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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Just Cloud is owned by JDI Backup, which is owned by The Endurance International Group. JDI Backup is heheadquartered in the United Kingdom, The Endurance International Group is headquartered in Massachusetts. There are many companies which are part of this group, and they have brands in several fields, including internet dating, web hosting, online backup companies and VPN (virtual private network) providers. Other backup providers which are sister companies to Just Cloud are: Backup Genie and My PC Backup. 

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The Good

  • Security
  • Extra features
Just Cloud encrypts all files before transmission with the secure 256-Bit AES encryption protocol, which is often used in the financial industry. Most cloud backup providers use this protocol as well since it is considered to be a solid option for encryption and very difficult to intercept and decode.
Extra features
Just Cloud can help users find a lost laptop. Their location software maps the location of a laptop hourly so that users can find it or report information to proper authorities. This feature is offered by a small percentage of the backup providers which have been reviewed by the Review Team.

The Bad

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Performance/speed
  • Other versions
  • Mobile and web options
  • Customer support
Free Trial
Just Cloud offers a free 1GB account to their customers. In order to receive this account, users simply need to create an account with JustCloud. Billing information is not required. The company does not disclose specifics about which features are included in their free account.
On the surface, Just Cloud offers their customers competitive pricing. Where the company is different is in their upgrades and adding costs for features which are standard offerings in other companies' packages without charging additional fees. Also unique is the company's policy of renewing all of their 24-month subscriptions (which provide the best price to their customers) as annual plans at the end of the term of the initial subscription. Along with many of the other features offered by Just Cloud, there is little transparency with pricing. Details are available on the website, but specifics are not. To get basic prices, you can read our "Price Breakdown" tab.
Frequency of Backups
Just Cloud runs in the background, performing incremental backups of files which have previously designated by the user to be backed up. These incremental backups are generally seen as being the best method for backing up files for several reasons. Primarily, there is little effort required to keep one's files backed up, as the software automatically updates files which need to be backed up. As a general rule computer resources do not get bogged down using this method of backup. Users do report that Just Cloud software includes many pop ups and attempts to upsell add on features or upgrade their service.
File Sharing
Just Cloud users are able to quickly and easily share files as well as entire folders. This sharing can be accomplished via email, Facebook, Twitter or a custom URL. While Just Cloud's sister company, My PC Backup, offers password-protected file sharing, Just Cloud does not.
There is little independent data available on Just Cloud's speed. My PC Backup is one of their sister companies and performs well on independent tests. Just Cloud states on their website that the average customer can expect to transfer 4-8GB of data for their initial backup seeding in 24 hours. Because there is not sufficient data, the Review Team is not able to rate Just Cloud on this particular criterion.
Other Versions
The common theme which the Review Team encounters with backup providers from JDI Backup (The Endurance Group) is nebulous or conflicting statements about their offerings, only to learn that these features need upgraded accounts or there is no further information given about the specifics of these features. Just Cloud offers premium versioning, so that subscribers may restore an earlier version of a file which has previously been backed up. Most companies offer some form of file versioning. Not disclosing how many versions are kept or the length of time which these files are stored is unusual.
Mobile and Web Options
Just Cloud offers an easy-to-use interface with their web and mobile clients. The mobile apps are able to anything which the web interface can do (share, backup, restore) in addition to offering users the option of automatically backing up their videos, which is one of Just Cloud's upgrades. One of the nice features of Just Cloud's desktop interface is the simple drag-and-drop file management. Users report that it is easy to use, but the frequent pop up reminders to upgrade are irritating and disruptive.
Customer Support
Just Cloud states that they offer 24/7 customer support 365 days per year. However, technical support is only available via email and billing support is offered by phone, email and chat. The limitation of technical support, which would be the more often used support for most customers seems backwards, and gives a distinct impression that the company is more interested in billing and receiving their money than providing assistance to their customers. Some customers have reported that the online chat is irregular, with frequent and unexpected terminations of the session as the agent "researches an answer." There are some who speculate that the online chat is powered by bots, rather than by live agents.

The Bottom Line

There are many red flags which were uncovered by the Review team about Just Cloud, My PC Backup and Backup Genie. The most significant one is simply a lack of transparency about feautres. Users are inundated with pop ups trying to get them to upgrade and the company doesn't offer much in the way of technical support. The most striking difference is the constant promises to improve service by upgrading and charging for features which other companies offer at no charge. The Review Team does not recommend that customers should use Just Cloud for their reasons.
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Wayne Morgan

I have used JustCLoud for 2 years now, and am suprised to find it so low. The price is excellent value for money, and for accessing my files on the move I don't think there are any better on the market. Excellent Customer service, I have never had to wait more than 3 hours to receive a response. A+++

6 years ago

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Jo C Buford, GA

My computer crashed on March 12th. I contacted them on March 13th because I was unable to access my backups. Was told they were migrating servers and it would take some time but I would have access to my data. I had to pay for a recovery service, lost tons of work time, had to spend hours recreating work, and months passed going back and forth with these people. I never received a refund, or credit, and after sending NUMEROUS cancellation emails as my renewal approached, these people have charged me once again for this TOTAL LACK OF SERVICE.

3 years ago


Review Source

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Dixie Hansen Wellsville, UT

Just Cloud is a very organized company. Our company has enjoyed their promptness

1 year ago