are limited and no free credit score tracking is provided.

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