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First Progress Credit Card

First Progress credit cards are provided by Synovus Bank, which was founded in 1888 and is based in Columbus, Georgia.

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The Good

  • Competitive APRs
  • Credit building

Competitive APRs

Interest rates for First Progress credit cards range from 11.99 to 19.99 percent*, which are competitive APRs within the credit card industry.

Credit Building

First Progress focuses its efforts on helping customers to build their credit by offering cards specifically for this purpose.

The Bad

  • Annual fees
  • Late payment penalties
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Undisclosed information

Annual Fees

Depending on the card, First Progress charges annual fees ranging from $29 to $44 per year just to be a cardholder. There are several other credit card companies that do not charge any annual fees.

Late Payment Penalties

For every late payment, First Progress charges a fee of up to $38, which is one of the steepest fees in the industry.

Foreign Transaction Fees

Customers who use their First Progress credit card to complete a foreign transaction will incur a fee of 3 percent of the total charge. This fee is especially inconvenient for cardholders who travel frequently.

Undisclosed Information

First National has not disclosed on its website whether or not it offers a rewards program, free credit score tracking, or fraud safeguards. These are all important features, so this lack of transparency can be frustrating for potential customers.

The Bottom Line

First National offers competitive interest rates and cards specifically designed for establishing credit. However, the company charges a number of fees, including annual, late payment, and foreign transaction fees, and is not entirely transparent on its corporate website.

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