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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Mozy was founded in 2005 and is owned and operated by EMC Corporation, a leader in information management and data storage. The company specializes in keeping stata safe and secure. Mozy by EMC is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, but the company also has offices in Utah, England, Ireland, and China. Mozy by EMC offers personal accounts as well as accounts for business and resellers. This review focuses on MozyHome, the personal product. Users interested in customizing a business account, can learn about all of the features and options at: MozyPro. 

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Extra features
Free Trial
MozyHome does not include a free trial, rather the company offers a limited subscription - MozyHome Free. This product gives users at least 2GB of free online cloud storage and backups. MozyHome Free users are able to earn additional storage space by referring their friends to the service and accumulating additional storage for their account when their friends sign up for service from MozyHome - free or paid accounts. Users receive 256MB per referral. MozyHome Free customers do not receive customer support from the company via online chat or representatives; they are only able to use the knowledge base for help. MozyPro (Business) comes with a free 30-day trial.
MozyHome offers a 50GB ($5.99/month) and a 125GB ($9.99/month) plan for their customers. The 50GB plan covers a single computer, while the 125GB plan allows users three licenses. An additional 20GB of storage may be purchased for $2/month. Additional licenses are $2/month per computer. MozyHome offers discounts for customers who pay for their subscriptions in advance. Those who pay for a 12 month term receive 1 month free, and those purchasing a 24-month subscription receive 3 months free.
Frequency of Backups
MozyHome allows users to schedule their backups to occur at various intervals as well as offering continuous backup for files. To use the continuous backup, users select the files which they want to backup. After the initial backup is complete, the software automatically monitors files on the computer which were part of previously backed up files and MozyHome automatically backs up those files which have changed.
In independent tests of speed of uploads, MozyHome was not the fastest performer, but returned reasonable results. The test files consisted a a 100MB folder with various file types being uploaded to MozyHome's servers. The software was able to complete the task in just over two-and-one-half minutes. Speed is highly variable and depends largely on the user's ISP speed and hardware. As with all providers, the initial backup is larger and will take time to complete. Incremental backups performed with continuous backup should create negligible challenges for the user.
Other Versions
MozyHome keeps the unlimited versions of previously-backed up files for 30 days. While the company keeps more files than many of their competitors, the timeframe for which these files are kept is not as generous as for some companies which also keep unlimited versions for as long as the user account is active.
Mobile and Web Options
MozyHome users are able to upload photos and videos from their mobile device to their Sync folders automatically. Users can also download their photos or videos from the web to their phones. Unlike other apps, users cannot edit files in the cloud or watch videos from the cloud. Also unlike many of their competitors' mobile apps, users report that the app works well for them. Users are able to use MozyHome's intuitive web interface to manage their files. Users are able to use MozyHome's Sync folder which allows them to quickly sync files to each of their machines. The biggest void in MozyHome's web features is the lack of sharing capabilities.
Like most of their competitors, MozyHome encrypts files before they are transmitted as well as during the transmission to the cloud. Because Mozy is owned by EMC, a world-leader in data security, there is added focus on maintaining file security during all stages of the backup process. Mozy uses either a personal 256-bit AES or Mozy-managed 448-bit Blowfish encryption key during transmission of backup files to the secure servers. All files are saved in multiple locations, giving data redundancy against natural disasters, etc. which may strike one of the server sites.
Extra features
MozyHome offers additional peace of mind with their Mozy 2xProtect, which keeps allows customers to keep a copy of their backup on an external hard drive as well as being saved in the cloud. Customers can also use Mozy Sync, which is as simple as putting files into a folder via the web interface. Any files in the Sync folder is available for all devices with on which the app is installed. Users can access this file via the web with their login information. This folder is automatically updated whenever changes are made to synced files.

The Bad

  • File sharing
  • Customer support
File Sharing
MozyHome, unlike most of their competitors, does not offer any type of file sharing. This limitation is highly unusual, especially since most companies offer at least some form of file sharing. The Review Team looks for companies which offer the ability to share files as well as to keep those files protected with a password, etc. Mozy does not offer either of these options.
Customer Support
Those using the Free plan cannot receive customer support from the company and must find answers to their questions via the self-help files - video tutorial, user guides, or knowledge base. Those who are subscribers of the MozyHome paid plan are able to receive help via online chat or one-on-one support tickets in addition to the DIY help.

The Bottom Line

MozyHome is reasonably priced and their security is top-of-the line. Even with the absence of some features (sharing and file editing), the Review Team is confident recommending that users consider their services. Users are able to add storage or additional computers for a small price.
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Dianne Gubin Calabasas, CA

Mozy was great with back ups but NOT great when I actually needed phone support. After 10+ years of being a customer and never once needing help, I upgraded my computer and needed to sort out a back-up issue. Surprise! Email / chat support only. Really? Professionally I won't work with a vendor I can't get on the phone, so why settle for any less personally? It took multiple attempts over months and finally took 2 hours to sort out my issue via chat tonight. To their credit, I finally sent an "I give up" email and had a live call a few months ago... but then could never find where the gal put my stuff in my new computer. My time to deal with this is very limited, so not having support when I need it makes me vote with my feet for a vendor and find a backup company which actually wants to talk to its customers. Thus, my research here and post for you to see.

5 years ago


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Max Winkel Lindon, UT

I used Mozy for a couple of years. I was put off by the newsletter that was full of spelling and grammatical errors but the service worked. Then my data got corrupted. These services are not well equip for resolving corruption in 200GB of data. I loved to Onedrive. It's not great either but I get less duplicate files.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Jeremy Brown Riverton, UT

I had a good experience but I was an early adopter of Mozy. They were good but I kept having glitches and issues with the software. Eventually I moved to another platform for the same price.

1 year ago