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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
SOS Online Backup has been providing their customers computer backup services since 2001. The company changed their name to Infrascale, Inc. in 2012 and has expanded their product line, with SOS Online Backup remaining as their backup solution. The company is headquartered in California.

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Extra features
Free Trial
New users are able to try all of SOS Online Backup's features with a free trial. These plans do not require a credit card in order to sign up for a free trial. Those wishing to try a personal account receive a 15 day trial, while those trying a business account will receive a full 30 day trial.
SOS Online Backup plans differ only in the amount of storage which they offer, all features are included in every account. 5 computers and that only differ in their total storage capacity. Any of them can be purchased for up to 1 year in advance in return for a discounted rate. Price details can be found at the end of this review.
Frequency of Backups
SOS Online Backup allows their users to easily schedule their backups in advance. Benefits to doing so include the peace of mind knowing that backups are set without needing to worry about manually starting them (and possibly forgetting to do so) as well as determining when the fastest backup windows are so that all of the computer's resources can be set for when users are not needing to work on their computer, maximizing resources for both backups and other tasks. SOS Online Backups offers continuous backups for some files, provided that users have downloaded the LiveProtect add on. This is a free software add on for any user.
The Review Team uses averages of independent performance and speed test results when comparing companies. SOS Online Backup delivered the fastest times in PC Magazine's tests, (over two minutes faster than the next quickest company) but did not do as well when tested by other sources. None of the test results suggest that the company's performance is below industry average, and the factors for measuring a company's speed vary greatly because of differences in speed of the machine, ISP, and the bandwidth devoted to the backups. SOS Online Backup allows users to determine the resources which they will devote to their computer during backups, which can improve speed and performance greatly.
Other Versions
SOS Online Backup leads the industry in their versioning. The software will save in infinite number of versions for as long as the account is active, subject to space limitations of the user's account. The number of versions and the time which they are saved, and the fact that the company holds files potentially forever are significant.
Mobile and Web Options
Users are able to access their files via mobile app (Android and iOS) as well as from any Windows or Mac device with the downloaded software. From other platforms, users can access their files via an internet browser. Files can be viewed or shared with the mobile apps or online and music, photos and movies can be played from the apps (desktop or mobile) with the integrated player/viewer. All files are organized in the mobile apps in the same fashion as with the desktop dashboard, so there is little learning curve when working with either one. SOS Online Backup backs up entire drives, folders and files. Users can backup an external drive, which is not the norm for most providers.
Files are encrypted both during the transfer as well as once they arrive at one of SOS Online Backup's servers. The company self-manages all of their servers, rather than renting space on another company's servers, so they are able to maintain and promise that the files will be secure. All files are secured with triple layer AES 256-bit encryption protocol, which is considered to be one of the best currently available. Users may elect to create a personal passcode for additional security for their files. This passcode means that the files stored are only available to someone with the passcode. The drawback to this added encryption is that should the passcode be lost, SOS Online Backup cannot change the passcode and files would be lost until the user recalls their passcode.
Customer Support
Customer support is the Achilles Heel for most computer backup providers. This is not the case for SOS Online Backup, who fulfill their promise of 24/7 online support. This support is available via email support ticket, knowledge base and online chat. While many companies promise this level of support, they simply do not deliver. SOS Online Backup does. Their email ticket system results in the slowest wait time, but all responses from the Review Team were answered in less than 24 hours. Online chat resulted in quick and professional responses. The company's knowledge base is not as easily searched as for other companies, but with the option to receive help from a person, this is not a significant concern.
Extra features
SOS Online Backup offers their customers the ability to locate and erase a lost device. The device must have a version of the software on it though in order to use this feature. Users can backup their Facebook account (photos, videos, etc.). This protects them from files being lost online and gives peace of mind for those who use Facebook extensively.

The Bad

  • File sharing
File Sharing
Users can share files with other via their user dashboard. Sharing a file is accomplished with a few clicks, and generates a unique URL from which the recipient can view the files. Other providers offer more options, such as sharing through social media, or password-protection for files which are shared with others. While not necessary, it is a nice feature to have, and one of the few faults which the Review Team can find in SOS Online Backup.

The Bottom Line

The Review Team strongly recommends SOS Online Backup for those looking for a quality company. Their feature-set is comprehensive enough to satisfy nearly every customer's needs. Security features are especially impressive, as is the company's customer service. The prices may be higher than the bargain companies, but their service is significantly lower than the standard set forth by this industry leader.
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