Nero BackItUp's final date of business was May 5, 2016. The review below is the last known information the Review Team was able to confirm in July 2015, but the Overall Score reflects that they are no longer servicing customers.  

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The Good

  • Backup options
  • File sharing
  • Pricing

Nero BackItUp offers a great way to back up your files on your PC, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Windows Phone, and Android Phone, which is a great thing for any customer, and especially those whose computers, phones or tablets cross operating systems. Nero definitely boasts that they are not simply a "cloud service," but they offer the ability to backup to a hard disk (USB and Internal), CD/DVD/Blu-ray, Network Storage (NAS), and cloud storage. They also offer the ability to back-up to 5 different PCs. For their apps services, they offer an iPhone app, iPad app, Android phones and tablets app, and Windows app. For Apple products, you have the ability to back-up photos and videos, and to backup on unlimited devices, with 5 GB online storage. For Android phones and tablets, you can backup photos, music, settings, messages and more, as well as on unlimited devices, with 5 GB online storage. For Windows, you can back up photos and back up to unlimited devices, with 5 GB online storage. For all apps, you can stream videos and music on the go.

They also offer a large file sending service for everyone, and they offer file sharing with a membership.

For pricing, they show a comparison chart on their website that includes other file sharing services like Carbonite, Mozy, and Dropbox. For all other cloud services, they only offer the ability to backup to the cloud, and most do not offer the ability to back up to all platforms. Though Nero doesn't offer a 30 day refund guarantee, they do offer a free 5 GB plan, where you have the ability to try the product for however long before you purchase any of their pro plans.

The Bad

  • Customer support

Nero BackItUp only has a forum for the ability to contact support with questions. Their main website has some information about contacting, but it is not clear whether or not you can contact them for sales questions or technical support. They do not offer email support through their main "BackItUp" website. For their Windows and iOS apps, they do not offer the ability to back up Music, Settings, or Messages, and for Windows, you cannot backup video. Nero does not offer Geo Redundant Storage and there's no return policy listed on the website.

The Bottom Line

Nero BackItUp offers a great service, at a great price. Though the offer cloud storage, they also offer the ability to backup to multiple targets, like a USB disk, CDs, DVDs, and other things. They offer the ability to backup to 5 different computers, and unlimited devices. They also offer the ability to share files with others, and share large files on their website. Overall, BackItUp is a good option for their free service, as well as their PRO plans.

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