Founded in 1812, Citi is the third-largest bank in the United States. The company offers a number of financial services, including credit cards, loans, and investments.

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The Good

  • Rewards programs
  • APRs
  • No annual fee
  • Free credit score
  • Fraud safeguards

Rewards Programs

Citi offers several rewards programs that offer cash back for gas and other consumer items. The more regularly customers use their Citi card, the more points they will earn to qualify for rewards.


Citi offers some cards with an introductory rate of 0 percent for the first 21 months. After that rates jump to 13.24 to 23.24 percent*, which is fairly average when compared to APRs offered by other top credit card companies.

No Annual Fee

Citi does not charge any annual fees, which is a great benefit because it can save cardholders hundreds of dollars.

Free Credit Score

Citi provides its customers with the ability to view and monitor their FICO score for free, which is helpful for consumers who like to keep track of their credit.

Fraud Safeguards

Citi provides online and mobile security to protect its customers from fraud. Additionally, Citi cardholders have $0 liability for unauthorized charges.

The Bad

  • Late payment fees
  • Undisclosed information

Late Payment Fees

Citi charges late payment fees of up to $35.

Undisclosed Information

After looking at Citi’s corporate website, it is unclear whether or not the company charges foreign transaction fees.

The Bottom Line

Citi offers rewards programs, competitive APRs, free credit score tracking, fraud safeguards, and no annual fees. However, the company does charge late payment fees.

*Disclaimer: Listed interest rates were accurate as of December 2016 but are subject to change. Actual rates may differ from those listed in our review.

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