Mevvo was founded in 2011. The company offers their customers real-time backup services at a highly competitive price. In addition to offering backup services, they offer cloud drives. There are several issues of concern with Mevvo, which include questions about the actual security of their network as well as a lack of customer service.


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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
Free Trial

Mevvo offers a full-features free trial of their service for a period of 30 days. In order to receive the free trial, users must simply request it. Unlike many services, no billing information is required to receive the trial and the user can either discontinue use and let the free trial expire or upgrade to a paid account at any time during the free trial. Files backed up during the free trial will be deleted if the user does not upgrade to a paid account at some point during the trial.


All of Mevvo’s plans include unlimited storage, the ability to restore deleted files for up to 30 days, and are compatible with PC, MAC and servers. The company offers free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The primary difference in the plans is the number of devices which are covered.

  • Personal – $4.95/month – 1 Computer
  • Family – $8.95/month – 3 Computers
  • Pro – $13.95/month – 5 Computers
  • Unlimited – $34.95/month – Unlimited Computers

Pricing is locked into current rate. Company states, “We will never increase it on you. Nor do we have plans in the future to raise our prices for any new and future customers.”

Mevvo also offers a cloud drive with annual plans, with storage space ranging between 512GB and 2TB and prices from $49.95-109.95/year.

Mevvo accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express for any of their backup or cloud drive plans.

Frequency of Backups

Mevvo offers real-time backups only, which means that the software runs in the background whenever a customer’s computer is on. The software backs up any of the selected folders whenever it detects a change to them. This method can be confusing for some, who assume that real-time backup keeps active files backed up while working on them. For example, if the user has selected their documents folder as one which they would like to have backed up by Mevvo, and they are currently working on a document inside of that folder, the backup occurs after the document is closed.

A benefit to this type of backup is that users are not required to keep their computer on during the night to backup files, since many backup services slow a system down during encryption and transmission of files. Additionally, by having real-time backups, the files which are transmitted are often smaller than a single weekly or monthly transmission.

Other Versions

Mevvo’s unlimited storage allows users to save large quantities of files from their computer. Customers need to select which folders that they want to backup and the real-time backup will work, updating the backups every time the folder changes. The company offers a feature which gives users the opportunity to access previously deleted files. The company keeps 30 versions of each previous backup, so users can restore a file from a past backup if needed. Deleted files are only kept for 30 days.

Mobile and Web Options

Mevvo subscribers are able to see their files, play music or watch their backed up movies from any internet connected device via a browser or by using their Mevvo’s mobile apps. This feature is highly desirable for many, considering that the average individual in the United States has multiple devices which connect to the internet.

The Bad

  • File sharing
  • Performance/speed
  • Security
  • Customer support
  • Extra features
File Sharing

Mevvo does not offer any file sharing options with their backup service.


There are no independent or unbiased tests to demonstrate how Mevvo affects the performance of one’s computer. For real-time backups in general, customers complain about how their system can be slowed down, since the programs needed are always running in the background. This is usually a more significant issue for older systems with slower processors or needing more RAM. It is unclear if Mevvo affects systems in this way, since there are no independent tests of the system, and current customers have not complained en masse. It is worth noting for those with systems which already run slowly, and the Review Team recommends that anyone with a question about how the program will affect their computer’s performance use the free trial offered by Mevvo. Otherwise, the Review Team is unable to rate the company on the speed or performance of their product.


Mevvo states that they use “military level encryption” and that they encrypt files prior to transmission. Requests by the Review Team to specify information about the actual encryption went unanswered by Mevvo. Additionally, there are reports that several pages on the website return unsecure connection warnings, caused by the company not configuring their SSL connection properly. The Review Team was able to replicate these error messages.

There are questions about the actual level of security if the company does not have a properly-configured SSL connection and the lack of a response from Mevvo is a concern. Having a secure connection is critical in backing up files, especially with one which is connected 100% of the time that a computer is on and in use.

Mevvo does not compare well for this particular feature, as many in the industry are more transparent with their encryption methods and are willing to communicate with prospective customers.

Customer Support

While Mevvo claims to have helpful customer service with all of their levels of subscription, many customers report that they are not able to easily receive help. The company has a live chat functionality on their site, however, the bulk of the time, the chat representatives are not available, and a prompt is displayed asking visitors to leave a message with a promise of a speedy reply.

Mevvo has a rudimentary Knowledge base, which includes basic FAQ-type responses. Many of these responses leave more questions than they answer. The articles can be searched, but the results which are returned are limited, if any are returned at all.

Extra features

Mevvo does not offer features which are out of the basic backup scheme. The company offers a basic backup service. While the ability to listen to one’s music from the app or any internet connected device is a nice feature, it is one that many other companies offer as standard.

The Bottom Line

In spite of Mevvo’s competitive pricing, there are a number of unknowns which give the Review Team adequate concern so as not to recommend them. Perhaps the most concerning is the errors which appear on some of their webpages stating that they company has not properly configured their SSL certificate. For a company which has constant access to other people’s computers and stores the data, this leaves a serious question as to the actual security of their systems. Since there was no response from the company about this issue, the Review Team is left with doubts as to the actual security of data.

Customer service with Mevvo is fairly close to non-existent. The company states that they are widely available via online chat, but is rarely there. Social media channels, which can often be used for contacting a company have not been updated since 2013, so this channel is not available. The knowledge base articles are plentiful, but basic, so anyone with a problem which cannot be addressed in a few paragraphs of text at best, is not going to be able to find help using that resource.

Those looking for backup service would be better served using another company which is more transparent.

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