Total Defense has been providing computer security products since 2011. The company is based in Hauppauge, New York. Total Defense’s main focus is not computer backup services; the company offers anti-virus, anti-malware, mobile security, parental controls and PC-optimization in addition to backup services. There are several features which make Total Defense an attractive choice for their users, but the company lacks transparency with their basic features, and is limited on others.  

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The Good

  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Other versions
  • Extra features
Frequency of Backups

Subscribers to Total Defense's backup services have significant flexibility when determining the frequency of their backups. The company excels on Total Defense offers their subscribers several options in backup frequency, with a focus on flexibility. Users can select to have their backups scheduled at a specific time, various intervals, or even in real-time.

It is important to note that real-time backup does not mean that files are constantly being backed up as they are open and being worked on. Backups are initiated by the software when a files that has been previously backed up is closed and has been changed.

File Sharing

Total Defense offers their customers a simple way to share their files, both with others or when moving files to another device. Total Defense offers one-click file sharing, which generates an email link which can then be shared. This service works for documents, presentations, photos and videos.

Total Defense does not offer password protection options for their one-click file sharing.

Other Versions

Total Defense allows users to keep all of their previous restorations to help them easily retrieve prior files. The company allows backups up to 25GB of storage space. Total Defense does not delete files after a predetermined timeframe, as do some of their competitors.

Extra features

Total Defense offers their online backup customers peace-of-mind knowing that they offer free upgrades for all of their Total Defense software for the life of their license.

Subscribers are able to back up their Windows devices (netbooks, desktops and laptops), including operating system files, to an external hard drive or USB Drive with the software's assistance.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Performance/speed
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Customer service
Free Trial

Unlike many of their competitors, Total Defense does not offer a free trial of their backup services. Not having this capability, prospective customer are not able to test the software to see if it meets their needs.

The company offers a generous 60 day money back guarantee for all of their software, customers must use the same billing and contact information which they used to purchase the product. Those requesting a refund should also provide their original order number for an expedited refund.

  • 1 year - $59.99
  • 2 years - $94.99
  • 3 years - $119.99

Customers purchasing Total Defense's online backup receive 25GB of cloud storage and backup. The software is compatible with Windows, but not Mac, Android or iOS devices. Total Defense's subscription is only valid for one device per license, so families with multiple Windows computers which they want to backup must purchase additional subscriptions per machine.


The Review Team uses independent test results whenever possible to determine the performance and speed of a company's software and how it affects users' computers. There are no such reports for Total Defense. The company does not report on their speed other than stating that the software does not affect performance greatly and the uploads are performed in small packets of information.

As such, the Review Team cannot adequately rate Total Defense's performance.

Mobile and Web Options

As with all computer products, systems which are more up-to-date will obviously perform better. Total Defense publishes their minimum system requirements for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10) as being 2GB of Ram, 1GHz or better processor, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, 650MB available hard disk space, 1024x600 minimum resolution, internet access and with a CD or DVD drive (if using an installation disk).

While supporting Windows heavily, the company does not offer solutions for Mac or mobile devices. In addition, in today's world of multiple browsers, the limitation of Internet Explorer is severely limiting. Users should be able to access their files from any browser, but Total Defense is rather limited.


Total Defense states that they take all precautions necessary to protect their customer data, at all times with encryption occurring before a file leaves the subscriber's computer, with only the latest changes being transmitted. The company does not disclose online or via their customer service agents. Representatives from Total Defense only state that they use the highest level of security possible. As such, the lack of information does not give the Review Team enough information to rate Total Defense on this criterion.

Customer Service

Total Defense publishes an email address directly on their website ([email protected]) to which customers can direct customer support requests. There are reports of this email bouncing from customers, and the Review Team was able to confirm that this is the case. In addition to providing support via email, the company offers phone support for customer service and technical issues and a self-help portal for technical support only. The company does not answer questions or provide any support via their social media channels or via live chat like many of their competitors.

The Bottom Line

Total Defense's Online Backup is solid in some areas, yet lacks in others. The company offers their customers significant flexibility and options in determining the frequency and types of files that they wish to back up, including real-time backups which notes the changes in the previously-backed up files and only transmits those files to the backup cloud storage. Users are not limited in the number of previous versions which they can store and they are able to generate an email link for file sharing with a single click.

Significant voids in the product include the lack of options to backup multiple devices with a single subscriptions, lack of support for operating systems other than Windows or browsers other than Windows Internet Explorer, and the lack of transparency about their product online or from customer support.

There is a distinct feel in researching Total Defense that they are first an anti-virus/anti-malware company, with the online backup being an added service. As such, it may make sense for those already using their anti-virus/anti-malware products to add the Online Backup, however, there are many other companies which provide dedicated services, and are more transparent from which to choose. As is, the Review Team does not actively recommend Total Defense for Online Backup.

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