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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Memopal was introduced in 2008 and is headquartered in Rome, Italy. Most of their customers are located in the European Union, however, the company’s customer base has been steadily growing in the United States. Memopal offers a free and paid account as well as white labeling for businesses. 

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
  • Extra features
Free Trial
Memopal does not offer a free trial, rather a free account. The amount of storage for users on the free plan is 3GB, which is considerably limited, and is not likely to be enough for many users. Memopal does not limit the number of licenses for their free plan; users can backup an unlimited number of devices with Memopal's free plan. Additional storage is available for a fee, which is not disclosed on the company's website. There are features which are not included in the free trial plan, including keeping previous versions of changed files.
Pro - 500GB
  • 1 User - $79/year
  • 2 Users - $158/year
  • 3 Users - $237/year
  • 4 Users - $316/year
  • 5 Users - $395/year
  • 6 Users - $474/year
  • 7 Users - $553/year
  • 8 Users - $632/year
  • 9 Users - $711/year
  • 10 Users - $790/year
Those interested in Memopal's white label product need to contact the company for a customized quote.
Frequency of Backups
Memopal uses a continuous model of backups. This method is a little bit different than what most people think about when they think of backups. Users perform a large initial backup and the backup is continuously kept up-to-date after that. Memopal's software runs in the background and when changes are saved for a previously backed-up file, the software performs an incremental backup. Proponents for continuous backups cite the incremental nature of backups. Since these files are smaller, backups run more smoothly and are quicker than scheduled backups. Users do not need to remember to perform or schedule backups, as they are done automatically. Those who are against the continuous backup method argue that with the backup software continuously running, the computer is slower for everyday tasks because a portion of the computer's resources are always dedicated to running the backup software processes. If prospective customers are concerned about their systems, as ISP speeds and computer hardware vary greatly between customers, the Review Team recommends users try a few companies using different backup methods to see which works better with their individual hardware and average connection.
File Sharing
Users can easily share documents, pictures and entire folders with a single click. Memopal allows for any file to be shared, even those larger than 1GB. Memopal does not offer password protection of files which are being shared with others. Users are able to share from their computer or mobile devices (with Memopal's app).
Other Versions
Pro Plan users have the option of dictating the number of previous versions of changed files which they want the software to keep, rather than purging files which have been changed. Memopal offers the option of unlimited versions being kept as long as the account is active, which is better than many of their competitors who either don't offer past version storage or only keep past versions for a short time.
Mobile and Web Options
Users are able to backup photos or videos from their phone to the cloud using the Memopal mobile app. These files can be deleted from the device, saving storage space. Users are able to share these files with others as well with the app. Memopal's apps have not been updated since 2015 and have mixed reviews in the Google Play Store, with reports for frequent crashes and the app not performing properly. The iOS app doesn't have enough reviews for the current version to display. It is unusual for an app to not be updated for over a year, especially in this industry. Unlike many of their competitors, Memopal can be used on a Linux platform. Memopal is also compatible with Blackberry devices, which is equally unusual, since most providers focus on Android and iOS. Users can backup/restore all of their devices with a single login, and can back up entire drives. Photos are automatically recognized by the software and displayed in an album, so it is easy to find photos and view them from any device.
Memopal is not specific about their encryption protocol beyond stating that they use a 256-bit SSL for transmitting all files. All incoming/outgoing downloads only are possible on an SSL connection, users not able to connect with SSL are not able to access their files. While this may sound intimidating, connection at this level is quite common, especially for bill paying or online banking, so users should have no problem connecting to Memopal's servers. One of Memopal's strengths is that they have proprietary software which is used for their backup servers. This was fully developed in-house and is managed by Memopal employees. The added level of attention is one way which the company shows that they are serious about their users' file security. All files are stored in multiple locations so that if one of the servers is destroyed by a fire, flood, etc., users files remain protected.
Extra features
An added feature of note which Memopal offers is Memopal Sync. This features allows users to save files into their Memopal Sync folder (which will automatically be added to the computer desktop when installing Memopal's software) and all files which are saved into the file will be quickly accessible to all other registered devices. Syncing with Memopal only works when users download the company's software to their other devices.

The Bad

  • Performance/speed
  • Customer support
The Review Team uses independent results from performance and speed tests. There is no data available for Memopal, independent, or otherwise. As such the Review Team cannot rate Memopal on this criterion.
Customer Support
As with most of the backup providers which the Review Team has reviewed, there is a need for improved customer support. Memopal offers their customers email and phone (which is rare) support. All email support tickets are promised to be answered within 24 business hours. Customer reports suggest that this promise is hit-and-miss, with some requests being addressed sooner than the 24 hours, while others go longer. The area which Memopal's customer service is lacking is in the availability of phone support. While the Review Team acknowledges that the company is headquartered in Rome, they only offer support during a short number of hours which are feasible for residents of the United States and Canada. Representatives are only available from 10am - 7pm Central European Time (CET). This converts to 4am - 1pm EST. Memopal's online library of commonly-asked questions is comprehensive and easily understood, and the company asks customers to reference this before calling.

The Bottom Line

Memopal is priced competitively and their feature-set is solid. The areas which the company has which are classified under "The Bad," are those which other companies in the industry have regularly. The lack of information about the software's speed and basic performance is a concern, in that there is no information which is available upon which the Review Team can base a rating. The free plan is a solid option for many, with a few features absent. The Review Team recommends that users interested in Memopal try the free plan first, and see how it works for them.
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