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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Jottacloud was founded in 2008 and has been offering their services from their headquarters in Oslo for a global customer base. A significant portion of Jottacloud’s professional identity is their distinction from other companies, particularly those based in the United States, and Norway’s differing privacy laws. As such, the company states that their customers’ data is far more secure than if they were to purchase cloud backup storage from another company. 

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The Good

  • Free trial
  • Price
  • Backup frequency
  • File sharing
  • Performance/speed
  • Mobile and web options
  • Security
Free Trial
Jottacloud does not offer a free trial in the traditional sense for individuals. The company rather offers a full-featured personal account which is free for all users. This plan includes a storage cap of 5GB for all users. The company states on their website that users can earn additional free storage, but is not clear on how they must do this. One of the most common ways to earn free storage with an online cloud is for members to refer other members to the service for additional storage. As the company did not respond to the Review Team's request for clarification, it is not possible for the Team to state definitively what users must do to receive free additional storage and how much they receive when doing so. To register for a free account, it is not required to provide billing information to the company. Jottacloud gives all new business users a free 30-day trial of their account. The free trial includes all features offered for business account users and 10GB of storage for 2 registered users.
Individual Users Jottacloud includes unlimited storage for all devices (individual users). Users can pay with a VISA or MasterCard only. Jottacloud will invoice businesses if required by the customer's company policy. Individual packages start at $9.90/month or $99/year. Business Users After the free trial expires, business users can backup unlimited devices, with unlimited user accounts. Business accounts are not unlimited in storage, as are individual accounts, with the baseline storage amount available being 100GB for $9.90.month. Additional storage is available, but the company does not disclose much about this storage on their site, and as no response was given to requests for information by Jottacloud representatives, the Review Team is unable to report more specific information. Business customers receive phone support, while individual accounts do not.
Frequency of Backups
Users can either select automatic (often called continuous) backup or to schedule their backups to occur on a specific day(s) or at regular intervals. When users use the Sync folder on their devices, the file/files placed into this folder are immediately available on all of their connected devices which have a copy of Jottacloud's apps installed.
File Sharing
Business users are able to use the built-in Sync folder to share and collaborate on projects. Jottacloud's collaboration is solid and fully able to manage demands by the average business user. Individual users are able to share files with a public URL link which can be emailed to the person with whom one wants to share the file. There is no password-protection or time sensitive sharing available with Jottacloud. Both business and individual users are able to share files with others using their web interface or mobile app.
Whenever possible, the Review Team uses independent performance and speed testing. The software performed well on tests, with an average upload/download speed being about ⅓ of the speed of the actual connection. For example, if a user's ISP average upload connection is 9Mbps, users can expect that their upload to Jottacloud would be about 3Mbps. The service is not one of the fastest, which has been reviewed, but it is not one of the slowest either. Customers have reported that if they are using Windows to upload files, that occasionally the software freezes, which can be reset via the Task Manager or by rebooting the computer.
Mobile and Web Options
Users are able to synchronize their computers, tablets or clouds with Jottacloud. The web client and mobile apps are both able to manage files, play music, or view videos which have been backed up to the cloud. Users report that in a straight comparison, that the iOS app is superior to the one which is offered for Android. An example of the difference is that iOS users are able to have all of their photos automatically uploaded to the cloud from the device, upon taking the picture. This functionality is not yet available for Android.
Jottacloud focuses on privacy and security for their users. They encrypt files before transmission to their servers with the 256-bit AES encryption protocol. This protocol is very secure and is able to protect data quite well. Privacy policies state that Jottacloud is bound to Norwegian laws and is not subject to demands from foreign governments (Unites States) for data release. Users are not able to create their own private encryption key on Jottacloud, which protects others from accessing their data. Many of the top providers have this option.

The Bad

  • Other versions
  • Customer support
  • Extra features
Other Versions
In spite of offering their individual users unlimited storage, the company only keeps the last 5 files of any previously backed-up file. Jottacloud does not disclose the time limit that they have for keeping files (one week, one month, indefinitely). There are several providers who do more than Jottacloud as compared with this feature.
Customer Support
Customer support is not one of Jottacloud's strengths. The company only offers phone support for their business customers. The only other method of support which is available is to consult the company's knowledge base, which is well written, but not searchable. The knowledge base covers most common questions, but is not as comprehensive as those published by other companies. The Review Team requested information from the company, but the company did not respond to requests, further reinforcing complaints from customers about the lack of support.
Extra features
Jottacloud users receive a basic cloud backup service. Their available features compare with most of those from other companies, without extras to set the company apart.

The Bottom Line

The Review Team recommends Jottacloud for users who are confident in their ability to use the software without support. Since the company offers a generous trial period, it is reasonable to try this before purchasing a subscription. The company's focus on security is an assurance that customers will have the protection from a company who takes security seriously. The absence of option to contact customer service is a significant void, but not considerably different than many companies in the industry.
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