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LAST UPDATED: October 28th, 2021

Belkin is a consumer electronics company founded by Chet Pipkin in his parents’ garage, and is now an international company with three brands: Belkin, Linksys, and WeMo. It is known for its smart device home security products, adapters and chargers, speakers, network connectivity devices, and webcams. 

Belkin products are widely available both online and in a large number of stores, including the Apple Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, and wireless companies like Verizon and AT&T. This sets Belkin apart from other electronics companies that may be sold exclusively at the company’s locations — you can find Belkin virtually anywhere you find electronic products.

Belkin as a company has earned over 130 awards, including more than 30 CES Innovation Awards and nearly 50 International Design Excellence Awards. It is a trusted and reliable brand where you will likely be able to find a product that fits your needs.


The Good

  • Variety
  • Innovation
  • Customer Service


Belkin’s list of product offerings is extensive. It offers products for nearly all your electronic and technology needs and has options for Apple and Samsung users alike, as well as for other competing brands. Some notable or unique product offerings are included below:

  • Chargers — Belkin offers a variety of wireless chargers and has been ranked the number one third-party maker of wireless charging accessories since 2017. One unique wireless charger that Belkin offers is a 3-in-1 Apple charger to which you can connect your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods so they can all charge at once. 
  • Work-from-home accessories — Belkin is at the forefront of accessories in terms of making your work-from-home experience as painless as possible. It offers adapters, power strips, keyboards, and more to help you achieve the most organized and efficient set up you want in a home office space.
  • Smart Home Automation — Belkin’s Wemo brand offers smart plugs, dimmers, light switches, and other accessories that can all be connected to a Wi-Fi network to make your home more energy efficient and easy to control from your mobile device, even when you are not at home.

This is just a small sampling of Belkin’s unique offerings. We recommend you check out the company’s website for a complete database of what Belkin produces and sells.


In the world of consumer electronics, it can be hard to keep up with changing trends and constant new innovations. However, Belkin has successfully produced and sold quality products for 35 years, and the company manages to stay relevant due to its thoughtful engineering and thorough testing before sending items to market.

Plus, Belkin is constantly adding new products to its list of offerings and giving customers solutions they didn’t even know they needed. This helps to keep Belkin’s portfolio up to date and gives the company a competitive edge when it develops new products.

Customer Service

Belkin has customer advocates available by phone around the clock and all over the world to answer any questions or address concerns. It also offers a live chat feature where customers can get their questions answered online. On top of these communication measures, Belkin also has an extensive knowledge base of FAQs, how-to videos, and user guides available on its website.

Plus, Belkin offers a warranty that covers workmanship defects and materials for one year from the date of your original purchase on all of its products.

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The Bad

  • Information Overload on Website
  • No Physical Belkin Stores

Information Overload on Website

Because Belkin is such a big company and has so many different product offerings, its website can be a little overwhelming. Despite the website’s fairly simple organization, you might have difficulties finding what you are looking for because there are just so many pages to sort through.

No Physical Belkin Stores

While Belkin is offered in a number of retail stores and online, the company itself does not have physical locations where you can go to find exclusively Belkin products. For customers who prefer the in-store shopping experience, it may be more difficult to find the specific Belkin product you want, since product availability is not guaranteed in every store.


The Bottom Line

Belkin is a powerhouse in the consumer electronics and technology arena, and you will likely find a number of its products useful, especially if you work from home or simply like having the newest technological gadgets.

While the company’s website can be a little overwhelming, it is full of helpful information and product choices. Belkin is a trusted, long-standing brand, and we recommend you give its products a try. 

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Dave Spokane, WA

Belkin is my trusted "off-brand" company for Apple accessories. They've been around long enough, and I've used enough of their products, to know that they will be fully compatible with Apple products and they will be well made and long-lasting. Also, and this is really the whole point, they are less expensive than the equivalent accessories from Apple.

1 year ago

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Luke Swierczynski Troy, MI

I've come to really trust Belkin. There products are always quality from my experience and I've never had a device made by them break.

8 months ago

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Darci Vasquez Spokane, WA

I have had a pretty good experience with Belkin. I like their cases and screen protectors. But one time I did have a problem with the warranty of the glass screen protector when they would not give me a new one after I broke it, like Apple told me they would.

1 year ago

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Alexa Cooper Provo, UT

High quality products! Can be expensive compared to other brands, but way awesome! I haven’t run into any problems with my belkin products yet. Their portable battery chargers and 5 port headphone adapters have been my favorite so far, can’t complain.

1 year ago

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Sharon Matthews

I bought this camera to keep an eye on my terminally ill dog for when I am gone and Best Buy employee led me to believe I could. That was false for when not in my WiFi area it doesn't work. Someone stole the camera and when I called Belkin customer service to put a freeze on this camera so it could not be used by the thief I was told they couldn't do that. Buyer beware as Belkin has personal info when registering but can't cancel the camera or your info! An expensive mistake so next camera not a Belkin! My camera was the Netcam HD Wi-Fi with night vision.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Rylaan Marlowe Roy, UT

Great products at reasonable prices that add functionality to all of my devices!

1 year ago

star star star star star

Brycen Blater Provo, UT

Lots of options in terms of accessories for electronics. Very trustworthy.

1 year ago