Service Credit Union works to serve employees of all branches of the U.S. Military in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Eligible members can take advantage of each of the credit union’s services, including banking, loans, insurance, investments, and credit cards.

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Annual Fees


0 - 25.24%
$0 - 450


0 - 23.24%


0 - 23.24%
$0 - 116


9.24 - 15.49%

The Good

  • 24/7 service centers
  • Card options
  • Competitive APRs

24/7 Service Centers

In addition to offering an online banking feature, Service Credit Union provides two service centers that are open around the clock to help members with their needs. These service centers are especially useful for customers who are not available during regular business hours or who would prefer to receive assistance in person rather than online.

Card Options

Service Credit Union offers its members five Visa credit cards that have a number of different features attached. This variety card options give customers the opportunity to select a card that best fits their needs and personalize their credit card experience.

Competitive APRs

Depending on the card, Service Credit Union offers APRs ranging from 9.24 to 15.49 percent. These rates are very competitive within the industry.

The Bad

  • Limited membership
  • Security measures

Limited Membership

Service Credit Union’s services are only available to individuals who previously served or currently serve in the United States military and their family members. Although this is very respectable, it also means that several consumers will not be eligible to do business with the company.

Security Measures

Credit cards are extremely vulnerable to fraud and theft, so security measures are important. The Visa cards offered by Service Credit Union are only outfitted only with chip technology and a verification program, which are fairly basic features that do not provide a very high level of protection.

The Bottom Line

Service Credit Union offers 24/7 service centers, a number of card options, and competitive APRs. However, the company’s services are limited to members of the U.S. military and their families. In addition, Service Credit Union’s security measures are fairly basic.

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