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Bethpage Federal Credit Union

Founded in 1941 to better serve the employees of Grunman in New York, Bethpage Federal Credit Union has since expanded to offer services to all residents of Long Island and surrounding areas. Bethpage offers banking, loans, investments, insurance, and credit cards to individuals and businesses.

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The Good

  • No annual fees
  • Average APR rates
  • Security measures

No Annual Fees

Bethpage Federal Credit Union does not charge any annual fees to hold one of its cards, which can save customers hundreds of dollars each year.

Average APR Rates

Bethpage's APR rates range from 8.4 to 11.4 percent, which is competitive within the credit card industry. Ultimately, the customer's rate will depend on their credit history.

Security Measures

Because credit cards are vulnerable to theft and fraud, Bethpage Federal Credit Union focuses on putting security measures in place to protect its customers. For example, the company offers a zero liability policy, which means that cardholders will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges.

The Bad

  • Rewards program
  • No free credit score tracking

Rewards Program

Bethpage Federal Credit Union's rewards program is somewhat limited. For example, customers who choose the cash back option will only receive their additional money once per year. This is unsatisfactory for consumers who would like a more frequent payout or other reward options.

No Free Credit Score Tracking

Some credit card companies provide their customers with free credit score tracking to help them stay on top of their credit and look for areas where they can improve. Unfortunately, Bethpage Federal Credit Union does not offer this service.

The Bottom Line

Bethpage Federal Credit Union offers competitive APRs, no annual fees, and security measures. However, the company's rewards program is limited and no free credit score monitoring is provided.

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