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My Other Dive was founded in 2005 and is currently headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The company offers several choices in online backups, including a free plan with is ad-supported. My Other Drive can also be used by companies, with their Enterprise plans. The company is highly-transparent, which is a benefit to customers. 

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
Free Trial

Rather than offering a free trial, My Other Drive offers a free plan for their customers. This plan offers 2GB of storage and does not require that the customer enter a credit card. All which is needed to sign up for a free trial is a valid email address.

There are some limitations to the free version, which include the amount of storage space and that the free version is ad-supported. Some customers have reported that the pop-ups encouraging them to upgrade to a paid plan are intrusive and annoying. Free plan users are also not able to link to files for file sharing. Free accounts have limitations in the speed of file uploads as well as limited security.


My Other Drive offers Pro and Enterprise subscriptions, which differ only in the amount of storage space available. The Review Team's discussion on the company's available features apply to both the Pro and Enterprise subscription levels, unless otherwise stated in the review.

Pro - Unlimited Computers, no mobile backup available

  • 100GB - $5.00/month
  • 500GB - $10.00/month
  • 1000GB - $20.00/month

Enterprise - Unlimited Computers, no mobile backup available

  • 1TB - $240.00/year
  • 2TB - $480.00/year
  • 5TB - $1,200.00/year
  • 10TB - $2,400.00/year
Frequency of Backups

My Other Drive offers manual and automatic backups of files. Users simply need to determine which files or folders that they want to backup and the software manages backups automatically, or as My Other Drive states - unattended. This allows users the flexibility to perform backups when the computer is not being used for other tasks, and backups run more quickly.

Users may also perform their backups manually, which gives them the opportunity to run a backup when they know that important changes will be made on their machines. This flexibility is helpful for many.

File Sharing

My Other Drive offers several levels of file sharing. Users may select Public Sharing or Password-Protected sharing of any of their files or folders. Subscribers may allow collaboration on files, which helps with projects, etc. The company uses the term "Access Control" as the name of this feature, and users are able to select various levels of control for their files and folders. My Other Drive has not yet ventured into the mobile app department, so users do not have this functionality. However, any internet-connected device is able to view shared files.

In order to receive shared files, the recipient must create an account with My Other Drive.

The Bad

  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Extra features

The Review Team attempts to use independent speed or performance tests whenever possible to compare a company's speed and performance while performing backups. In some instances, this is not possible, as the company's software has not been tested for these factors independently. In most cases, a company publishes random, nebulous statements, such as "high-speed transfer" to describe their speed and performance.

While My Other Drive does not have independent test results, they are more helpful and transparent when discussing their speed and its various limitations. The company acknowledges the discrepancy between download and upload speeds, which is a direct result of ISP providers tailoring their resources to match traffic patterns, since most traffic online is downloading, rather than uploading. However, in the case of backing up files, the upload speed is the one which is more important. Since speed is highly dependent on a user's ISP, My Other Drive has a unique solution to the slower upload speeds in that customers may mail a portable device (with a minimum of 2GB to be backed up) to the company and they will backup the files included on the drive at no additional cost. Users are required to pay shipping both for sending the drive as well as for return postage. This option works particularly well for initial backups, which can be more space intensive.

Other Versions

My Other Drive does not support other versions of files, so users are not able to restore a previously-backed up version of a file or folder to their computer. This limitation is uncommon, as most companies allow multiple versions of a file to be stored online.

Mobile and Web Options

It is notable that My Other Drive has yet to offer a dedicated mobile app, so users are not able to access or backup their files from a mobile app. Users are able to access shared files from any internet-connected device, with the ability to view photos easily from backed-up files.

Any file may be downloaded from a browser session, but My Other Drive does not include the capability to view downloaded files from the source - e.g. watching media, etc.


My Other Drive offers encrypted connections for all of their plans. They encrypt the data before it is transmitted and at the end server as well. The encryption used is AES 128 bit encryption. The leaders in the industry use at least 256 bit encryption, so this feature could bear some improvement to be comparable with the highest-rated providers.

Customer Support

My Other Drive offers support via an online form and email for their subscribers as well as through an extensive FAQ on their website. The level of actual support is one which many customers complain about, with several customers stating that they waited for days without receiving help from the company. In an industry which is run for a computer, and the varying levels of comfortability with technology, My Other Drive would do well to add more methods to receive support, such as phone or an online chat option. Many of their competitors offer one or both of these and are more accessible to their customers.

Extra features

My Other Drive does not offer much in the way of extra features beside the option to mail a device in for the company to backup to avoid long waits in a session. This benefit only costs the rate of shipping (both ways) and can only be done with files/folders totaling over 2GB. While this is unique and addresses the performance issues that uploading large files can create, it gives the potential customer reason to doubt the performance of their software and how it will affect their system.

The Bottom Line

My Other Drive has many features which make it attractive to customers wanting to backup their files. Their free subscription is full-featured and able to handle many basic backup tasks. Paid service with My Other Drive is competitively priced and the software can be used with multiple computers.

Areas which the company needs improvement include the addition of more methods to contact the company and improvement of their customer service quality. My Other Drive needs to improve their security as well as add mobile device support and apps. Because of these rather significant voids, the Review Team cannot fully endorse or recommend My Other Drive for customers' backup services.

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