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SpiderOak was founded in 2007 and has focused their company’s products upon protecting the safety of their users information. SpiderOak is a leader among online cloud backup and storage providers for individuals and businesses. The company is located in Illinois. SpiderOak’s backup product is known as SpiderOakONE. 

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The Good

  • Price
  • Plans
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Other versions
  • Security
  • Extra features
SpiderOakONE is available in monthly or annual subscription terms which are automatically renewable at the end of the term. All of the plans include unlimited data and devices.
Personal Plans
  • 30GB - $7/month or $79/year
  • 1TB - $12/month or $129/year
  • 5TB - $25/month or $279/year
SpiderOak also offers products from Groups (family, teams, small businesses, etc.) and businesses. These plans require a minimum number of users and may have a setup fee. The group/enterprise plans include collaboration features and unlimited files, folders, backups and devices. Groups
  • Free Setup - $9/user per month
  • Simplified Fast Start
  • Minimum 10 Users
  • Unlimited Files
  • $299 Setup - $5/user per month
  • Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Minimum 100 Users
On Premise
  • $599 Setup - $5/user per month
  • Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Minimum 500 Users
SpiderOak has a company wide no-refund policy, but want their customers to be satisfied. The customer service department offers refunds on a case-by-case basis, at their discretion. SpiderOakONE is not the least expensive option, but they are not the most expensive either. Their pricing is competitive with providers offering similar space and features.
Frequency of Backups
SpiderOakONE features both scheduled and automatic or continuous backups. Users first determine which files that they want the software to keep backed up and include them in their initial backup, otherwise known as seeding. After this backup is complete, SpiderOakONE monitors these files for changes and automatically saves the changes as a current backup. Users can perform backups on demand or add files to the backup at any time with the web interface. SpiderOakONE allows users to sync folders between devices with their HIVE folder. Any file which is placed into the HIVE folder is automatically accessible on all the user's devices which have a current installation of SpiderOakONE.
File Sharing
SpiderOakONE is one of the leaders in file sharing. Users are able to securely share any file or folder with whomever they want. These files are all password protected by default. WHile many other companies offer their customers the option to password protect shared files, there are no others which do so by default. SpiderOak is very concerned about their users' privacy and protect their data in industry-unique ways. SpiderOak has an innovative feature known as ShareRooms. Files placed into ShareRooms are accessible for viewing and downloads only from any web browser. Users can create an unlimited number of ShareRooms to organize their shared files and all files shared in the ShareRooms are Read Only. Users can use their ShareRooms to share files with family, friends, colleagues, and even use them to create digital portfolios to accompany their resume. Each ShareRoom is individually encrypted and not available to those who are designated recipients for a user's other ShareRooms. Sharing is not available from SpiderOaksONE's mobile apps.
Other Versions
SpiderOakONE saves previous versions of backed up files. The company does not disclose the exact timeframe which they have of deleting files, except to say,
"Changed your mind and need an earlier version of your file? SpiderOakONE is always keeping track of your historical versions for you. If you want the version of a particular files from three months ago, it's right there. Click download and the file is copied then decrypted onto your computer. Unlike some services, we call all your history and it's stored online so you can get going again."
SpiderOakONE is one of the most secure options for online backup. The company encrypts files before they are tramsitted to their servers and the files remain encrypted while they are on their servers. They use layers of encryption, one of them being the secure 256-bit AES protocol. No SpiderOak employee has access to customer files. This policy is well explained on their website, which they call "Zero Knowledge." When customers download and install SpiderOak on their machines, they create a personal encryption key. This key is the only way to unlock files which are stored on SpiderOak's servers. It should be noted, however, that this added security comes with one caveat - if the customer loses or forgets this key, no one can assist them to reset the key and their files remain locked from everyone (including themselves) until they can remember the personal encryption key.
Extra features
SpiderOakONE is offered in five languages other than English - Spanish, French, German, Portuguese & Russian. Users can backup their external hard drives, removable devices and network volumes using SpiderOakOne.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Performance/speed
  • Mobile and web options
  • Customer support
Free Trial
SpiderOak originally offered a completely free plan, which did not expire. This is no longer available for customers. Currently, SpiderOak offers a 60 day trial of their service with 2GB of available storage. There is no billing information collected with registration. While the company offers a generous term for their trial period, the limitation of data to 2GB is significant. Most companies offer trials which allow customers to fully test all of the company's features, including the amount of space offered.
SpiderOakONE did not perform as well as many of their competitors in independent speed tests. These tests simulated the initial backup seeding by backing up a 100MB mixed file type folder to the company's servers. While this is a simulation only, it gives customers an idea of how the software might perform with their files and system. SpiderOakONE completed the upload in 2 minutes and 48 seconds, more than twice the speed of the fastest performers, and nearly 90 seconds faster than the slowest services. This illustration was performed on a ultra high speed connection with a new computer. Most users will not have these results. In fact, most users complaint about the sluggish uploads which they experience on SpiderOakONE. This is likely a function of slower upload speeds from their ISP connection, older processors and the added encryption which SpiderOakONE uses for their transmissions and storage.
Mobile and Web Options
A limitation for SpiderOakONE is their mobile and web interfaces. Customers report that the web interface is loaded with features, but not entirely intuitive or user friendly. There is no search option to search for files or one-click restoration process. Sharing, while available requires a few steps. Some customers state that the interface feels like it is more designed for intermediate or advanced users. The bigger problem lies with SpiderOakONE's mobile apps. These are very limited compared to some of the more advanced offerings by their competitors. Apps are read only, so users can only view files. Apps do not allow for sharing files or being backed up. The company acknowledges that their apps are not as fully-featured as their competitors, and that they are working to create stable and secure mobile apps, but they do not know when these will be available for download from mobile app stores.
Customer Support
SpiderOakONE only offers customer support via email and online knowledge-base. Their knowledge base is fairly comprehensive, but customers needing more help and that which can be quickly obtained will not be pleased with the lack of online chat or phone support.

The Bottom Line

SpiderOakONE offers their customers security which is unequaled in the industry. The company offers robust sharing tools for their users, also highly secure.In order to make this product perfect, the interface would need some tweakign and the mobile apps a complete overhaul, but SpiderOakONE is a good choice for many people wanting security in their cloud backup provider.
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