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My PC Backup was founded in 2011 by JDI (Just Do It) Companies. The company has several other backup providers among their conglomerates, including Just Cloud and Backup Genie. While each of these companies have their own entity, there is much that they have in common. JDI Companies is not exclusive to the technology industry; they have several brands in many industries. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and was fined in the UK for deceptive practices for one of their companies - an online dating service, JDI Dating Ltd. JDI Companies was acquired in 2015 by The Endurance Group international, which owns a large network of web hosting and VPN (Virtual Private Network) providers. The Endurance Group International is headquartered in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. My PC Backup has often been compared to malware, which it is not. The software is difficult for some users to uninstall and often customers do not read the terms and conditions for the software bundles (which include My PC Backup), so they are not aware of what they are receiving, both giving the customer reasons to question the software.


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The Good

  • File sharing
  • Performance/speed
  • Mobile and web options
  • Extra features
File Sharing

My PC Backup allows users to share both single files as well as entire folders with others. There is an option for password protection of the shared files, giving users added security. Many companies offer file sharing, but do not offer password protection.


In independent speed and performance tests, My PC Backup performs well, with an upload of 100MB of mixed file types being completed in a little over 90 seconds. While this is no promise of actual expected performance, it is an indicator of how the software might perform in ideal situations. Upload speeds vary greatly and are based on the ISP speed and hardware configuration for individual users.

Some users have complained about difficulty uninstalling the software, especially if they were not aware of its inclusion in a software bundle that they downloaded. These users often state that the software made their system run poorly and populated their desktop with frequent (and unwanted) pop ups.

The discrepancy of these reports appear to be due to the overall unhappiness which users have when software is bundled. Once again, the Review Team advises that users should always know what they are downloading and carefully examine fine print and terms documents to avoid unwanted surprises.

Mobile and Web Options

My PC Backup states that they offer backup for unlimited devices per account. They have mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Kindle Fire devices. These apps allow users to view their files from their mobile device, stream music which is backed up in the cloud, and share files with others. The mobile apps vary in their ratings by users, having an average rating of 3.5 stars of 5 possible across platforms. It is interesting that the apps have not been updated since 2014.

Users report a simple-to-use desktop interface and are able to use My PC Backup with Windows, Mac and Linux machines without difficulty. Backups are managed in a system which functions like Windows Explorer.

Extra features

An area which My PC Backup excels is their position on criminal acts, specifically on child exploitation, illegal content or copyright infringement. Many of their competitors do not prohibit these types of material, and can even harbor criminal activity with their policies. The Review Team admires My PC Backup for specifically addressing these very real uses of a small percentage of the population. As far as the effectiveness of the company's enforcement of actions if the prohibited content is stored on their servers (immediate deletion of the account without notice), it is unclear to how they enforce their policies.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • Other versions
  • Security
  • Customer support
Free Trial

My PC Backup posts "Try Us Free" and references a free version several places on their website, yet gives no information to customers about this subscription. Features/limitations as well as terms for this free trial are not disclosed. My PC Backup's sister company, Backup Genie offers a 14-day trial, and much is similar between the two companies. Although without better transparency about the free account, the Review Team cannot rate the company on this feature.


My PC Backup offers three plans from which customers can choose. There are discounts for subscribing for longer subscription terms. Unlike many of their competitors, the best discount available of a 24-month term is only available for the first billing term and all 24-month plans are automatically converted to annual plans after the first term. This information is disclosed, but only in the company's extensive terms documents. As such, there is much confusion about billing which results from this unusual policy.

My PC Backup publishes the following statement about their pricing policies: "Prices may change in a short notice. Please contact [email protected] for a full breakdown of prices and any current discounts available."

Home/Pro Plan - 75GB

  • Monthly - $8.69/month
  • 6 Month - $44.64/six months ($7.44/month)
  • 12 Month - $74.28/year ($6.19/month)
  • 24 Month - $134.64/every other year ($5.61/month)

Premium Plan - 250GB

  • Monthly - $9.94/month
  • 6 Month - $52.14/six months ($8.69/month)
  • 12 Month - $89.28/year ($7.44/month)
  • 24 Month - $148.56/every other year ($6.19/month)

Ultimate Plan - 1TB

  • Monthly - $12.44/month
  • 6 Month - $67.16/six months ($11.19/month)
  • 12 Month - $119.28/year ($9.94/month)
  • 24 Month - $208.56/every other year ($8.69/month)

My PC Backup accepts the following payment methods: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

My PC Backup lists several add-on fees, most of which are heavily upsold during the checkout process. These additional features are included with many other providers' packages, and their addition to the package rapidly increases pricing for MY PC Backup's subscribers.

The following is a list of additional features and their annual prices. For ease of comparison, the Review Team marked features which are usually included with other companies packages at no additional cost with a bold font.

  • Supercharged Backups - $49.90
  • Previous Version Plus - $99.90
  • Additional License - $59.90
  • Sync Folder 5GB - $31.90
  • Sync Folder Premium 10GB - $99.90
  • Sync Folder Platinum 20GB - $195.90
  • Priority Support - $2.00
  • Hourly Backup - $39.90
  • Recycle Bin - $15.90
  • Network Drive Support - $199.90
  • Automatic Video Backup - $29.90
  • 5GB Max File Size - $39.90
  • External Hard Drive <= 500GB - $79.90
  • External Hard Drive > 500GB - $159.90
Frequency of Backups

My PC Backup primarily uses automatic (continuous) backups. This is accomplished by the user creating a large initial backup of all the files which they would like the software to monitor, and after that initial upload is complete, the software monitors those files for changes, incrementally backup up files.

There have been several customer complaints that the software did not backup their files and when they went to restore files which they had previously designated for backup, that the files were not available, as they were never backed up. Others allege that the company sent them emails stating that there were problems with their servers and files were lost.

Other Versions

As far as how My PC Backup manages prior versions, the company again lacks transparency as to the specifics of how long they keep prior versions and for whom. The company lists saving file versions as a premium add-on feature, so it is unclear if there are previous versions which are kept without the upcharge.


My PC Backup uses the 256-bit AES encryption protocol when transmitting files. This is the most commonly used in the industry, and is often referred to as the same encryption that banks use. My PC Backup only discloses that they store files on a third-party server. Being that their parent company, The Endurance Group International owns several hosting companies, it is likely that this storage is at one of My PC Backup's sister companies. The general lack of transparency leaves more questions than answers.

Customer Support

There are several complaints about the quality of My PC Backup's customer support which range from poor service to being non-existent. As has been seen, the add-on fee for priority customer support is stated without explanation of what this means. The company states that they offer 24/7 customer support, but their customers speak differently, often waiting for days/weeks for a response without receiving one.

The Bottom Line

The Review Team is well-acquainted with The Endurance Group International and their brands. JDI Backup is one of these. The Endurance Group International has suffered many setbacks in the last few years, which include serious allegations about falsifying earnings to shareholders, and is now involved with a class-action lawsuit brought by shareholders. There are similar instances with JDI Backup companies, with customers alleging that the company falsifies their customer testimonials or reviews. The company was fined for their Dating Service companies after it was discovered that they had misled customers by creating false dating profiles.

My PC Backup has many features which could be helpful, but the lack of transparency about the features and their costs make it very difficult for the Review Team to find any specific information about these features. At this time, the Review Team cautions against My PC Backup, as a backup provider.

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Laurence Kuhn

January 5th, 2018 San Jose, CA DETAILS

Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer Service
Company trustworthiness

After using myPCBackup's service for several years now--to the tune of over $400--I have come to learn that I actually CANNOT get my files back! They stored over 300GB of my data. Before renewing I decided to fully download my old music libraries and photos (about 10,000 files each). The only way I could download my files was about 5-10 at a time, and each one wound up in new folders with new "helpful"names like "MyPC [email protected]". So if I actually spent a week or two, 24 hr/day, dowloading my own files it would take hundreds of hours more to reconstruct my libraries. I spent an hour on the phone with their tech, Zara B.. She tried, then basically told me the same thing. Download them a few at a time. Extract from our chat: "Zara B. (11:19 PM): I am sorry but it is not restoring the whole data. We will try to restore in small chunks. 268 853 142 (11:20 PM): right, and I need that data, in hundreds of folders Zara B. (11:20 PM): I can understand Laurence but it needs to restore the data in small chunks. Zara B. (11:30 PM): You can select 3-4 folders at a time and then select others." So I really can't restore my files. They've stolen over $400 from me.