Iozeta 's final date of business was June 11, 2016. The review below is the last known information the Review Team was able to confirm in July 2015, but the Overall Score reflects that they are no longer servicing customers.  

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Automatic backups
  • Customer support

Iozeta is a great no nonsense company with great prices for unlimited storage. Over all of the companies that we've looked at, they offer the great price for value. They offer two great options for storage with their higher plan, both listed below:

"Iozeta Backup - A very secure and robust online backup solution that keeps a copy of your files safely online, so that if they are lost or damaged you can retrieve them quickly and easily."

"Iozeta Livedrive - An online external drive that appears as a new drive on your computer. You can access it just like any other drive, but your Livedrive files are also copied online and can be viewed or edited with any web browser anywhere. If you install Iozeta Livedrive on more than one computer, all of the files are the same on every computer, and changes you make on one machine are replicated across your others."

Both are great options and have been praised by companies like Expert Reviews (Best Buy), Active Buy It!, PC Pro, and BBC. They also earned the 2010 web user gold award with comments like "the best online storage device."

Though they don't offer scheduled backups or file sharing, they do offer automated backups, that will backup your computer(s) whenever a file is changed or updated.

For support, they offer live chat 24/7, and phone assistance from 9 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday MST. They also have a thorough FAQs section that helps explain some of the standard questions their customers or potential customers may have.

The Bad

  • Features
  • Limited computers

Iozeta does have a few flaws, despite all of the great things about the company. They do not offer a few of the more standard features that come with cloud storage, like file sharing (unless you have the higher plan), scheduled backups, or the ability to backup your files to an external drive, other than their LiveDrive option. They also do not offer a free version of their service, although they do offer a free trial. They also don't offer unlimited computers, and you have to pay 0.88 cents for every computer after 5.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Iozeta is a great option for those with fewer than five computers and the need for unlimited data. Even with the charge for more computers, the deal is still a great deal, better than most of their competitors, with great features to boot.

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